Hands of War 2 has been in a beta phase for quite a while, but now it’s come to its last stages and the developer is fixing up the last bugs and glitches. You can expect Hands of War 2 is appear on ArmorGames in the near future (ArmorGames is their sponsor)! The final beta has come and Axis Games would love for you to test it and report and bugs and glitches that you may find! Hands of War, the original has to be one of my favorite games and just to gloat a little here, I, 100% completed Hands of War (Including joining every faction, find the best armor and weapons, etc) and just yesterday (literally) fully completed Shadownreign RPG which is another installment of the series. Although, Hands of War 2 is directly linked to the original Hands of War. Anyway, you can join the final beta testing phase by creating an account on Axis-Games.com/forums and then by following the instruction on this page. All users that sign-up for beta testing will be granted immediate access to all beta testing functions, including the Hands of War 2 beta test.

Hands of War 2

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