As we previously mentioned, JoeyBetz is working to bring you Crush the Castle 2: Player Pack (CtC2: PP)! Currently, they’re looking for the best castles to be featured in CtC2: PP, so if you think you have a one-of-a-kind level, just send it on over here and fill out the specified questions (some may be optional). In the Peoples’ Empire, in Crush the Castle 2, over 700,000 castles were submitted! Of course you can carry over levels that you made in the the Crush the Castle 2, Castle Builder to the contest. You must make your castles with the Castle Builder featured in Crush the Castle 2!

All winners will receive a choice of an Armor Games store mug, Armor Games stickers, or a Ball Revamped Ball. Also, winners will be featured in the credits of the game and in their own in-game levels. If you win. you’ll receive notification through e-mail!

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