This week was full of a ton of awesome games! Hundreds of games were uploaded to the portal, but we’ll break it down to the top 10 of the week for you, so let’s get started! Here’s my top 10 for the fourth week of march, in no particular order:

Beneath the Waves Created by GregoryWeir

“Beneath the Waves is another fantastic art-game by Gregory Weir, the developer of numerous other titles such as The Majesty of Colors, How to Raise of Dragon, Exploit and much, much more! This time Gregory brings up another phenominal game entirely focused on retrieving idols deep beneath the seas and returning them up-top high peaks to the sun. Each idol represents an evil creature. The idols were given to the sea by the sun when they were lovers, but as they grew distant a new world emerged, a one of life. The sea turned each idol into a terrible monster. The sun decided to take back his idols, but you must first retrieve them for him! This adventure game, taking place in both the sea and on land challenges you to collect all eight idols and place them on top of the nearby mountains! Fun fact, this is Weirs largest game to date being thousands of pixels wide and thousands of pixel tall.” – Continue reading our review of Beneath the Waves!

Panzertroopers Created by dazKind

Panzertroopers is a game of survival! “Mankind fights an endless war against an arachnoid species that spreads across the galaxy and wipes out life along its way. You are dropped into battle to conquer planet X. But soon you are cut off from your mates and the bugs overrun your position. Then you hear the call for retreat. The retrieval ship is on its way. Will you survive?” – Storyline description (Armor Games). Can you make your way through 10 minutes of fending off countless monsters and creatures! Along the way you’ll collect new power-ups, weapons and turrets! Use these to your advantage as the waves of arachnoid will grow in numbers.

Infinite Tower RPG Created by Awoke

“Infinite Tower RPG is an intense game that primarily focuses on how you build up your stats and strengthening your warrior. The gameplay is very simple, you upgrade your character and you watch him fight, but watch out, if you don’t upgrade your warrior carefully then he may just die! Along the way you can buy new weapons, shoes and armors for your character. You’ll definitely notice the effects in the battlefield! In the beginning of the game you’re allowed to choose your class. There are four different classes: Rogue (Speed), Axeman (Attack), Knight (Defense), and Paladin (Attack and Defense). After completing a set amount of floors you’ll level up and you’ll be able to upgrade your stats once again!” – Continue reading our review of Infinite Tower RPG!

Run 2 Created by player_03

Run is back and better, and more addictive, than ever! This time there are 60 brand new and unique levels! Each level contain its own bonus orb that you can collect to unlock new bonus levels! In addition to the 60 levels, their actually split into two separate groups. There are two different play styles, running, like the original run and there is also now roller-blades! Now you can skate around levels. Skates give the character more speed and longer jumping/air time. Some of the later levels are definitely more challenging as the difficulty ramp slopes and the game in general becomes harder. Collecting all the bonus orbs is also a real challenge!

Roadkill Revenge Created by kizigames

Imagine Frogger in reverse! Toss your vehicle into ongoing traffic and try to blow up as many cars as possible! If you’ve ever played the game Burn Out and remember a mini-game that’s similar then you’ve got a good idea of what Roadkill Revenge is! In addition to the 45 levels there are also 90 challenges, two for each level, that you can complete! These bonus challenges are pretty much fun, little side-quests that you can pursue in the game! In later levels you’ll be able to drive different vehicles, such as F16, or missile trucks! “These roadkill prone animals have had enough of us damn humans. Blow up cars, trains, F16’s and missile trucks through 45 levels of chaos and big explosions. It’s payback time!” official game description.

ZitS: the Saviour – Act 1 Created by Xplored

Xplored brings us another amazing fighting game! This time the city has been infested with zombies and you must find your family! As a soldier you are in a helicopter and you plead the pilots to help you find your family. They decline, but then on the intercom you’re given a mission to find the general that the military has lost communication with! He says that going on this mission will allow you to search for your family and find the general! This top-down zombie, shoot em’ up, allows you to search through the city and take down all the zombies in the way!

Other Honorable Mentions:

From Beyond Created by SuperFlashBros

Space is Key Created by ChrisJeff

Particle Wars Extreme Created by ZEGMAN

Black Thing Created by mofunzone

Sky Island Created by Neutronized