Infinite Tower RPG is an intense game that primarily focuses on how you build up your stats and strengthening your warrior. The gameplay is very simple, you upgrade your character and you watch him fight, but watch out, if you don’t upgrade your warrior carefully then he may just die! Along the way you can buy new weapons, shoes and armors for your character. You’ll definitely notice the effects in the battlefield! In the beginning of the game you’re allowed to choose your class. There are four different classes: Rogue (Speed), Axeman (Attack), Knight (Defense), and Paladin (Attack and Defense). After completing a set amount of floors you’ll level up and you’ll be able to upgrade your stats once again!

Infinite Tower RPG

This game is actually pretty difficulty later on. The thing about this game, Infinite Tower RPG, is that you have to know where to put your points. I’ve noticed that a balance build works pretty well and gets you pretty far, but I tried another build where you just buy whatever you need at the time, such as health and that got me extremely far into the game. Of course everyone has a different play style and you can really create any method of winning for yourself. I’ve tried a balanced build a couple of times, but I keep dying early, which brings me to my next point. Picking your class is very important as well! Pick a class that you know that you can work well with, or experiment with different classes and see how that compares to your play style. The beginning of the game is where you’re going to see if your build is worth it. If you die early on you might want to reallocate those points in another game.

I really enjoyed the gameplay, although I’m not a big fan of those games that just let you sit back while your character fights. Those type of games shouldn’t be called action/RPG, but more like Idle RPG. This game on the other hand was similar, but it made you focus on how you spent you points and the decisions that you make in the game that ultimately affected the outcome. I reached floor 360 with my strategy of just buying whatever I needed. I liked how there was multiple classes in the game. It gave each play a different style, especially if you’re experimenting with different classes. My faorite class was the rogue, because of the grand speed and decent attack damage. The only thing that lacked for me was defense, but that was easily cured by investing points into my defense stat and buying new armors. What I like most about ITRPG is that it has fast gameplay. You can sit down and play for 20 minutes and reach the 300-500 floor. A feature that i really enjoyed was the ability to adjust the speed of the game itself.

Infinite Tower RPG

The artwork was really good and was very detailed. I really liked all of the designs in the game and the characters looked fantastic. Sometimes the positioning of the bodies looked odd. The artwork had a kind of Japanese/anime influence. I thought that the character design was awesome. I really liked the way that the enemies look. There were actually only four or five enemies in the entire game, but besides that I thought that their design was amazing. There was also a lot of detail, which made the enemies and main characters themselves look more realistic, or three dimensional, which was caused by their shading. Take note of the boens of the skeleton. There is a ton of shading on, for example, the arm, where you get the sense that it is rough on the edges and smooth to the touch. I didn’t really like the sword design on some of the enemies, such as the skeleton’s sword, which is not shaded and doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the image.

I really liked the music! It had a very medieval, dark, action-packed kind of feel to it. It was suspenseful and enticed the thought of heroism and made climbing the tower caused by some sort of just, righteous cause. It also had a little bit of modern twist to it with some sort of electrical instruments and ambient noises, but for the most part had a medieval tune. I believe that there were also multiple sound tracks. Some were more quick and “actiony” in my opinion and sounded like something you’d hear in Super Smash Bros Brawl (one my favorite games!). All of the music also had a ominous/mysterious part at one point or another. I really enjoyed the music choice!

There wasn’t any replay value in my opinion. I would love to see the Kongregate API implemented into the game, which the developer has already promised to add. Hopefully, we’ll see a new version of the game, with the Kongregate API established into it. If you don’t know what the Kong API is, it allows for games to have their own leader boards with multiple variables. I would really like to see a monsters killed stat, a floors reached stat, an attack stat (which would measure how high your attack stat is), along with similar statistics for Speed and Defense, as well as health. I also wouldn’t mind a most damage taken stat and a most damage given. As of right now the game is lacking incredible on replay value. Once you die there is no congrats, there really is no goal in the game, nothing that gives users anything for doing something in the game. What I’d like to see is, if you get far enough in the game then you can have titles, somewhat like the titles in Hack Slash Crawl and then you can start with bonus stats.

All in all, Infinite Tower RPG is an excellent mini game type game. The primary goal is to upgrade your characters stats so that they can survive to the next floor. In review, the difficulty was perfect and I think that you really have to really focus on how you’re going to spend your points in the game if you want to make it far into the game. My highest floor was 360 something. The gamepaly was pretty interesting and I loved the ability to be able to pick your own class. I liked how, even though your character fought for itself, there was still a challenge in that you had to upgrade properly. Although, that kind of restricts different playing styles as a balanced class is the best class in my opinion. The developer has also promised for the paladin to be added to the portal versions of the game, which before, the paladin was only for Game Jelly. I really liked the artwork in the game. It was simple, but also very detailed and shaded well. I really liked how the backgrounds changed and the backgrounds themselves looked great. The music was fast-paced and action-packed. At times there were ambient and ominous sounded parts, depending upon what track you’re listening to. Finally, the replay value wasn’t really there, but the developer promises the Kong API, so I’m looking forward to that! In conclusion, Infinite Tower RPG was an awesome game that was primarily focused on upgrading your stats.

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