Activision announced February 9, 2011 (*cough* yesterday *cough*) that they’ll be discontinuing their Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and True Crime: Hong Kong series. All of which did decently in their first several years, but then, “Due to continued declines in the music genre…” says Activision, they’ll discontinue the series. Activision also states that “These decisions are based on the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world’s best interactive entertainment experiences.” So, in attempts to make Call of Duty World of Warcraft continually better (for examaple), along with many other titles, Activision has discontinued some of their once loved series. While the company is discontinuing these series, you’ll find Guitar Hero and DJ Hero you’ll still see them on the shelves as they’ll continue to sell them.

Activision says that due to current demand Guitar Hero and DJ Hero cannot be profitable when including costs for manufacturing and licensing.

Here are a couple of fun-facts about Activisions other series, what makes them profitable and why Activision is keeping these series compared to Guitar and DJ Hero games. Firstly, in the first month WOWC sold over 4.7 million copies, making an estimated 188 million dollars, or 6 million dollars per day. By the end of the month WOW had 12 million subscribers. In addition, Call of Duty Black Ops in the first 24 hours became the largest entertainment launch of all time.