Kongregate, often described as the “YouTube of gaming,” is debuting new Mobile badges. Traditional badges on Kongregate have been earned by completing certain objectives in flash games – which can only be completed on your computer (although, Kongregate has introduced Unity games recently that may have achievements/badges in the near future as the quality of the games are absolutely stunning) Currently these badges are only available on devices that run on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher with Flash 10.1. Kongregate has also released their own Android app, which is integrated with your Kongregate account that awards you account with these mobile badges. When you download the app you get 50 free points for your Kongregate account. Kongregate also has over 300 games on their app, several of which currently have mobile badges and more are to come! You can learn more and download the app at Kongregate’s official page regarding this topic!

An Android phone displaying the game Vector Runnner! You can find Vector Runner on Kongregate, the App Store and on the Kongregate Android App.