Just today, Kongregate launched it’s Badge of the Day! The Badge of the Day is a featured badge that you may earn to get not only Kongregate points, but also five GameStop PowerUp Reward Points! Even if you’ve already earned the badge on Kongregate you may load up the game again to earn the extra Kongregate points – yes, that’s correct! Even if you’ve already received the badge in the past you can still earn it’s point value again for even more points! Upon earning the Badge of the Day you will also receive five GameStop PowerUp Reward Points which you can earn a multitude of items and merchandise! The first ever badge of the day goes to the epic game “You Have to Burn the Rope!” You can learn more about GameStop’s loyalty program and how to earn more PowerUp Reward points from Kongregate here. All new Badge of Day events will be posted on the official achievement page on Kongregate. You must be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member to receive the GameStop PowerUp Reward points!

Visit Kongregate’s Achievement/Badge of the Day Page!

Learn More on How to Score GameStop PowerUp Reward Points on Kongregate! Learn How to Become a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Member!