Insidia is a fun exploration game that takes place upon a dark and mysterious planet after you are forced to land there after a meteorite was coming towards the ship. Unfortunately, your ship was damaged and you must collect all 10 repair kits to fix your ship and make your way back home. Along the way you’ll encounter dangerous and exotic enemies, along with¬†numerous¬†platforming challenges. Make your way through the cavern-like land and retrieve all the repair kits! Here’s a word from the developer:

Insidia is a story about a traveller who makes an emergency landing to a dark and strange planet in order to fix his ship. The main goal of Insidia is to find 10 repair kits and fix your ship. Repair kits are evenly spread across the map. Find power ups to gain access to previously unavailable areas. Keep an eye out for hidden areas aswell. Find all 10 hidden areas to see the alternate ending upon completing the game.

This is the official walkthrough to the game Insidia, which is a platformer that covers 90 areas: