Enjoyed the hit-game Run? Then your going to love what I’m about to tell you! Run 2 is in it’s very final stages of development and is now featured on FlashGameLicense (FGL)! It won’t be long now until a sponsor snatches this game up and you’ll see Run in the near future on numerous portals around the web (unless the¬†agreement¬†between the sponsor and developer states otherwise). For those of you that do not yet know what Run is, it was a game originally released in late 2008 and in 2009 and 2010 had a huge player/fanbase boost when the game was awarded badges on Kongregate.com and since then has had almost 10,000,000 hits on Kongregate alone and is actually the fifth most played game on Kongregate. Run also features a massive amount of player created levels with Kongregate’s unique Sharing API and now has it’s own Gaming Forum on Kongregate. This time around Run is going to have, around, what I can tell to be give or take 80 brand-new levels(!) in two very different game modes – one with the original character and other decked out with skates, which makes the game much harder as speed and control becomes two very strong factors of this game. Player_03, the developer, also announced that Run 2 will have a new high-score board when the game is released. Once again their will be an awesome level designer option of which we’ll hopefully see in the future and option to share these player-created levels, such as with the original Run.

Run 2

Like I previously mentioned Run is currently on FGL so if you’re a sponsor be sure to place your offer down as this is indefinitely going to be one of the biggest games of 2011! For all the players out there that want to brag to their friends that they played Run 2 before it was even sold/sponsored you can check the entire game out on FGL (the developer has stated that he’s working on the menus a bit more) by following this link. Alternatively you can the below link because we all know that Header 1 text is what all the “cool kids” use and click:

Play Run 2 on FGL!