Belial Chap. 2.5 is another exciting episode of the adventurous point and click series by Keybol. In this chapter, Belial will work with numerous characters to help unleash Baal from inside of himself. Note that this is a supporting chapter and the story is expected to continue in the next chapter, Belial Chap. 3! Check out the official (noted in game) walkthrough below below by Tasselfoot if you find yourself stuck!

Belial Chap. 2.5

Belial Chap. 2.5 Walkthrough:

Belial Chap. 2.5 Walkthrough:

by Guidology!

1) Use the small shovel on both sand mounds.
2) Collect both stone disks which are located where the sand mounds once were.
3) Click upon candle two (located in the upper right of the screen).
4) Place the stone disk with two holes in it in the disk slot.
5) From left to right, top to bottom you must change the purple circles (by click on them) to green circle, yellow square, orange diamond and purple circle.
6) Once in that order click “Zoom Out” and move on over to candle one in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
7) Place the last of the two, stone disk in the disk slot.
8) In order click the following buttons: 1, 2 and 4.
9) Click “Zoom Out” from here and grab the X Orb that is placed on the table.
9) “Zooming out” you’ll notice that the boulder blocking your passage shifts to the side and grants you entry deeper into the tunnel. Click “Go Inside” when hovering your mouse over the tunnel.
10) Clicking on the Hype Pad on the far right a screen will come up. Use the following diagram to complete the puzzle:

Belial Chap. 2.5 Hype Pad

11) Once you “Zoom Out” of the Hype Pad (once it finishes loading a sketch) you can grab both the Drill Bit (placed next to the Hype Pad) and the Circle Orb (purple – and next to the Drill Bit). Along with these item you should grab the clapper, next to the director and the blasting string.
12) Now move to the far right and into the next room.
13) Grab the knife, pick up the gun powder with your shovel and grab the manila paper from the trash and you’ll be all ready to construct a bomb.
14) The gun powder and shovel have already been combined. Now combine the manila paper with the gun powder and shovel combo. Now you’ll have a “powder wrap.”
15) Finally, combine the powder wrap with the blasting string. At last we have a “triangle bomb.”
16) Place the triangle bomb in the crack in the wall of the library.
17) Now lets grab the star orb (located on the book shelf), the book on the floor and the triangle orb which cleverly blends in with the statue to the left.
18) At this point, arrange the statues arms like so:

Belial Chap. 2.5 Statue

19) From here, travel back to the tunnel.
20) Open the package with the knife and collect the egg beater above.
21) Take everything from the box and place the items in your inventory.
22) Now move back to the library and combine the egg beater and the Drill Bit to form a complete drill.
23) Use the complete drill on all five glow points on the wall.
24) Now use the lighter on the triangle bomb which we’ve already placed in the crack.
25) Doing so will allow you to access a vault.
26) Place the orbs in this order (left to right): circle, square, star, triangle, x.
27) Zooming out we can now grab the scroll that is in the vault. This scroll will illustrate what pose the statue needs to be in and if you’ve been following this walkthrough you’ll have already place the statue in this particular position. Nonetheless, if you haven’t already move the status arms to form the position of the scroll.
28) Now you’ll notice a staircase where the statue once was, open the latch and move down the staircase.
29) Grab the coin on the staircase and give it to the body-builder for a BBB Burger.
30) Grab the reel that is placed in the back of the room. Also take the small key which is on the bottom shelf of where the body-builder is standing. Combine the small key with the book to open it. Finally grab the pipe behind the largest weight.
31) From here click upon the cell phone and dial in the following number: 9092525 and hit “OK.” There’ll be a short cut-scene and then we’ll be back to the game.
32) Move back to the movie production scene and place the reel in the camera.
33) The three digit number of the girl’s back will represent the code to the jewelry box. Click on the jewelry box and type in the corresponding code. The code varies.
34) Take both the necklace and pendant once you open the box.
35) Give the director the BBB Burger and then pick up his bread crumbs.
36) Move back to the tunnel and give Lilith the necklace.
37) From here, move back the body-builder’s gym and continue to the next underground room.
38) In this new room grab the cord next to our main character and then use the pipe to hit the jar into the Hobo B.’s face.
39) Move back to the library and plug the cord into the socket, thus turning on the monitor.
40) Clicking on the monitor you’ll find yourself in a new puzzle. From left to right type in these numbers – Top Row 1: 4, 1, 2, 3 | Row 2: 3, 2, 4, 1, | Row Three: 1, 4, 3, 2 | Bottom Row: 2, 3, 1, 4
41) Zoom out of the e-mail and there will be a short cut-scene. Grab the wood chip from the desk.
42) Go back down to the room where you found the cord and hit Hobo B.
43) Click on the section labeled “Markings” and place the pendant replicas in a close-wise rotation like-so: Bread Crumbs, Pendant, Wood Chip, and finally the Glass piece.
44) Zoom out and enter the heart.
45) You’ll now have to take a quiz, answer like so: Lion, the world, part of life, She secretly hopes that she’ll meet the man again, “Is that a German word,” already at it.

You beat the game!