OvrShade, (which is actually spelled just like so) is an unique twist on the puzzle platforming genre that includes a total of 30 exciting and varying levels that all slowly rise in difficulty! This puzzler will challenge you to think outside of the box as many puzzles will involve two separate characters and two separate doors for your individual characters to enter. In addition, the color of the platforms will only aid one character, black characters can stand on black platforms and white characters can stand on white platforms. Often you’ll have to change the colors of the platforms to aid your characters!


If your into puzzles and you love a great challenge then this is definitely the game for you! With its very simple controls that allow you to move the character at a nice pace, and most of the puzzles being based more on the puzzles instead of the platform genre, this game, almost, entirely focuses on its puzzles! What I notice pretty early on in this game, around level 10, 15, whatever, was that this game was pretty tough! Level seven is where you start noticing that this isn’t going to be your average puzzle platformer. What you have to keep in mind though, is that many of the puzzles are much easier than they seem to be. For me, the color combination and combining the thought that some characters can go through this line, this character can’t go through that line and that line will carry, or kill, either of my characters, especially when they are placed next to one another can be the puzzle itself! That little combination can become a little confusing.

What I liked most about OvrShade was that you had to think about both characters and that makes the game rather interesting. Often, you’ll have to do something at one stage of the level with one character before you move the other to execute your next move. Keep an eye out for switches that you won’t be able to come back to later and make sure that if you do hit them that you other character, or whomever the switch will have the impact on it ready to react to the reaction of the switch. I think that for this game, you have to plan a little bit ahead and think a bit outside of the box! When I say that you show plan ahead when playing OvrShade, I mean you better plan out your next several moves. Especially when reach later and more complex levels, it becomes important that you take a moment to think out what you need to do to complete the level. Do that, figure out the level and you should be golden.


The characters actually reminded me a lot of Continuity, which is a rather popular game and is also a puzzler (check it out if you’ve never played it!)! Although, these stickmen were more minuscule., humpback-ish and could be mistaken for a crooked lamp. While OvrShade certainly didn’t focus on its art and who really cares anyways, I wouldn’t mind if a little more serious art went into the game instead of the dull black, grey, white and red lines, as well as the buttons and characters. While the simple style was nice to see and very easy on the eyes it didn’t deliver the “wow, these graphics are neat!” kind of response. I noticed that there was animation for the characters, although, the frame rate for these animations was so fast that you could even see them and the size of the characters didn’t help their cause much. The doors, or completion zones fooled me at first when playing this game simply because they look exactly like spikes. A more door-like, or portal-like image would better purpose this game. The background worked well with the entire design of the game, but once again it was very minimal and not very impressive art-wise. One good thing that I can say about the art though was the menu designs. I loved the contrast between white and black text.

I loved the music in the background. Surprisingly it wasn’t anything that you’d expect to be in an puzzle game, actually it sounded like it would worked extremely well for any sort of platformer, or art game in my opinion. I thought that the music was really relaxing and perfect for a game just like OvrShade. It also had a kind of dark theme to it, where it sounded extremely mysterious and little bit scary. This worked well with the color scheme of the game. Sadly, there was no sound effects. I think that a couple of sound effects would have helped this game out a bit in the sound department, although the music was perfectly satisfying already. There could be one sound effect for running, another for jumping, et cetera.

The difficulty ramp was a little bumpy at times, some of the levels felt like they could have been pushed further into the game and some farther back into the game, but for the most part the levels were ordered pretty nicely and the difficulty was pretty smooth for the most part. Some levels may look a lot more complicated than some of the levels that you previously faced and if you think that there is a giant difficulty jump at first, look around at the levels and most of the time you’ll notice that the level only look difficult. The blend of colors can be intimidating. As the game progressed, new items were added to the game. Such, as early on, when the second character was added to the game and switches were established and more.

All in all, OvrShade was an amazing game that challenge the player to complete 30 challenging levels! Any platform puzzle fan will love this game and will play it to the end! In review, the difficulty was pretty good and was more puzzle based than platform base, which I loved – especially the way that the level design was done. The game had a couple of really interesting ideas and the execution was perfect! The art wasn’t really my idea of nice, it was very simple, almost too simple and really looked generic and bland. Menu designs were good though, especially the very simple text effect! In addition, the music was perfect for this game and I loved the calming, yet mysterious and slightly scary mood of it and how it kind of matched up with the graphics. Also, the difficulty ramp was pretty good. Don’t be intimidated by levels that may look a bit complicated, usually they are easier than they look. Be sure to check out OvrShade on Kongregate today!

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