As the year is coming to a close this is the time that we look back at the months that lead up to December. Many memorable games have been released this year, such titles as Arkadian Crusade, Achievement Unlocked 2, Cursed Treasure: DTMG, and many, many more! Let’s delve into nostalgia and relish the great year of 2010! Now, in no particular order, here are the best games of 2010!:

Arkandian Crusade (Released on December 20, 2010 by Undefined): Undoubtedly, this last minute release of 2010 has to be on this list! This epic dungeon-like RPG will toss you into a raging war between the Demons and Angels. It’s up to you to aid either side and win the war for them. Train through over 50 different and unique dungeons with hundreds of different enemies. As you proceed, watch the storyline unravel and growing tension of the Angels and Demons lead to a great rift war! Along the way, collect fantastic treasures and powerful weapons! Play Arkandian Crusade on Kongregate!

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (Released on September 1, 2010 by Kupo707): Epic Battle Fantasy scored of 6 million plays on several major Flash portals. Take Matt, Natalie and Lance on an epic adventure, slaying hundreds of slimly and bulky monsters on the way that will undoubtedly challenge you trio of warriors. As you travel town by town collect weapons, either from adventuring in the wilderness or buying them from shops. Along the way you’ll be challenged by deadly monsters and bosses. Along the way your adventurers will gains new abilities and skills to use against their enemies. Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 on Kongregate!

Road of the Dead (Released October 13, 2010 by Evil Dog): Road of the Dead using an amazing three dimensional engine to create a very chaotic and frightening scene that takes place in a zombie apocalypse. Slam into zombies and military soldiers for extra points and evade helicopter which will try to shoot you down with machine guns. Deck out your vehicle with insane upgrades such as new hulls for your car or horns. If any of the pesky zombies stick to your hood slam into other vehicles to bump them off or hit them with your side arm. This is truly one of the most action-packed games of 2010! Play Road of the Dead on Kongregate!

Monster Slayers (Released on October 7, 2010 by Nerdook): Monster Slayers is truly one of Nerdook’s best games that allows you to build and customizer your own band of soldiers to take down evil enemies and ominous bosses. Ad your soldiers level up they will learn better and better skills for their class, evolving from a simple soldier to a menacing assassin with lightning fast moves and speed. Tactics are a must in this game as bosses will have different special moves, such as charges to projectiles. Play through tire game you’ll be rewarded will an epic surprise! Play Monster Slayers on Kongregate!

Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems (Released on May 6, 2010 by IriySoft): Cursed Treasure: DTmG revolutionized the tower defense genre with it’s unique tower options, upgrades and the numerous enemies with special powers and abilities. Upgrading your towers will result in more powerful and frightening towers. Placing your towers on spacial tiles on the map will give your tower unique abilities such as more range. Survive through 15 intense levels, often defending several entries and exits. Cursed Treasure: DTmG is currently the highest rated game on Kongregate and has over 8,000,000 plays on several popular Flash Portals. Play Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems on Kongregate!

Bloons Tower Defense 4 (Released on January 26, 2010): pic series continues along with new towers and upgrade versions of old towers. In this game there are a total of six unique levels (more levels are available on other websites) and three different plays styles. Tower can be upgraded to boast new and sharper weapons – just perfect for popping balloons, while other towers can affect the Bloons in different ways, such as slowing them. Popping balloons will yield more towers and better upgrades. This is undoubtedly the longest gamer in the series! Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 on Kongregate!

Solipskier (Released on August 12, 2010 by Mikengreg): Solipskier is by far one of the most action-packed, insanely-intense games of the year, especially if you’re going after those achievements or medals. Solipiskier will challenge you to earn sick amount of air time. Try to score as many points as possible and boost your multiplier for even more points! Solipskier allows you to draw your own slopes – make insane ramps to throw your character sky-high for massive amount of points. Using your slope-building power you’ll also need to cruise through gates to maintain your multiplier! Play Solipskier on Kongregate!

Lucky Tower (Released on October 31, 2010 by Molkman): Lucky Tower definitely caught the gamers’ eye with it’s hilarious sense of comedy as the feeble minded character wonders about the tower in hopes to escape the dangers the lie awake in it. Your goal in Lucky Tower is to guide your character from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower in a classic platformer fashion. Every time you die the character will say something funny, so it may just be rewarding to go through every door in the dungeon, exploring every path possible! Play Lucky Tower on Kongregate!

Achievement Unlocked 2 (Released on August 19, 2010 by ArmorGames): Do you like earning achievements? Of course you do, who doesn’t right? Achievement Unlocked 2 combines your love for achievements and ties 250 of them into one lovely game. Challenge yourself and try to beat your old high-score (time-wise) or work with a friend in Co-Op Multiplayer! You must also buy new floors in the shops where you’ll be able to do such things as play the lottery machines, play a keyboard or escape tire building! Play Achievement Unlocked 2 on Kongregate!

Love (Released on June 14, 2010 by AlexanderOcias): This is the game that really made the art genre take off. With it consequence, such as less color bring in the game and rewards of of color being the game players made fascinating theories about what each of these effects could mean in relation to real life situations. Following orders made the game easier which not following them made the game more difficult. Love really made every decision affect how the gameplay went about which created a neat atmosphere for the game. Love also created an internet war between people who disagreed with the ideas (believing that the game wasn’t really a game and that players were making impractical statements about what the game meant and more) and people that loved the idea presented in Love. Play Love on Kongregate!

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