If you were with Kongregate.com back in 08′ when they did the amazing Left 4 Dead 2 promotion, or the Dragon Age Forge promotion then you know about Kongregate’s very interactive and fun events that encourage all of the users to share items with one another to help each other earn medals. This time around and in a very Portal fashion, you automatically gain blue or orange portals based upon what quest you complete (there is an Atlas and P-Body quest). Once you gain these portals (you’ll get 3 every day) you can “shoot” them at the team that you are not on and in doing so you’ll help them complete their mission and help earn that user a medal. So it’s a win-win for everyone and all participants will be working together to help earn those medals! The mission ends March 18 so hurry up! Everyone that gets three portals will earn a limited edition medal on Kongregate. Upon completing either mission you can select various avatars for your account.

Atlas Quest

P-Body Quest

By the way, my account is here. Feel free to shoot me a portal and I’ll shoot you one as well!