My Little Army is a fantastic, new, battle game by rudy_sudarto, the developer of the entire Epic War series and various other games, which are all very fun to play! This time, in My Little Army, Rudy takes a cute candy-land prospective of the war games and brings you a world full of candies, yet full of evil monsters and a foul leader. The entire storyline isn’t really revealed until later on in the game as the introduction of the game is fairly image-based. Like the Epic War series you’ll be able to send out units through a command post of sorts (in My Little Army you have a giant hero as a command post) and each unit has a different power and ability. Wisely use and play your units to ensure victory! Between battles you’ll be able to upgrade your heroes with different weapons, armors, classes and skill points. You can also upgrade your army in general with armors and power dealt during attacks, as well as your mana per unit. There are also multiple spell that oyu can cast upon your enemies and your own units! You can also choose to follow the storyline quests, or, in the meantime, you can complete side-quests.

My Little Army

This is a game where the side-quests are practically essential to completing the storyline missions. I first got stuck on Storyline Mission 05, where I was overpowered by a couple of their units, which were obviously a bit more powerful than my current units, so it was needed that I collect some extra coins and upgrade my units a bit with new classes and upgrades before attempting Storyline Mission 05 again. One of the main aspects of this game was upgrading your units and that definitely showed after each round. It seemed that each level you’ll want your units to be at the top of their game! It’s important that you have the newest classes/upgrades and have a reasonable solid unit options, while playing. if you got the latest upgrades and classes and actually are using them then you’ll have everything that you need to complete the next stage and your success relies entirely upon how you played. A good mix of wizards and warriors worked quiet well as the wizards quickly and strongly backed up the warriors and cut the enemies health significantly before contact with your own front-line units. Wizards will do more damage than archers, but wizards will move noticeably slower than the archers. Of course, permanent effects, such as produced by the armors and weapons can change all of that and can give either units the overall upper hand in the fight.

I actually think that this could be somewhat of an improvement upon the old Epic War engine and gameplay style. My Little Army retains all of the factors and gameplay of the Epic War series, but combines a couple of unique ideas. What I really liked and what stood out to me as the most unique aspect of this game was the upgrade system. The Epic War series had always had a splendid upgrade system, with literally hundreds of upgrades, but My Little Army took the upgrade system in a new direction by allowing the user to customize their soldiers with armors, weapons, and classes. Based upon what customizations you pick you will run into infinite gameplay schemes as you’ll be able to use these units in different manners. What I also feel is a bit of an upgrade to the Epic War series is the sheer size of the maps. I love that you can only access part of the map at a time and as you units progress you’re able to see more and more of the map. I also liked the slope addition, but I’m not entirely sure how that effects the gameplay. If not already, I’d love to see the archers have a longer ranged upon aiming on units that are lower than them. Sure an example can be seen in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance where an Archer’s/Ranger’s range is dramatically increased as their altitude increases.

My Little Army

I thought that the artwork was amazing. I noticed that most of the art in Rudy’s games are rather medieval and have a darker look to them, but My Little Army defined all of those previous traditions and went with a happier, candyland-like look that was decked with cute graphics and structures. I loved the backgrounds, such as above with all of the blue snow and midnight sky blues and details. What I really liked were the buildings which were carefully drawn and included variables based upon their surroundings/environment. For example, the houses and grasses had snow on them, such as in the image above. Characters were also well drawn and looked fantastic with the game. I loved how well the graphics went together. Details and shading on the characters were also well done and made the enemies, as well as allies, look more three dimensional. The animation on all of the units was also well done. Animation was done on every units and weapon. I thought that the animations were very smooth and looked great, as well as believable and realistic. All of the bosses also had animation.

The music in the battle scenes were fantastic. I thought that the music actually, in a way, matched with the art style. Both the art style and the music had more a cheery tone/look and induced happiness. While the music was mainly happy, the sharper, more pronounced beats made the music also, in a way, menacing and worked well with the fighting and battle scene. While containing both of those aspects the game held one more and that was of adventure. The music was hopeful and adventurous! This was the perfect music for the game! Rudy also introduced a wonderful sound effect system that was very in-sync was the animation of the game! The sound effects were mostly made up of grunts and of units yelping in pain. If you’ve played any fighter you probably already have a good idea of what I’m talking about. There were also more sound effects for death, the blades and fists slashing through the air and more.

All in all, My Little Army is another fantastic war game by rudy_sudarto, one of my favorite developers! Any fan of his previous games, such as the Epic War series will definitely love My Little Army as it holds many of the things you loved about Epic War and then included many new and unique features such as a wonderful, new, upgrade system. In review, the difficulty was pretty good. I definitely felt challenged later on in the game. You have to keep your soldiers upgraded and have their stats in a good state before any battle! My favorite thing about My Little Army was that you could customize your characters so well! I loved the ability to choose from so many classes and the weapons and armor options made this truly unique and unlimitedly customizable game that allowed for you to create your own play style. Art was well done and the game looked truly different from many of Rudy’s previous games and I actually liked this art style (as well as I did the previous art in Rudy’s games, such as in Epic War). Music was effervescent and had an upbeat and happy feeling to it that well matched the art style! In conclusion, My Little Army is a very customizable war game that follows much in the steps of the Epic War series, but brings many new features to the table!

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