McCoy is sent on a routine treasure hunt, although, this time he is sent to retrieve a mysterious cacti-like emerald for Hex Hatfield! Little did McCoy know, this emerald was infused with the an ancient Curse of Thorns that turned the bearer into a cactus! Help Cactus McCoy as he tries to return the Thorned Emerald back to its proper home! If McCoy doesn’t return it soon enough he may just end up a stone cactus and warning to all that dare venture for the cursed Thorned Emerald! This platformer/brawler will challenge you to a total of 12 world (consisting of 60 levels), 60 treasure chests to find, 59 unique weapons to wield, ranging from machetes to bazookas, a grand total of in-game 80 achievements, 60 area challenges and over an estimated 10 hours of gameplay!

Cactus McCoy

If you’ve every played a brawler/platformer before than you’ve probably good a pretty good grasp on how to play Cactus McCoy! If you haven’t then you’re still in luck – there is fantastic in-game tutorial that’ll get you through everything that you need to know on how to play Cactus McCoy! There was no difficulty options, but I’d mark McCoy around “Normal” mode. The enemies were fairly weak though, but do to the mass amount of enemies and how often you could heal it often made you want to avoid the next enemy because there was no health regeneration system in place (which only makes the game all the more realistic and more difficulty, which is a good thing in my opinion). Try to get big combos on enemies to avoid getting hit by them and fight one enemy at a time – don’t walk into an ambush, especially if there are long-ranged units around. If you’re quick with the keyboard and are fairly good with the platforming controls then you should have no problem at all later on in the game when you have to be fighting and also be concentrated on other enemies and where you should be at the moment, in a most strategic manner (actually many of those questions should be going through your mind at all times, but as the difficulty increases these ideas will become more of a necessity.

The gameplay was actually really fun and I enjoyed it a lot! The actual play-style and graphics reminded me a lot of Flipline Studios great multiplayer action game Remnants of Skystone (both by Flipline Studios). Controls and tutorials matched up pretty well in both games and seeing how successful RoS was, I can expect Cactus McCoy to be highly praised in it’s beautiful graphics, sublime sounds and overall excellent gameplay in general. I thought that the controls felt very smooth and very well responsive. The controls were also easy to memorize, “a” to jump, “s” to attack, “d” to drop your weapon, and the down arrow to do just about everything else, except for the basic movement scheme.

Cactus McCoy

The art was incredible and had to be one of the best things about Cactus McCoy! When I first loaded up the game I immediately recognized the style from a couple of Flipline’s previous games, especially with RoS. The graphics were absolutely incredible and everything from textures, to medals, character design, backgrounds, middle-grounds, etc, was fantastic and all looked supremely good. The character design was amazing and there were a ton of characters, all of which could attack you in different ways! I loved how detailed everything was, especially the characters and foreground which were award-worthy. The artist(s) did a phenomenal job with adding even the smallest details to every little object! I thought that the animation was really smooth, including the characters and surprisingly, sometimes, even the backgrounds and foregrounds (ex: the cacti on the train above). Animation looks smooth and realistic.

I really liked the music choose and the music itself. It was very western, which the scene is set at and indeed very action-packed and exciting! The tempo was pretty fast and match the speed of the game. I thought that I heard a bit of orchestra in the theme – it’s interesting that such western music can also be combined with instruments that are usually used in more fancier pieces. While, the music was fantastic and I liked it, it seemed to be a very short loop and it eventually tired and wore weary. There were plenty of sound effects, such as for jumping, firing a gun or the swinging of blade and when something was hit, plus more. The sound effects were especially important in raising the realism value of the game.

The replay value was tremendous! There was a grand total of 60 stages, all compact into 12 worlds! That only has some time/replay value of its own. Each stage had its own treasure chest for you to find, but the real replay value was in the in-game achievements! There was a total of 80 of them – how many game have you seen that have 80 in-game achievements (besides the Achievement Unlocked series) not many, or zero at that! There are so many badges that you have to flip through a total of eight pages to see them all! Many of the achievements were just repetitive in my opinion though, but still there is a genuine 30-40 achievements that’ll actually be fun to earn! A couple repetitive achievements are ones like “Grave Digger – Kill 30 Enemigos with a Shovel” and “Dueling Banjos – Kill 30 Enemigos with a Banjo,” which really aren’t going to be too entertaining to achieve, but if you have the time…

All in all, I thought that Cactus McCoy was a fantastic action-packed, brawler/platformer that also held a very interesting storyline about an ancient curse! All brawler fans will love Cactus McCoy as it has a grand total of 60 stages of brawling fun with a total of 59 unique weapons! In review, the difficulty was perfect! There was no regeneration system, so even though many of the enemies did little damage, the damage can add up over time! If you’re good enough you can take down a group of enemies without being touched! The gameplay was fantastic and I loved the smooth controls and the many weapons that were available in-game. The art was wondrous, it had a pretty realistic style to it and the details were added carefully to create realistic texture and characters. I thought that the music was terrific, but it could get a little repetitive at times. In addition, the sound effects were spot-on and worked terrifically! There was a total of 80 badges that you can earn in-game which is much, much more than I can say for most game, but many of the achievements were rather repetitive. Overall, Cactus McCoy is one of the best platform brawler I’ve played, so be sure to try it out today!

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