Monster Castle Defense is an exciting and new tower defense that has a little special spin to it that makes it very fun to play and overall unique! Monster Castle Defense, much like an tower defense game, you need to protect something, what better than a princess? In this game you get to place multiple units on each floor of the castle as enemy units will try to overpower you and reach the princess! Make sure that the princess doesn’t die, she can fight for herself for a bit, but after several hits she’ll die! On each floor you can place a magnitude of enemies all with unique attacks, which may be ranged, short-ranged and have passive abilities such as slow-downs! Be sure to set up your defenses wisely, or else the enemies will kill off your troops, or towers in attempts to reach the princess! After one of your units have killed enough enemies you’ll be able to upgrade that unit and watch them deal more damage to the enemies! Each level has two difficulty modes so be sure to play either based on your skill level and as you get a hang of the game.

Monster Castle Defender

This game was actually pretty difficult! I remember getting stuck at level 2 on easy mode! The fact that the enemies that are equipped with weapons can attack your towers, and won’t stop attacking them until they pass them, makes you have to build each turn with very limited gold! You definitely have to build up a sound strategy to beat the game as if you’re not careful, the later enemies will take out your entire army/defenses and the princess will be left to fend for herself! In my experience, the  plant units seem to be the strongest and have the faster fire-rate out of all the units. Toss in a few of the plant units with some slowing down units, such as the Slimes and Demons and you shouldn’t have much difficulty. Although, you’ll still need to develop your own strategy later on in the game when the level and enemies become more complex and more dangerous! I would have loved if some of my units didn’t die so quickly, or at least gained health points as they leveled up and if they already do, I’d love to see them have more. The units just die to quickly in my opinion and little gold is left over to repair your damaged defenses. If you find “easy” mode to be a walk in the park, you can test your skill in “normal” mode where everything is a tad bit more difficulty/stronger!

I really liked the gameplay of Monster Castle Defense and there were plently of unique ideas present! One of my favorite things about this game, and whiel it did make the game very difficult and often left me with no defenses in the end, was that the enemies could destroy your towers that you had out! I liked that because it made you think a bit more about the placement of your towers, such as which towers should go where and other things that really made the game extremely focused on the strategy of everything. You really had to create a solid game-plan if you wished to make it to the end of the game in either mode! I also enjoyed how the graphics for your towers/units changed as they leveled up. This kept the game fresh and exciting as you tried out different units. Like the named mentioned, this is a game where you must defend a castle! I really liked this compared to defending the outside of the castle as you had to work with multiple floors. With all of these ideas the game really made itself stand out from the flood of tower defense games nowadays.

Monster Castle Defender

I really liked the small, bite-sized graphics. They made the game look really cute! The pixel art was fantastic! I noticed that there were actually a lot of textures present, such as in the stone, making up the entire building, the walls and flooring were also made with textures. I really liked the dark style of the castle, the combination of dark blues, along with the contrast of faded maroon red and pinkish floorboards. I actually really enjoyed the dark blue combination as it really mixed well with the nighttime sky and the moonlight. The stone actually had a beautiful texture, like I mentioned before, and it really did get the message through that it was hard, cold stone. Walls in the castle also looked elegant, but I would have minded some brighter, cheerier colors in the walls, maybe even a neutral, bright white, which would look great with the red lining on the walls. Besides, this isn’t the villain’s castle! There’s even pink hearts for the flags! The background was fantastic and for some reason the entire art style, especially included the starry background reminded me of Fantasy Online, although I haven’t played that game in ages (loved the game though!)! Wood texture was also well done. The mood fit in well, but I wouldn’t mind a little pixelated glow around it for added realism! Character art/sprites were also very beautiful and looked fantastic! Animation was also well done and looked smooth and believable. All in all, all of the art was fantastic!

I really liked the music and it had a very good loop! In some way it kind of matched the artwork very well. Both had a kind of dark and mysterious kind of look/sound! I really like how well the music worked with the artwork in terms that they both had the same kind of theme. There were also a ton of sound effects, all of which sounded really good and created that action-tower defense kind of scene. The sound effects definitely made it sound like there was a miniature war going on between the two sides. There were sound effects for everything necessary, such as the firing of pullets/seeds of the plants and the swinging and slashing of the swords from the knights! There were of course other sound effects, such as the attacking of other enemies, confirmation sounds and various other button sound effects which were signaled when you clicked a button.

All in all, Monster Castle Defender was a fantastic and original tower defense game that had a bunch of original ideas present that made this one of the more innovative tower defenses, which made it stand out from the over-flooding category of tower defense. Anyone interested in a decent and original tower defense game will rejoice upon playing this game. In review, the game was pretty difficulty, but once you get down a solid strategy you won’t have a problem getting past the later levels. Of course you might have to change up your strategy as new enemy units are introduced into the playing field! I loved all of the unique ideas present and I especially loved that your units changed as they leveled up! The art was fantastic and I loved the pixel art, as well as many of the textures present that made this good look as magnificent as it is currently! The entire castle looked great! Finally, the music was fantastic! I loved the mysterious and dark atmosphere that it created and how, in a way, it matched the dark colors used in the art! In conclusion, Monster Castle Defender is one of the best tower defense games that I’ve played in recent times and memory!