The Fancy Pants Adventures, part three of the Fancy Pants series, is Brad Borne’s newest masterpiece! I’ve read over Brad’s site, revolved around the Fancy Pants Adventure where he talks about the programming that went into the game, he shows sneak peaks of the game (where the game isn’t fully developed yet) and much, much more. Recently, Brad has released an online demo of the game, which you can find here (which was originally released late December, so I’m a bit late!). This amazing demo brings you through the grassy fields that lie right in your neck of the woods and then brings you to a more industrial, city-like location where you can speed run your way through intricate buildings and tunnel systems. Along the way you can also choose to accept multiple side-line quests. For example, in the city-like section of the demo, in the tunnel system you’re able to receive a quest to study the secrets to life! All of this and more will be included in the final version of the game!

Here’s Brad’s latest report on the game:

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As we previously mentioned, Fancy Pants Adventure (which is the game that Brad Borne is talking about in all of those reports) is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, which is expected to release this Spring!

Play The Fancy Pants Adventures Demo!