Flood Runner is back and better than ever! This crazy game now, not only challenges you to escape the tidal wave that is crash down upon you, but now, also, a giant wave of lava as this game brings a new and unique element to the gameplay department as you attempt to evade on two separate levels, above-ground and below it! Platforms will be spaced out around the game field and you must jump from one platform to another as the waves quickly creep up on you! Jump, double jump, glide and combine various other moves to get to one platform to another and to stay alive! As you progress through the game your character will move faster and faster! Take control of your character and attempt to survive as long as possible! Once you completed your game submit your high-score to the leader board and compete for first place!

Flood Runner 3

This game is actually rather challenging! You had to have quick reactions and quick thinking to get across the gaps quickly and safely! Your character also had a health bar system so that when you took enough damage, you’d died, ultimately falling to your death in the murky waters, or burning lava below! Enemies were scattered all over the screen, in the air, on land in underground! There were only actually two different ways to kill these enemies and one of them was actually very difficult to pull off! You could either do a sort of spin move, thus killing the foe, which is produced when you double jump, I believe. You could also kill the enemies while on fire! All of the enemies could be killed very efficiently this way. To catch on fire you have to land on a platform that is ablaze, thus catching yourself on fire. While on fire, bumping into any enemies will automatically kill them! Perhaps, the most difficult part of this game was dodging the enemies. Sometimes this game relied on a bit of luck to avoid the foes. If you’ve already double jumped you won’t be able to make another move unless your glide ability is on stand-by, if not you’ll fall to whatever perils lie below.

I really liked Flood Runner 3: Armageddon and it is one of the best runner games that I’ve played in a long time and is definitely in the top five or so of the best runner games that I can name! I really liked the fast gameplay style which forced the user to act quickly to the ever-changing, not to mention quickly-changing, environment! I really liked the different enemies present and the power-ups! Among the enemies, was, the only really good enemy, the dragon, which upon hitting you latched on to and could fly with the dragon for a brief period of time, that was actually equal to the flying power-up! The flying power-up, much like the dragon enemy, allowed you to fly for a brief amount of time and if used properly could get you up into the clouds where the dragons, dinosaurs and other creates laid. Try to get into the sky to earn more points! There were also various other power-ups such as the shield power-up that allows you to take a couple pieces of damage before fading away. What I liked about Flood Runner 3, was that when yuo landed in the water you’d be attacked by a lengendary beast, such as a sea serpent, or other water beasts. You could then fight off the beast by hitting various keys on the keyboard, or clicking numerous keys on the screen.

Flood Runner 3

Flood Runner 3 had some fantastic art! I really liked the sharp change in color that was especialy presnt in the waves in the water animation! I really liked the background art in this game and the developer put a lot of small detail in the game that really made the art portion of the game even more interesting. Specifically, I’m referring to the volcanoes in the background which erupt in the background of the game as you past by them as, if I remember correctly, create a large erupting noise that echoes throughout the caverns and, generally, all around you it is heard. I liked the cave because of the light and dark blues as they play a strong contrast in the game. Depth was also very well done and the platforms were clearly marked as they were much sharper than the backgrounds. The platforms stood out very well! Collectible items and achievements were also well drawn! I thought that the animation was fantastic. I really loved the animation in the waves, and the lava. Character animation was also well done and felt very smooth and realistic. I would have loved to see more characters to choose from, because as of now, there is only one and the aspect of being able to choose from two characters in Flood Runner 2, was awesome!

The only disappointing factor of this game was that there was no music! I would have loved to hear some rock or some other action-packed sound track playing in the background! The game just felt quiet and kind of empty. Even though the game is strongly focused on sound effects I would have loved to hear some rock music in the background. Something similar to the music in Solipskier would have worked well! If not music, I would have loved to hear some sort of wind sound effect as it rushed by your ears. Actually, once again, something similar to what happen to the character in Solipskier when he looses his headphones! Just something to fill the gap would have been nice and I believe that music would have done extremely well in this instance! While the game didn’t have any music, it made up with its sound effects. There were so many sound effects, such as the volcanoes going off, the lava and water splashing against the ground, et cetera. Sound effects were also signalled when you collected power-ups and a brief, heroic sound effect played when you collected the flying power-up which dressed you as super-hero!

Flood Runner 3: Armageddon had a terrific in-game achievement system! What I loved about the achievement system was that there were multiple levels that you could earn each achievement on! You could earn achievement on bronze, silver and gold, depending on how well you completed the task. For example, the Butcher achievement makes you get only a couple of enemy kills, by kicking them, to get bronze, but for silver, and to kind of re-earn the badge you have to kill 10 enemies through this method. This made the achievements less repetitive and in reality you’re actually going after 96 different achievements, on different levels. What I probably liked most about the achievement system is that there are literally 32 unique achievements that make you complete a set of various tasks, instead of four unique achievements referring to the same task. Instead, these four achievements are all in one achievement (using four as an example number). While the achievement system wil definitely bring you back again and will make you want to earn these achievement and test your skills, the game is just overall addictive and you’d be crazed not to play the game at least two or three times! Unfortunately, the Kongregate High-Score API is not established in the Kong version of the game, but there is the Mochi leader board that tracks your highest score!

All in all, Flood Runner 3: Armageddon was a fantastic runner game and I loved how fast-paced the entire game was and all of the split-second decisions that you had to make! In review, the difficulty was perfect. There was a bunch of enemies around the screen and there were also a whole bunch of ways to kill them! The gameplay was perfect and I really enjoyed all of the power-ups and the monsters that you could fight when you entered the water below! I thought that the art was fantastic and I loved the shading style that the artist used! All of the animations were very smooth and very realistic, such as the waves of lava and water, as well as the character animation! There was no music, unfortunately, but the game made up with it’s fantastic sound effect department which contributed such sounds as volcanoes erupting, collection of power-ups and more! There were a ton of replay, such as the in-game achievements which could be earned in several differentfashions, bronze, silver and gold. In addition, the Mochi leader boards were also established. In conclusion, Flood Runner 3: Armageddon is one of the best runner games that I’ve ever played and it has a lot of unique features!

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