World of Mutants

Online Game: World of Mutants

The world of mutants was captured by the incredible army of aliens. The blood-thirsty super creature controlled all the terrible beasts. The last hope is to break through defense of the enemy and destroy the alien master.

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World of Mutants tosses you into, literally, a world of alien invaders and mutant defenders. Surprisingly enough, both sides look like mutants, but you play as the good guys, defending your last bit of turf to save your suffering colony from these mutants. Control your character with the arrow keys and fire with the space-bar in this exciting and action-packed arcade-like shooter.

World of Mutants

The difficulty was pretty good, there was definitely a lot of challenge in the later-on levels, but the health system seemed messed up to me. You get shot by some futuristic laser and your slightly injured, (unless your a lower form of mutant and then you die, but based upon a more mature state you loose a bit of health) and if you get even touched by an alien for a briefest moment, you die immediately, no questions asked. I found that it was extremely easy to kill my enemies, but to evade and dodge them was another story. It was difficult and led to many of my deaths. I noticed that you strength severly increased when your character mature, or leveled-up but sometimes the effects led to a less powerful weapon and you wished that you could go back to a previous form at times.

The controls in my opinion were a bit messed up. They seemed unresponsive and often I was left in the path of an enemy while trying to maneuver around it and the twitchy, blocky movement of the other mutants was not only annoying, but led to many of their own deaths. Overall, I liked the idea of the game, though not entirely original it held its own charm and was actually fun, but the movement of the characters really killed the fun of this game. I propose that there also be a health bar for all of your characters. There, of course is many reasons why such an item should be included, but many because some of your soldiers die when you least expect it and it’d just be nice to know when one of your soldiers need a little more protection than the rest. I loved the upgrade system, but sometimes the power-ups didn’t seem to change how much damage you did, but instead just the amount of health that you had. Nevertheless, the new power-ups and party system was something that was rather unique and allowed this game to shine a bit.

World of Mutants

The art was beautiful in World of Mutants and it really brought out that arcade-ish kind of feel to the game. I loved the color selection and the aliens and mutants alike look rather unique and not too cliche. Actually the aliens had to be my favorite artistic part of the game, along with the mutants because they looked so unique, colorful and simple. The white outlines on them wasn’t really necessary in my opinion, the game could have done without them, but I think the goal of that effect was to make them pop out more, but I would have used colors that related better to the colors inside the figures themselves – which would have given a better effect. Still, the characters looked magnificent. The star fields and other backgrounds, including middle grounds were all excellent and they stuck with the retro, pixelated look.

The music was perfect for such a game and it induced a sense of action and in a way it seemed to tempt the idea of some futuristic scene and I believe that, that is exactly what it achieved. The only sound effects existed when you hit an enemy, destroyed an enemy, when you collected a power-up and when one of your soldiers died. While all of these were real piece of art, fit in well with the rest of the game overall sounded beautiful, I would also have liked to see a sound effect for when you fired you gun. Although, it’d have to be a non-annoying sound, or that would just drive people crazy. Still, there was a magnitude of sublime sound effects present.

There was a definite difficulty ramp that actually expanded throughout all six levels. The first levels, as in any game, started off fairly easy, although if you’re carefree you just might find yourself dead as there are often small groups of enemies advancing towards your position. Of course, there was minimal danger, but as you advanced, level by level, you soon found yourself desperately fighting for your life! In general, the enemies didn’t become much stronger, there were a few matured aliens that had a bit more health, but nothing that a couple of shots couldn’t handle, but what I did notice was that the aliens grouped more and actually began to form patterns that would force you to kill at least four or five to get through. Bosses also increased in difficulty, although the boss themselves weren’t always as powerful as the last boss they may be accompanied by other aliens.

Replay value was really non-existent. Even though I think of this as a pretty decent game, it’s rather fun it has a pretty short appeal and the gameplay seems to be the same each time you play. I just don’t see myself, going back to play this game again, even if it does include a scoreboard (which it does). Of course, if you’re playing the Newground version, and you happen to be logged in, all of this is just the other way around because of the exciting Newground medals, which are just like Kongregate’s achievement system. Basically, complete the task specified on the medal and you win it, along with some points. So if you did like the game and you want to play it again, why not go for some incentives? The medals definitely boost the replay value a lot.

All in all, World of Mutants was really a superb, arcade-ish game, but it could use a bit of work here and there, such as in the controls department. Any shoot em’ up fan will love this little action-pack game, along with it’s cool party system. In review, the difficulty was pretty good, the aliens eventually formed into more difficult to kill monsters and keep the game interesting. The gameplay was interesting and it combined a couple of neat features into the game, such as it’s party system and upgrade system. The only main thing that I definitely did not enjoy about the game were the controls which just seemed really blocky and twitchy, especially with a party at hand. The art was fantastic, I’m a big fan of the retro theme and World of Mutants definitely pulled off an arcade/retro feel. In addition, the music was perfect I love it’s tune and it was quiet action-packed. It worked equally well with the retro and futuristic theme of this game. Also, the difficulty ramp was perfect. The aliens seemed to congregate more and more as you progressed through the game and form patterns which really seemed to boost the difficulty because you had to destroy more aliens than usual. Finally, the replay value wasn’t very high, but there is a ton of incentive if you’re playing on Newgrounds where the medals are implemented. Overall, World of Mutants was an amazing shoot em’ up, but a little more could be done to make the game even better!

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