This was once again another fantastic week for Flash gaming and a bunch of sequels were just released, such as Protector IV.V, Flood Runner 3: Armageddon, Drop Dead 3, and Crush the Castle 2: Player Pack! Anyway, let’s get right to it, the best of the week for April 4 – April 9!

Protector IV.V Created by undefined

Taking a very My Pet Protector/Protector IV route, Protector IV.V allows you to choose your heroes abilities and life-style early on in the game! This allows for a unique gameplay experience every time as there are many paths you may choose in this brief portion of the game. Protector IV.V brings a bunch of new items and quests for hours of gameplay. There are seven new storylines campaigns and many new quests that you can complete! In case you don’t know what Protector is, it is one of the most popular tower defense games to date with millions and millions of plays worldwide. Each level will challenge you to upgrade your towers in a fashion so that you can use the enemies weakness and take out all of the enemies before they reach the end of their pre-determined path!

Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood Created by

Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood is an interactive point-and-click who-done-it mystery game in which your niece had been brutally murdered in her own home! You must find the killer and solve this cold-case. Each portion of the game will have many clues that you can find, leading you one step closer to finding your niece’s murderer! The art was really good and the controls were also very good and responsive. Clues were hard to find at times and overall this is one of the best detective games that I’ve ever played. Here’s the official game descriptions with a quote from one of the characters: “Murder, mystique, melancholy. Film Noire investigation in Eastern-Europe. “You people know them well. The eyes gazing from the shadows. The claws scratching in the attic. The freaks under your bed, the spooks in your closet. Let me tell you a secret. They’re all real.” “The name is Bela Kovacs. Location: the Old World. If you’re in trouble, you’ll find me. And if you are trouble… I’ll find you.”

Flood Runner 3 Created by benrad

“Flood Runner is back and better than ever! This crazy game now, not only challenges you to escape the tidal wave that is crash down upon you, but now, also, a giant wave of lava as this game brings a new and unique element to the gameplay department as you attempt to evade on two separate levels, above-ground and below it! Platforms will be spaced out around the game field and you must jump from one platform to another as the waves quickly creep up on you! Jump, double jump, glide and combine various other moves to get to one platform to another and to stay alive! As you progress through the game your character will move faster and faster! Take control of your character and attempt to survive as long as possible! Once you completed your game submit your high-score to the leader board and compete for first place!” – Continue reading our review of Flood Runner 3!

This is a Work of Fiction Created by 2DArray

This is a Work of Fiction is a puzzle game by 2DArray! There are a total of 20 puzzles and completing each one will reward you with a document, one of twenty! 2DArray explain in the beginning that theses files were sent to him by an anonymous internet user! Each puzzle has no instructions so you’ll need to figure them out yourself! All of the puzzles are really challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing! No instructions are given so it may take you several tries to figure out the puzzle! There are a total of five different categories, all with four different rounds, each tougher variations of the previous stage. Once you complete the game you’ll be able to view the entire collection of notes in this mysterious puzzler! I really liked the atmosphere that 2D created in the game and it felt very mystique!

Insectonator Created by BGamesSite

Insectonator, much like Dubegger, by the same developer, is a quick-paced, bug smashing game where you must kill thousands of bugs with various weapons. Anvils, machine guns, hand-guns, are all included in the game and there are many, many other weapons available! Weapons are unlocked by collecting achievements in-game! There is a counter, which forms a border around the achievements, which shows what percent of the objective you’ve completed already. There are also three different game modes to choose from which focus on three different things, but all have the same bug-smashing fun! Try to collect as many achievements and weapons as you can for a 100% completion in the game!

Other Honorable Mentions:

Monster Castle Defense Created by fliptico

Drop Dead 3 Created by ttursas

Pigs Can Fly Created by epace

Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack Created by joeybetz

Fly & Blast Created by argene_t