(Guide / Tips and Tricks) You heard it right, your favorite zombie-killing game is back and it’s expected to release near in the future as the beta testers have brought the game to a closed beta. One, which for a person that isn’t in closed-beta and in the closed beta, hopes goes over smoothly and overall, improves the quality of the game. As you can recall, The Last Stand series is about a sole survivor that must reach Union city, or some other location, and to do so he had to gather up supplies, weapons and occasionally you’d find survivors that’d help you in battle! This time around, the game features a much more user interactivity as you aren’t stuck behind a barrier the entire time, but instead, in The Last Stand: Union City you must salvage Union city (I believe) and search for supplies, fend off zombies, etc.

A quick eye will note that in the video there are two different game modes, although, the video only goes over one. In addition, you’ll be able to play in “Hardcore” mode which gives your character a single life! One will also be able to choose the gender of their character and the look of their character. Not only that, but you may also pick a profession for your character which will award you will various skills. Your backpack in-game will let you access many, many weapons that you collect throughout the game. Here one of the beta videos:

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