The developers of Hands of War and Hands of War 2, over at Axis Games, plan to make Hands of War TD! Don’t worry, this isn’t just another tower defense game, it actually sounds pretty good with the ideas that the developers have written down so far in the forums and based on their previous games, which are all excellent, I have confidence that this will be a fantastic and original TD game! What I love about Axis Games is that they allow their forum members to be part of the beta and for them to suggest ideas for the game while it’s still in development. While no version of the game is actually up yet, a thread from their administrator account on Axis Games forums will give you a good idea on what the game is about.

The basic idea of the game is that, after the second civil war the land of Tempor has to reform into its once great nation, but greedy neighbors are invading the land, hoping to claim it as their own! Last time, Tempor formed a faction called the “Phoenix” to hold off the invaders, this time you’ll need to control multiple towers and use various units with their own ability and upgrade trees to fend off relentless waves of foreign invaders! Towers will have unique upgrade systems. For example, warriors can upgrade to gladiators, cripplers, titans and paladins. Each units has a unique upgrade system that will empower the unit in different manners.

Each level is a different faction camp and each camp resigns to one of the factions present in Hands of War 2; Either the Phoenix, Guardian, Warders, Blademasters, Magicians, Merchants or Mercenaries. For every camp that you successfully protect you’ll be awarded faction points with them and will unlock new units and buildings for battle! Unlike the previous Hands of Wars, you won’t be able to join a faction as civil war in the nation is over and faction points will ne ver be lost after the defeat in a battle. Your class, that you choose in the beginning of the game, much like Hands of War and Hands of War 2, will determine what factions you’ll automatically be friendly with and what commander abilities you start out with.

Axis Games (the administrators’ account) also goes on to detail more about the game in the Hands of War TD Game Overview thread (links will only bring you to the designated thread if you’re logged-in if, if not, you’ll reach a log-in screen) on the Axis Games forums. So far the game sounds really exciting and more information is being added to that thread, on the game daily. You can also check out the Hands of War TD Game Ideas thread to contribute ideas and suggestions to the development of Hands of War TD! So if you liked Hands of War, be sure to get over to Axis Games forums and look under “betas” to join the Hands of War TD conversation!

NOTE: You must have an account on the Axis Games forums and have it part of the beta group on Axis Games forums to view the Hands of War TD thread and to beta test the game once it reaches open beta. If you’re not sure how to join the beta testing group on the forums, please refer to this thread.