This week was full of a ton of amazing games! Hundreds of games were uploaded to the portal, but we’ll break it down to the top 10 of the week for you, so let’s get started! Here’s my top 10 for the third week of march, in no particular order:

Cover Orange Players Player Pack 2 Created by Johnny_K

A new player pack is here and the game is better than ever. With over 50 user submitted levels this game will keep you company for a while as the puzzles can eventually become exceptionally difficult! Your goal, if you haven’t played the previous Cover Orange games is to move the orange is this realistic physics environment and to protect him/her from the cloud that’ll come once you set up the level. If you oranges aren’t hit by the storm then you’ll proceed to the next level, but watch out! Level become more and more difficult as you proceed through the game. Try to think outside of the box to beat these levels!

Heavy Terror Machine Created by MindChamber

Heavy Terror Machine is an extremely action-packed mini-game brought to you by Evan Greenstone (programmer) and MindChamber (artist). In Heavy Terror Machine you play as a robot that is terrorizing a city, while the local military will try to stop you. Over the course of the game, as you become more and more poweful the military begins to send more and more units out to stop you! Thankfully, you can salvage boss parts to strengthen your machine! New guns will constantly be added to your robot and before long you’ll be unstoppable! Along the way you’ll be able to boost your stats and destroy more and more of the city’s military in this non-stop, action-packed war game!” Continue Reading Our Review of Heavy Terror Machine!

Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Created by Conceptis

Your goal is to connect Japan’s islands so that they form a continious path and so that each value has the same number of bridges leading to and away from the island. This relaxing puzzles game will challenge you to a bunch of relaxing puzzles! Each puzzle is based on a rectangular arrangement of circles, where each circle represents an island and the number in each island tells how many bridges are connected to it. The object is to connect all islands according to the number of bridges so that there are no more than two bridges in the same direction and there is a continuous path connecting all islands together. Bridges can only be vertical or horizontal and are not allowed to cross islands or other bridges.” official game description.

Not Your War Created by PLyczkowski

Not Your War is a fast-paced, action-packed, science-fiction shoot em’ up that puts you in the role of a military personal that stripped of his ranked in the army and is forced to leave the planet with his small spaceship. While flying over the war-torn planet you’ll be attacked relentlessly by enemy units that, as they realize you’re more of the threat, will send out more and more units to attack you! If you’re not careful you’ll die! The graphics are the high-light of this game, while the gameplay could become repetitive at times. Controls were smooth and the aiming system was fantastic! This game will pit you against several levels all of which become increasingly difficult. Along the way you can upgrade your ship to blast away your opponents!

Carveola Incident Created by WootraGames

Carveola Incident is an amazing first person shooter (FPS) that takes pace right after World War 2! As the world is recovery from the Nazi wrath, the Americans, British and Germans join forces for reasons not understood at the beginning of the game, even by the officers. Soon the soldiers are attacked by zombies and the once allies and enemies must join forces to fight off the common enemy or die in the amidst of their own fighting. Try to survive as long as you can as the zombies will continue to come in even greater numbers! After each attack you can upgrade your army and can upgrade your own weapon. Battles will take place during the fog, afternoon, night environment, etc.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Prior Created by krang213

Arm of Revenge Created by funnaut

Last Moment Created by leon1985

Reincarnation: A Taste of Evil Created by BgroupProduction

Charlie Sheen – Winning Created by poxpower