Yet again, another awesome week for the portals! Armor games released many new games to their site including Orbital Onslaught, Tank Guardians, Ninja Dog and many more! Anyway, let’s break it down to the top five games, all across the portals! In no particular order, here are the top five games!

Ninja Dog Created by DevilishFree

Ninja Dog is an exciting game by DevilishFree. The storyline goes that as you’re enjoying the August weather an are taking a break from defending the villages an old man asks for you help. He wishes for you to aid their village! Selfishly, your character rejects the offer and goes back to enjoying the fresh air! Before the old man leaves he turns you, the ninja, into a dog and informs you that you must help everyone that you see. Once you do that you’ll be returned to your original body. In the game, your goal will be to shoot your shurikens at random objective items to complete each level. For example, you many need to shoot rotten fruit off a tree!

Tank Guardians Created by maulidangames

Tanks Guardians is an innovative tank tower defense game where you must hold off the onslaught of enemies! If they reach the end of their path you will loose health points! Fear not though, this isn’t just a tower defense, it has actually got a pretty unique gameplay style and you are allowed to control your tank, or set it to manual. Controlling your tanks will allow you to fire at longer ranges and it’s highly advised that you do so, unless you need to achieve something else during the round. Opposing tanks are also able to fire at your tank and deal damage. There is a large selection of tanks, or “towers” to choose from in the game and each one has different stats and abilities. After each level you can upgrade your army!

My Little Army Created by rudy_sudarto

“My Little Army is a fantastic, new, battle game by rudy_sudarto, the developer of the entire Epic War series and various other games, which are all very fun to play! This time, in My Little Army, Rudy takes a cute candy-land prospective of the war games and brings you a world full of candies, yet full of evil monsters and a foul leader. The entire storyline isn’t really revealed until later on in the game as the introduction of the game is fairly image-based. Like the Epic War series you’ll be able to send out units through a command post of sorts (in My Little Army you have a giant hero as a command post) and each unit has a different power and ability. Wisely use and play your units to ensure victory! Between battles you’ll be able to upgrade your heroes with different weapons, armors, classes and skill points. You can also upgrade your army in general with armors and power dealt during attacks, as well as your mana per unit. There are also multiple spell that oyu can cast upon your enemies and your own units! You can also choose to follow the storyline quests, or, in the meantime, you can complete side-quests.” – Continue reading our review of My Little Army!

Epic Charlie Created by mlarry

Epic Charlie is an addictive platformer! The story goes that as you’re pondering about what your master said, that you might be the chosen one you walk towards your master’s house. When you arrive the structure is on fire and your master is dying! An angry mob appears and pins the murder on you! You plead that your master has been murdered, but not by you – the mob gives you fifteen days to find the killer. Your master’s spirit then appears and informs you the an evil force has killed him and that you must avenge his death or else great danger will fall upon the village! This platformer will challenge you to many levels of action-packed levels. Each level has different medals that you can earn for completion time. Wall jump, rush and perform a variety of tasks to evade cannons and other dangers!

I Have 1 Day Created by Rete

Rete introduces another fantastic point and click game! Like his previous game “Don’t Shit Your Pants” there are multiple endings and each varies upon what you do in the game. If you haven’t played that game before, there’s a good chance that you played Gregory Weir’s How to Raise a Dragon, or the Majesty of Colors which also have multiple endings. Your goal in I Have 1 Day is to escape the jail and explore the lands outside of it! There isn’t much back-story given, but you find yourself in a jail cell. Along the way you’ll escape a jail, enter towns and find yourself in magic shops! “From the makers of ’Don’t Shit Your Pants’ comes a new point-and-click adventure game. You have 1 day to solve the mystery of your current situation, and save the kingdom from utter frog-struction. Distinct time mechanics and multiple endings extends playability and gives this game a unique twist” – official Kongregate game description.