“Beneath the Waves is another fantastic art-game by Gregory Weir, the developer of numerous other titles such as The Majesty of Colors, How to Raise of Dragon, Exploit and much, much more! This time Gregory brings up another phenominal game entirely focused on retrieving idols deep beneath the seas and returning them up-top high peaks to the sun. Each idol represents an evil creature. The idols were given to the sea by the sun when they were lovers, but as they grew distant a new world emerged, a one of life. The sea turned each idol into a terrible monster. The sun decided to take back his idols, but you must first retrieve them for him! This adventure game, taking place in both the sea and on land challenges you to collect all eight idols and place them on top of the nearby mountains! Fun fact, this is Weirs largest game to date being thousands of pixels wide and thousands of pixels tall.” – Continue reading our review of Beneath the Waves. Here’s our walkthrough on how to collect all eight idols: