The developer of Angry Birds has released a pretty neat deal for anyone with an Android or iOS a free update recently came up allowing users to receive an extra thirty levels (though, iOS has had these updates for a while, but received another 15 levels)! This newest episode is called Ham ‘Em High and features a more western setting as all the pig-like creatures get to wear little cow-boy hats. A new bird called the Mighty Eagle was also released that allows you to complete any uncompleted level. This bird can only be used once every hour, but like all things that sound too good to be true it has a one time costs of who knows how much.

Yesterday, Angry Bird’s developer announced that the code to a secret level will appear during the Super Bowl, placed in the commercial for Rio (the movie). (View the Walkthrough on how to gain access to th secret level)

In addition, Rovio, also announced that he’ll released “Rio! Angry Birds” later this year. Here’s the official game trailer: