Heavy Terror Machine is an extremely action-packed mini-game brought to you by Evan Greenstone (programmer) and MindChamber (artist). In Heavy Terror Machine you play as a robot that is terrorizing a city, while the local military will try to stop you. Over the course of the game, as you become more and more poweful the military begins to send more and more units out to stop you! Thankfully, you can salvage boss parts to strengthen your machine! New guns will constantly be added to your robot and before long you’ll be unstoppable! Along the way you’ll be able to boost your stats and destroy more and more of the city’s military in this non-stop, action-packed war game!

Heavy Terror Machine

This game was actually really challenging for me. I got around 100-120K for each, run, but as I look around at other scores the average seems to be around 200K – but, hey, practice makes perfect. I thought that Heavy Terror Machine was actually a pretty difficulty game and if you were aiming for the highest score you definitely want to work on combo strings (which I didn’t do) and getting rather far into the game where the enemies are multiplied by a ton, during the time that the enemy realizes that you’re an even bigger threat than they imagined. The beginning of the game had to be one of the more difficult points of the game because you’re so ill-equipped and if you lose a lot of the heath in the beginning of the game than it’s going to be hard to rebound as power-ups (included health ones) only appear every now and then. Although, as you go further into the game it becomes much easier an you can practically destroy enemies right when they appear on the screen (except for the bosses, which I suggest using your special on if you want some real fire-power!).

I thought that this game was pretty unique, I loved the gameplay and it was exciting and entertaining all around to play. The one feature that I loved about this game is that you could take boss’s weapons. It kept you guessing what the next boss would be like and what weapon they might have. In a sense, you wanted to fight the next boss just to snag their weapon. Of course, as you collected more and more weapons you became even stronger! I also enjoyed the idea that you could defend yourself if the need arises. You can block missiles with the “d” key. Although, what I really liked about being able to block the missiles, besides taking no damage, is that you must aim your shield. This makes it much more realistic in my opinion and fortunately the controls are very simple. I also liked the controls in this game, they were really simple and the entire game was controlled with three buttons. I really loved the idea that one Newgrounds user had and that was to add some sort of menu that’d allow you to spend points to upgrade your robot stats in exchange for your score. So you’d use your score to buy stats like faster fire rate, damage and health.

Heavy Terror Machine

I really admired the artwork, it was beautiful and really detailed! The robot itself was a masterpiece and when equipped with several weapons at a time it looked absolutely terrifying! After all, the game is called Heavy Terror Machine! The machine was monstrous. The explosions were drawing perfectly and looked realistic, when placed in such an art environment. What I really liked about Heavy Terror Machine is its futuristic environment! I loved seeing the futuristic models of the opposing force and they were all drawn wonderfully. Even the more modern weaponry was alluring. All of the graphics were appealing in my opinion and looked great, creating a magnificent environment for this game. To me, the perspective looked off every once in a while in this game. This is especially noticeable when you’re destroying a skyscraper like building. All of the characters look too big, or too small when compared to the building sizes. Nevertheless, the art was fantastic! Animation was also very smooth and was just as important as the art in this game as Heavy Terror Machine strongly focused on creating a war-scene was movement of several items at a time and especially focusing on the wonderful terror machine animation as it stomped throughout the city.

I really liked the music, it was very techno-ish and kind of futuristic sounding in a way. The music also fit the action-packed war-scene very well with its fast beats. If you note, in the game description box, the game was actually based off of an audio submission on Newgrounds by alextheDJ. The titles are actually both the same, “Heavy Terror Machine.” I really liked the music it worked quiet well with the game and it made the game seem quicker and more war-like. There was a sound effect for everything that needed a sound effect, such as the guns firing, attaching the guns to your machine, destroying enemies, blowing up air units, tanks, etc. Overall, the sound effects made the game even more realistic!

There was a definite difficulty ramp in Heavy Terror Machine. Early on in the game you are only equipped with a weak non-automatically gun of sorts that has really bad fire rate, but does some damage at least, but as you progress through the game and are equipped with more and more weapons you’ll find that you’ve become a first-class killing machine; but as we all know, from common sense, as the machine becomes more and more powerful the enemy will try to stop it more and more. As you progress through the game you’ll be faced with more and more enemies. Adding to that, new enemies will appear in the game, such as tanks and aircraft bombers, which will do do significant damage if you’re not careful! Luckily, you can combat these new enemies with your new and powerful weapons and with stat boosters that are found in the buildings that you can destroy.

There was some replay value, but it was overall rather low in this game, but that’s what most min-games are for, a quick and fun fifteen, twenty minutes and then you’re off again and maybe you’ll come back again sometime soon if you liked the game. While I do love the game and the addictive-ness of the game is pretty high I would have loved to see some sort of in-game achievements or medals. Maybe the game will get Newground medals in the near future! Hopefully so, because this is an excellent game and definitely deserves more attention (currently rated 3.5 and only 1.5K views). There actually is a leader board and currently the high-score is around 190,000 (although, in the comments people are marking around 200K+, so maybe it doesn’t update as often as it should or something).

All in all, Heavy Terror Machine was an excellent mini-game that captured the war-scene very well. Throughout the game you could upgrade your machine by destroying bosses, which has to be my personal favorite part of this game! In review, the difficulty was perfect and the game was actually pretty challenging once you neared 100K and multiple bosses fought against you at a time! My favorite part of the game was being able to upgrade your machine by destroying bosses, but I also enjoyed the stat upgrade system and the game in general very much! I thought that the art was absolutely magnificent. It was actually very detailed and portrayed the war-scene very well! In addition, the music was amazing and I loved how fast it was, but at time it could become repetitive, especially since in its robot voice says “Heavy Terror Machine” ever thirty seconds. The difficulty ramp was perfect in my opinion. As your machine became strong so did they and their numbers increased. Finally, the replay value wasn’t really there. I would have liked to see an achievement system in place, but for now there is a leader board, but it looks like it may not be submitting scores correctly (based upon multiple comments of high-scores than the current high-score on the leader board.). All in all, Heavy Terror Machine is the perfect game if you want to play a quick and fun action-packed war-game!

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