King’s Guard is an exciting new hybrid defense/RTS/switcher/RPG game by IriySoft – developer of the much praised game “Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems.” In King’s Guard your goal is to fend off incoming waves of monsters with your three heroes. To replenish the heroes health point you must match corresponding towers on the board game-like screen. During the game, your heroes will level up to strengthen their primary abilities: damage, hit points and leadership. During the game you’ll also be able to place “wall defenders” onto your castle which will help you out in the battles! Here’s a word from the developer

Join the King’s Guard in this fast-paced, hybrid defense/RTS/switcher/RPG game!

King’s Guard: A Trio of Heroes is a combined defense, RPG and switcher game. Defend the King’s castles by switching building, upgrading heroes, and strategically placing wall defenders on the castle walls! Good luck, you’ll need it.

King's Guard

King’s Guard’s difficulty was stickily based upon how well you can react under pressure! If you can swap those tiles fast enough, place the secondary troops where they need to be and continuously replenish your character’s health than you shouldn’t have a problem. If you aren’t a natural speed-demon than this might not be the game for you! Strategy also played a big role as well, you need to get enough cash to be prepared for the next level – fortunately, you are allowed to go back to previous levels and earn some extra cash here and there! I love that feature of any game, because if in one level you can’t earn enough cash, or you miss a lot of opportunity to earn the cash, instead of having to restart the game because you couldn’t pass a level because your characters were too weak, the developer made it easy for you and you can go back to these previous levels and you can farm some extra gold for your army.

Despite the swapper/connect 3 games being very popular and being such and over-used theme King’s Guard actually incorporated this idea and then established multiple game themes. Like the developers themselves stated this is a hybrid defense/RTS/switcher/RPG game and this mixture makes for one of the best games around! As much as I’ve never really been a fan of the switcher games King’s Guard actually made it not the primary focus of the game and instead you were almost multi-tasking between two already superb games. The gameplay was pretty fast-paced especially on later levels. This was because, as your soldiers took more damage, due to new monsters, or more monsters your heroes health quickly diminished you had to constantly restore each one’s health. What I also liked about the switcher aspect of this game was that you had to focus on three different colors, focusing solely on one color is going to eventually kill off your other two heroes. From my personal experiences I haven’t seen anything like this and it’s always nice to see a half-way original idea pop up around the portals.

King's Guard

King’s Guard had some very impressive graphics. What i enjoyed most about the graphics though, are the colorful color choice. Everything looks so bright and happy, except for the fact that your being attacked, the game had a pretty cheery, colorful and bright artwork and design/feeling to it. In IriySoft fashion a major of the art was supremely realistic, mixed with some other semi-cartoony graphics. What I have to remark though, is the detail in the dirt. It had a very realistic, kind of textured look to it that overall made the game look sublime. The trees in the background kind of went with the characters and tower pieces, all displaying a more cartoon-like style to them and this combination of realistic dirt and walls, mixed with other semi-cartoony figures actually came out pretty well and i didn’t mind the contrast at all.

The music was actually very calming and peaceful, which I found contradicting as the game is largely based around a more war-like theme then of it’s puzzle factor, but all is well and this medieval/peaceful music actually worked quiet well with the game. Maybe some faster-paced music would have done better, you know, to match the gameplay speed and such, but still the music choice was quiet good and in some ways worked for both the puzzle and war aspect of this game.

The difficulty ramp was at a perfect angle and as you became more and more comfortable with the game the difficulty rose. By level four the difficulty was actually rather high in my opinion. I found it hard to keep my troops and heroes alive while so many monsters were attacking them and if you do loose a hero, at least early on in the game there is a very small chance that you’re going to win as with no heroes and no troops you were completely defenceless and this often left you with nothign to do, but hope that through your efforts at the puzzle part of the game that you might pick up a troop to place down on that wall, but the chance of recuperating from such an incident is low. Overall, if you have a good game and you can keep the puzzle part of the game flowing you shouldn’t have a problem, but if you break-down and can’t find the combination you’ll soon find your heroes dead.

The replay value was exceptionally high. In total, there were twenty achievements, all of which are earned by completing different and unique tasks that will challenge your ability! Although, I must say that some of these achievements can be on the more luck-based side of things, or are earned through total grinding, but overall most of the achievements should be awarded to you within your time of starting the game and completing the game. Unfortunately, the developers have not yet established the Kongregate API into their Kongregate version of the game, leaving much to be desired on the Kongregate-related part of things. I would love to see the Kongregate API established into King’s Guard.

All in all, King’s Guard was a magnificent game that combined the following genres: defense/RTS/switcher/RPG. Anyone that already enjoys fast-paced, puzzle, war-games will definitely enjoy IriySoft’s latest game King’s Guard. In review, the difficulty was perfect. At times it seems like there is no solutions to the swapper aspect of the game and sometimes it can be somewhat luck-based, but keep your eyes peeled and you shouldn’t have a problem! Gameplay was of none other and King’s Guard really brought something new to the table. I loved the fact that you could go back to older levels to strengthen your heroes, practice and farm gold and other supplies. In addition, the art was phenomenal and it combine two very different styles, one being realistic and another being semi-cartoon. This combination worked surprisingly well. Also, music was grand! It had a very calming, yet war-like feeling to it, as if relating to the puzzler and action aspects of this hybrid game. The difficulty ramp was perfect and as you became more advanced in this game and as your soldiers and heroes leveled up and became stronger, so did the enemies. Finally, the replay value was terrific as the game featured 20 in-game achievements. While there were 20 in-game achievements, I’d also like to see the Kongregate API established for the Kongregate version of this game. All in all, King’s Guard was another astonishing game by IriySoft! Be sure to play King’s Guard today – just look how easy I make it for you:

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