(Castaway 2 – Crafting Guide)Likwid Games recently announced that their latest project, Castaway 2, is in its finally stages of development and should be out soon! Castaway 1 was a major success, scoring a four out of five on Kongregate, a four-point-two on Newgrounds and an eight-point-three on Armor Games. While the game was very popular, there were still many improvements and fixes that could be added to it and there were many other complaints about aspects of the game that you just had to agree upon, such as the trees being in the way, lack of inventory slots, pets, low monster drops rates (some quests could take over an hour or two), hatching rates, etc. Most of these interfered big-time with the game and overall degraded the gameplay and fun of the game. Now Likwid Games has announced that many of these problems have been addressed and that the new game should be more fun than ever. Castaway 2 is expected to hit the portals in mid-February – just a few more days! Here are the new features that Castaway 2 will bring to the table:

Castaway 2

- Pet Revival system
- Huge inventory
- An actual story line :)
- Crafting items/armor/weapons
- 30+ weapons in various categories (Swords, Daggers, Clubs, Staffs, Ranged, etc)
- 15+ spells
- Skill/Stat point system
- New enemies/pets
- Bosses and Mini-Bosses
- Easier controls with more freedom for movement
- We have done away with the isometric view for a more traditional view
- Action based attacks (you no longer double click an enemy to automatically attack it. You are now in control of your attacks. Press spacebar to swing your weapon Zelda-style).
- In game day/night cycles with some quests and enemies only appearing at certain times.
- Control your pet’s temperament (aggressive attacks anything in sight, assisting help you attack when you fight an enemy, and passive which stays away from battle).
- Hot Keys
- Pet types that have different characteristics, movement styles and attack techniques.
- More surprises! - Likwid Games

[New Pets]

Pet Behaviours
There will be 3 classifications of pets in this game:

Melee Pets
- Your standard pet type. These pets will go up to its target and attack in close range. Some may have elemental abilities (poison, freeze, etc).
Weak against flying enemies

Ranged Pets
- These pets will try to keep their distance from their target and either shoot projectiles or cast spells at them. Getting attacked while preparing a spell will cause the pet to stop casting its current spell.
Weak against melee enemies

Flying Pets
- These pets are quick and agile, but lack in defense. Swoop down at enemies to attack. They have the ability to attack more than one target at a time.
Weak against ranged enemies

You can read more about Castaway 2 and see more beta screenshots at the Likwid Forums.

Castaway 2 - New Inventory System

Castaway 2 - Title Screen