Kongregate.com recently held an amazing Unity game development contest with prizes up to $10,000 USD (first place) which we briefly discussed in this post (check it for more information regarding the contest)! Hundreds upon hundreds of games were submitted and many of them were worthy of the grand prize, but ultimately 10 took away at the least $1,000 USD. Unlike many contests, the overall rating of the game was taken little into consideration and judges were sent in to determine the winners! Now the winners have been announced!

Grand Prize Winner: Antimatiere! Recipient of $10,000!

Antimatiere places you in a two dimensional world, where you are the only three dimensional object left! You are able to move objects on the walls from wall to wall and in doing so you’ll progress and make your way through the game! You goal is to find the reason for all of this! Antimatiere will challenge you to explore this world and it’s many elaborate rooms. The unique gameplay and interesting overall design catapulted Antimatiere in to the top-spot and landed the developer with the 10 grand. Play Antimatiere!

Second Place: Sarah’s Run (Preview)! Recipient of $5,000!

Sarah’s Run (Preview) snagged second place as a crowd favorite! Sarah’s Run held an addictive gravity focused platformer/puzzler theme that challenged users to think a little outside of the box to get through this amazing three dimensional world. Users were challenged to complete a total of 10 levels in this unfinished game. You goal is to escape this world! You can learn more a bout Sarah’s Run and catch up on the development of the final game on the developer’s blog found here. Play Sarah’s Run (Preview)!

Third Place: Aurora! Recipient of $3,000!

Aurora simulates a giant solar system. This sandbox allows create your own solar system and will even allow you to create a population. Here’s the official game description: ““Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” – Carl Sagan | Put some headphones on, hang out and enjoy this relaxing but stimulating solar system sandbox. Try to get a huge solar population, or try for ultra intelligent life, or just rack up your death toll…” Play Aurora!

Forth-Tenth Places: Recipients of $1,000 Each!  In Alphabetical Order

Bullseye (Interstellar Marines): Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) challenges you to a shooting range where you’ll test your skills on board a futuristic ship! You need quick reactions to shoot down the targets in a quick motions! Official game description “Train your weapon skills in a dynamic shooting range onboard the military space carrier ‘AIV Kitty Hawk’ and try to convince ITO AI ‘SARA’ that you have what it takes to join the secret Interstellar Marines program.” Play Bullseye (Interstellar Marines)!

Drillboid: Game description: “Explore huge caves and alien ruins, collect treasures, and fight monsters in this 2.5D platformer! We’ll be continuing development on the game after the contest. Here’s some features we’ll be implementing *in the future*: -Many varied enemy types including massive boss creatures and rare dangerous monsters…” Play Drillboid!

QBCube: Game Description: “ QBCUBE is an original puzzle game where players must manipulate gravity to navigate through mind-bending, optically-illusive puzzles! It’s an orthogasmic experience like no other! The harder levels introduce exciting new obstacles and explore new kinds of spatial stimulation! It will take a combination of skill and fast reflexes to get through them all!” Play QBCube!

Sanctioned Renegades – Multiplayer FPS: SR is a fast paced and action-packed multi-player shooter! Game Description: “Multiplayer first-person shooter featuring: 10 unlockable weapons (rifles, scopes, grenades and RPGs) in addition to multiple Achievements and High-Scores Ranking system, all within a fully destructible 3D environment.” Play Sanctioned Renegades – Multiplayer FPS!

Save Toshi: Game Description: “Toshi loves to dance, only she forgot how to walk! Shoot the blocks to get Toshi to the dancefloor[.] LOOKING FOR A NEW EXPERIENCE? Physics puzzles are one of the most popular casual game genres. While most of these puzzles take place in simple 2d worlds, Save Toshi pulls ahead of…” Play Save Toshi!

Sentinels: First Wave (Beta 2): “Sentinels: First Wave (which is currently in beta) is one of the most ridiculously amazing tower defense games ever, that blows Cursed Treasure right out of the water. With amazing three-dimensional graphics and views from the gun towers, Sentinels: First Wave provides an amazingly unique experience like no other tower defense game that I’ve seen.” – our review! Play Sentinels: First Wave (Beta2)

Zombie Minesweeper: Game Description:Uncover the path by flagging mines and blowing up zombies!Using the same rules as the classic Minesweeper, work your way through the mines to reach the flower without getting blown up or eaten alive! Collect powerups to get through the level easier and take care of those pesky zombies!” Play Zombie Minesweeper!