This has been another great week for the world of Flash gaming! A bunch of awesome Flash and Unity games were uploaded to the portal and I’ll break it down to the top five games of the week! So without further ado, here are the best games for the week of March 27 to April 3, 2011!

Bullet Heaven Created by kupo707

“Bullet Heaven is a fast-paced shooter! Dodge thousands, upon thousands of bullets – think of Frantic, mixed with the concepts of the face-paced, strategy focused, Epic Battle series. Along the way you’ll fend off 20 levels, full of monsters that’ll relentlessly attack you! You’ll fighting above roads, grasslands and oceans, and sometimes boulders will fall atop of you! While Kupo simply describes the game as “Dodge thousands of bullets and defeat legions of foes” the game is muchy more than that and has multiple enemies, different bullet times, a multitude of bosses with unique fighting styles, tons of medals and upgrades, as well as high-scores and much, much more! You’ll also be able to pick from five different characters from the Epic Battles series, NoLegs, Matt, Natalie, Lance and Ana, as you unlock them! In addition, there are also four bonus levels, and a survival mode! If you find the game too difficulty just turn on a couple of cheats in the options menu )which don’t require codes of any sort)! You can find Bullet Heaven now on!” – Continue Reading Our Review of Bullet Heaven!

1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg Created by magnussen81

1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg (1916 – The War You Never Knew) is a story of soldiers that are trapped in a trench after World War 1! Your mission is to find the ladder and escape the trench! Although, it’s much easier said than done and dinosaurs will be on the prowl and will not hesitate to attack you! You must find your way out of the trench in one piece! If a dino sees you you must run for it or throw limbs at it for distraction. You can also use flares to obscure their vision! 1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg is by far the scariest Unity game that I’ve ever played and tops any Flash game that I’ve played as well! You don’t know how scary it is to turn around and see a giant raptor glaring at you and then charging until you’ve actually played the game itself! You’ll need to find items along the way that’ll aid your journey! Remember that no place is safe and the raptors could be anywhere, there is no place to hide!

Hands of War 2 Created by Djugan

“Hands of War 2 is the sequel to the extremely popular Hands of War which was featured on countless sites and portals. Hands of War is a pretty free-roam, make your own choices kind of game that allows you to join multiple factions, gain allies and make new enemies! Along the way you’ll equip your hero with countless weapons and armors, benefiting you in battle! There are three different classes to choose from, Ranger (which once again is over-powered, yay!) Warrior and Wizard all of which will start with different weapons and will give you totally unique gameplay experiences as you’ll want to join different factions and you’ll have a different battle style! Like the previous Hands of War, Hands of War 2 comes with a huge map to explore and to fight in! Hands of War 2 is currently out on, but will be released to on Tuesday, April 5, 2011.” – Continue Reading Our Review of Hands of War 2!

Upgrade Completer! Created by Tony

Upgrade Complete is back and better than ever! This time there are literally hundreds of upgrades and tons of waves of enemies! Of course, a game so focused on upgrades needed more of them, so Tony brings you Upgrade Completer, the sequel to Upgrade Complete! The fun part about this game is that you have to buy the game itself, you have to buy the preloader, logos, buttons, and everything else that would make the game the game function! You can even update the art to make it even cooler and fancier looking! You can even buy music and sound effects for an even more amazing experience! After you’ve made your purchases you can fight waves of enemies for even more cash which you can use to buy even more upgrades and weaponry for your ship! Once you bought out everything in the store you can face the boss! The boss will have a ton of health points and there is a secret way to beat it!

Splitter Pals Created by island

The sequel to the hit-game Splitter, EvgenyKarataev now brings you a whole new Splitter experience! Splitter Pals brings you all of Splitter’s new friends as he tries to collect all of the stars in each stage in this puzzling physics game! This game will challenge you to think outside of the box as many of the stars will appear to be very difficult or impossible to get at first glance! Think outside of the box and you’ll get those stars! Your objective is to get Splitter’s pals to the end points, but along the way you can collect stars! You’ll have to cut into the wooden, and other material, platforms to get Splitter and his friends rolling once again! Many levels will allow you to complete the level the easy way and will give you the option to complete a harder path to get those stars! Cut ropes and platform to make your way to the end points in over 72 exciting levels! To unlock more levels you need to collect stars!

More Honorable Mentions:

Trollface Launch Created by pitergames

House of Dead Ninjas Created by adultswimgames

Fun Da Vinci Created by xsem

Dino Run:Marathon Of Doom Created by pixeljamgames

Pokemon Tower Defense Created by Olmate