Bullet Heaven is a fast-paced shooter! Dodge thousands, upon thousands of bullets – think of Frantic, mixed with the concepts of the face-paced, strategy focused, Epic Battle series. Along the way you’ll fend off 20 levels, full of monsters that’ll relentlessly attack you! You’ll fighting above roads, grasslands and oceans, and sometimes boulders will fall atop of you! While Kupo simply describes the game as “Dodge thousands of bullets and defeat legions of foes” the game is muchy more than that and has multiple enemies, different bullet times, a multitude of bosses with unique fighting styles, tons of medals and upgrades, as well as high-scores and much, much more! You’ll also be able to pick from five different characters from the Epic Battles series, NoLegs, Matt, Natalie, Lance and Ana, as you unlock them! In addition, there are also four bonus levels, and a survival mode! If you find the game too difficulty just turn on a couple of cheats in the options menu )which don’t require codes of any sort)! You can find Bullet Heaven now on Kongregate.com!

Bullet Heaven - Second Boss!

This is actually, a pretty difficult game! I had less difficulty with Frantic and Frantic II if I remember correctly as the bullets and hit-box, for the character, were actually much smaller! I found that when there were enough enemies on the screen at a time, that it practically becomes impossible to dodge the on-coming bullets, unless you were previous in the correct place, at the correct time. This made the game difficult at times, especially if you have low health! Luckily, you can upgrade your health, so that you can take more hits! Around level 10 I had around seven, or so, health points. In general this is a pretty hard game, the bullets are on the bigger side, the enemies can also damage you if you bump into them and just the onslaught of bullets itself can turn the tables fast in a game if you aren’t prepared! Try to mesmerize patterns of the bullets and how the enemies fire the bullets if you’re stuck on a level, this’ll allow you to get a better idea of what you need to be doing and how to execute it! Along the way you can upgrade your characters. I personally found the money magnet to be important if you’re looking to get more upgrades quickly! Try to max the money magnet and go to a boss level where there will be a lot of enemies that you can shoot at before the boss! This will help you grind some money and is useful if you’re looking for a little extra cash or upgrades on other categories.

If you’re truly stuck in the game you can either upgrade your character more or you can use some of the cheats in the options menu. In the options menu, accessed through the level selection menu you can find four separate cheats and perks to add to the gameplay! “Foes drop more hearts and items” simply allows the probability of the items that the enemies drop to spike, as to help you further in the game, while another cheat/perk will allow you to knock off some of the enemy health points. In addition, “start with double bombs” allows you to have up to four bombs, as Matt starts with a minimum of two bombs. Finally, you can access another perk that’ll allow you to slow down the game a bit so that dodging those pesky bullets becomes much easier! If you’re playing the game on Kongregate.com, all of the badges can be earned, while having the cheats on so don’t worry about if those will interfere with your badge-earning! Of course in the options menu you can turn on and off several other features that’ll affect the gameplay. You can also visit the options menu by hitting “p” while in game and can edit setting there.

I really liked the simple gameplay of Bullet Heaven, but the game, to me, didn’t bring anything new to the table. No, I;m not saying that the game isn’t good. The game is awesome, it has some of the best visuals and the best shoot em’ up gameplay I’ve seen in a long time, but there was nothing new – nothing that made me say “I haven’t seen anything like that before!” and in reality I think that’s what we’re all looking for when loading up a game, so original and unique. I just didn’t see that in Bullet Heaven. A couple of features that I did really like, that aren’t included in many games, is that you can choose a different class/character and the many levels! I like that you’re able to choose a new character eery time you start up a new level. This allows you to really choose a character, get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the character and how to play with the character. In reality, if your play style fits one of the characters, pick up the character and use it. I found Matt to be the most useful as the swords were bigger than most of the other attacks and were a bit stronger, thus allowing them to hit more enemies and kill them off faster. I also enjoyed the number of levels that there were. I’ve noticed that many shoot em’ ups, such as Frantic and Frantic II have only 10-15 levels, mainly due to the designs and overall chaos of the bullets, but Bullet Heaven had 20 full levels, four bonus levels and a survival mode. I also liked the medal and upgrade style, which both worked fine and were both interesting.

Bullet Heaven

The art was really good! Actually, all of Kupo’s art is fantastic, which can not only be seen on his deviantart page, but also in his many Epic Battle Fantasy (EBF) games, as well as the very game we’re talking about, Bullet Heaven! I really love Kupo’s art style, which happens to be very cartoony, but with a bit of realism mixed in, such as the grounds and textures that are present. Shines and glints are also taken into consideration, such as in the hairs and swords. Details and shading is carefully added to other accessories on the characters, such as hats and other possessions. While the artwork is mainly cartoony is had a very strong three dimensions presence, which is created by the wonderful shading and shines. I really liked the menus in Bullet Heaven, the background present in them. The menus were mainly portrayed in darker colors and the backgrounds was of a congregation of enemies and characters present in the game, with a touch up of black and white on the entire image, with probably added darkness to get that dark background that works so well! I also really admire the enemy design and the character design, which of course was magnificent! The landscape in-game was also very well detailed and past by at such a furious pace that you could get the illusion that your character was flying at an extremely fast speed! The background movement can be turned off in the options menu.

The music was really good and I really enjoyed it as it was epic-like and held an addictive and action-packed mood. The in-game music, which was used when you were to fight the enemies seemed epic in some magnitude and surprisingly calming and resting. Reminds me of something that you might hear in Golden Sun in some sort of sanctum of sorts – something calming, fast and epic all mixed into one really superb piece of music. I believe that the music is a loop and I can bearly tell, there is just a small hint to it and the music quickly starts up again. I actually liked the music a lot and it worked really well for this game. In addition, the music didn’t get boring or become tedious it was enjoyable and it held it’s value and merits even as the song continued and went on for the fiftieth time in a row. What I have to remark, is that this really isn’t battle music by any mean, it’s just calming and at the same time holds some more furious and “actiony” pieces as the music speeds up and then slows to introduce the more calm piece. The sound effects were really good and I enjoyed hearing the critters destroyed, boulders blown up or the sound of the bullets being fired! All of the sound effects were perfectly cued and sounded great, as well as they didn’t sound too loudly over the music. Bullet firing could have been turned up a bit, but not too much as so the sound is obnoxious. Anyway, great music as well as sound effects.

The difficulty ramp was perfect and I definitely felt myself being challenged by level five, ten, or so. Actually, the first couple of levels, maybe up to level three or so, there was little difficulty as many of the enemies didn’t attack you, or that there wasn’t enough bullets being fired at you. But around those levels that I previous mentioned, I noticed that as the game progressed, of course, there were more enemies congregating around the game screen and more units firing at you. Thus, there were more bullets and evasion of these soon became very difficult. of course, the use of specials, such as the bombs was necessary to eliminate some of those bullets and to take out some of the opposition around the screen. The bombs were especially powerful and I’d suggest that Matt is that best character for later levels as he allows elimination of bullets and enemies in one swift move, unlike some other special which many require you to destroy the enemies afterwards. As you progress through the game you may also choose to upgrade your character, which is a universal upgrade that affects all characters. Doing so will allow you to keep up with the ever challenging enemies that’ll keep coming in larger numbers.

The replay value was tremendous! There was a ton to do in Bullet Heaven and Kupo made this happen with four bonus levels, survival mode and the in-game medals that you can earn by completing miscellaneous tasks while in-game! There are also 20 challenging levels, so that alone, while not meant to be exactly replay vlaue can be counted for as. There are a total of 32 in-game medals that you can earn. What I didn’t really like about the medals was that most of them were just added requirements to the previous medal, such as the Bronze Badge and the Silver Badge, which are awarded when you earn A ranks on five or more levels and when you earn A ranks on ten or more levels. For the most part the medals were awesome and were fun to earn! Once you complete the standard 20 levels, in Bullet Heaven, you’ll be able to complete four bonus levels that are more difficult than the average levels that you completed beforehand! At any point in the game you can try out the survival mode and test your skill against an endless onslaught of enemies! I’d suggest, that the way to get the highest score in survival mode is to upgrade your character to the max. The Kongregate API is also established in the Kong version of the game. A bunch of high-score are implemented into the Kong API, so you’ll be able to compete with users across many statistics in the game!

All in all, Bullet Heaven was an awesome, shoot em’ up by the developer of Epic Battle Fantasy I, II, and III, Kupo. Any fans of the Epic Battle Fantasy series and shoot em’ up lovers, will love Bullet Heaven as it combines both aspects into one great game! In review, the difficulty was perfect. The game actually got pretty difficulty once you got far enough into the game, especially when the bullets started piling up and evasion of them became more and more necessary to survive. If you’re stuck in the game you can turn on a couple of perks/cheats to help you out! The game wasn’t really that original in my mind and while the game was tremendously fun, it just wasn’t entirely original and no new ideas were necessarily present. I really did love the art style! Kupo has a really nice art style and it showed in Bullet Heaven, as well as many of his previous games. In addition, the music was amazing. I loved the calming and relaxing theme of the pieces and how it also incorporated more fast-paced and action-packed pieces. The difficulty ramp was really good and I noticed a perfect proportion between the difficulty of the game and how you upgraded. As your character grew stronger so did your enemies. Finally, the replay value was really high! There were 32 medals that you could earn in-game which were all fun to earn! In addition, the Kongregate API was also established into the game, thus you could compete with other users towards a top score on the high-score leader board. In conclusion, Bullet Heaven was an outstanding shoot em’ up! Be sure to play it now on Kongregate.com!

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