Doritos is currently hosting a pretty neat event that has a large connection to the upcoming Super Bowl. Between January 1 (I believe) and up until January 31, you can vote for your favorite “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial. Right now, several commercials are in the running to win the single slot for the chance for their commercial to air during the Super Bowl. One of those commercials, “Birthday Wish,” was created by one of Armor Games close friends Kevin Wilson! So, I bet you want to know how, exactly, to win the iPad? First sign up through this page, entering your name and e-mail which will be kept strictly private. An e-mail will automatically come to your designated e-mail (that you entered into the box) that includes several share links. To win the iPad you can share the video and get your friend to vote for it! Each time someone votes with your referral link you have an even greater chance to win the grand prize! You can get a referral code after signing up through the Doritos website. Going to your unique tracking link after voting every day (yes, you may vote every single day!) you will receive a collection of “Share” link. Sharing these with your friends and forcing politely asking them to vote for “Birthday Wish” every day at the Doritos website through your referral may yield the grand prize for you!

Check out the “Birthday Wish” Entry on Doritos!