(Walkthrough Below) Arkandian Crusade is a rather interesting dungeon-like, RPG game by Undefined, a developer that has released such hits as My Pet Protector and who could forget the Protector series?. Your goal in Arkandian Crusade to slay the mighty demon which lies far away. Throughout the game you must think strategically – every level will present monsters that you must slay and treasure that you may choose to pick up. Level up your character over time and watch his or her stats strengthen and accuracy increase in the battle field! Here’s a word from the developer:

Make your place in the history of Arkandia.

Thrown head first into the raging conflict between heaven and hell you must choose a side and forever change the fate of the world.

Delve into deep dungeons and emerge with a pack full of loot, defend the kingdom with the help of your personal companions or spend your time by the forge crafting artifacts of great power.

The Arkandian Legends are a series of stories that you the player live through. Achievements, skills, items and victories in one story follow you through to the next, unlocking new features and advantages as you go.

Your actions will determine the course of your adventures and the choices you make can change the very nature of the world.


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Table of Contents

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Opening Scene – Choosing your Class and Items – [beginner]

Starting a New Life – Your First Heroic Quest – [moldycheese]

The Scribe – Your Quest to Obtain all of the Scrolls (Spell Location One) – [healer]

The Training Hall – [sidequests]

Home Under Fire – Protect Your Home from the Demon Worshipers – [protection]

Worshipers’ Base – [hideout]

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 1) – [soloed1]

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 2) – [ownagelevel]

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 3) – [toocoolforschool]

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 4) – [headshot]

Tower Blockade – Creating a Path to the Tower – [sweep]

The Summoning Tower – [summonlolz]

Ill-Fated Fort – Defending the Remains of the Demon Summoning Tower – [defensive]

Finding the Holy Bell – [holybells]

Finding the Holy Mirror – [holymirror]

Ascended Stronghold – Retrieving the Sacred Candles – [angelcandles]

Retrieving the Rift Essences! – [riftessences]

Retrieving the Ancient Chalice – [oftime]

The Great Rift War and the End to the Demons! [boom]

The Final Battle against Fak’Ough – [in-the-books]

Opening Scene – Choosing your Class and Items


The opening scene, which could be confusing (to the people that just started the game) quickly unfolds into the discussion of killing a demon. In the second discussion box, Archmage Tandelus asks what schooling you went to. However you answer will be dependent on what class you are in the game – if you want to be a warrior using swords then select the first option, “Goza’s School of Soldiering,” but if you wish to be an archer pick the corresponding option. The same goes for if you want to be a mage. Next, Archmage Tendelus will ask what jobs you took up before working for him. Your answer will depend on what extra skill points you receive. Further more, he will later ask which additional items you’d like from one of his highest advisers. Here you may select from Advisor Drell, Dr. Trimbell, Porlynn or Grumpy. These beginning choices don’t affect the gameplay too much so don’t worry about the choices you make in the first several opening scenes. If you want to break it down to a science, or you’re set on obtaining certain beginner stats a fellow Guidology reader, Abaddon, has written this guide (originally in the comments section):

(Note: Exact numbers are impossible to get, because they’re random. This will show you what choice adds to what stat/s, but not how much.)

Growl at him. – Mysticism
Where exactly should I start looking? – Observation
How long is this going to take? – Bargaining
Where did you get your pointy hat? – Tailoring
Can you enchant my sword? – Blacksmithing

Goza’s School of Soldiering, Sir. – Sword + Weapon Attack + Blocking + Tactics + Anatomy + Weapon Defense
With the forest rangers, my Liege. – Bow + Archery + Dodging + Tactics + Anatomy + Weapon Defense
Khan’s Academy of Wizardry, Sire. – Book + Magic Attack + Magic Defense + Mana Lore + Tactics + Dodging + Spell Resistance
Da’ school of hard knocks, innit. – Dagger + Weapon Attack + Weapon Defense + Magic Defense + Tactics + Spell Resistance

Working at the local smithy my lord. – Blacksmithing
An apprentice at the tailor’s sir. – Tailoring
I was an alchemist’s student my liege. – Alchemy
Umm.. I kind of “found” things. – Bargaining

I shall return with the demon’s head!! – Weapon Attack + Tactics
I shall bear all it’s attacks and win!! – Weapon Defense + Magic Defense
My magic shall slay this creature!! – Magic Attack + Mana Lore + Mysticism
I’m hungry. – Cooking + Scavenging

Advisor Drell, Captain of the Guard. – 1 protection+25 potion + 1 damage+50% potion.
Dr. Trimbell, Court Physician. – 2 5d10 health potions.
Porlynn, Royal Alchemist. – 2 5d10 mana potions.
Gumpy the Chef. – Blue Hair Bread (makes your hair light blue) + 1 damage+50% potion.

- Abaddon

After you’ve answered some of those basic questions you are sent off to slay the demon and to begin your epic quest. You’ll soon find yourself at a guard outpost of sorts. Here you will be able to choose your character name. Automatically, if you’re on Kongregate and are logged in you’ll see your name in the box. After a quick chat with the guard the demons begin to invade.

You will indefinitely lose against Fak’Ough. At your current level and strength you will be no match for him.

Arkandian Crusade

Starting a New Life – Your First Heroic Quest


Waking up you find that an old man has saved your life. You have little memory about your own life at this point. All of your armor and weapons have been stolen by scavengers. The Old Man say that in return for saving your life you must retrieve an item for him that bandits had stolen from him earlier. You’ll be rewarded with some coins, armors or weapons and a nice place to call home for now if you complete the quest. Your character accepts the quest and you are soon directed to the map of your world,

Once in the World Map display select the Thieve Shack quest in the lower right-hand corner. The shack is inhabited by two thieves currently, you job will be to clear them out of the shack and retrieve the prized possession of the Old Man. In the “preparing to Enter Location…” menu once you’ve selected the Thieves Shack quest you’ll be able to see how many treasures are available in the level and how many enemies there are in the level. The enemies are represented by the gargoyle-like structures and the treasure chests are represent by treasure chests. To enter a level you must pay an expedition fee. For this particular level you don’t have to pay such a fee. An expedition fee is built upon traveling expenses and possible resurrection of your body if you do happen to die.

Once you are ready, enter the Thieves Shack location. Once the level begins you’ll notice that only a fraction of the level will contain any recognizable features, while the rest of the level will be hidden in a grey color. The area that you can see around you is the area that you have explored so far and does not represent the area that you character can see, such as if it was dark and you had a flash light, but instead, only represents the area that you have explored so far. Your character can explore in a two square by square fashion.

In the beginning of the level you’ll want to head straight north (if the top of the screen represented the northern tip of a compass. Continuing north you will find yourself in the Thieves’ Shack. Once inside the shack go around and collect the gold coins to your left and other treasures that lie inside. The thieves should not be a problem if you run into them. Here’s a map of the location of all the treasures and enemy locations:

Arkandian Crusade - Thieves' Shack

Once you’ve collected the Old Man’s cheese you can leave the level. The cheese is hidden behind the north-most enemy. The Old Man will then suggest that you become and adventurer. Soon Guard Captain Delacey appears and suggests that you become a Defense Captain. You’re character agrees to this and you are sent on a test mission. Next to your character now should appear the “Defense Quests” insignia. Clicking it will allow you to go on a variety of quests. Your first test will be to defend a small farm. Select the “Battlefield Lessons.” and you’ll be ready to go. Notice, in the Defense Quests menu that when you roll over a quest that the rewards will be listed at the bottom of the screen and a description of the quest will be display to the right. Clicking on “Battlefield Lessons” will bring you to the battlefield.

Once at the battlefield place your hero anywhere on the map (on your side, which is the left side.). Notice that when you move your character the “Xs” will appear around your character. This is your attack radius, if an enemy is in your attack radius you will attack the enemy. Click “Next Turn” after you’ve moved. After each turn you will attack the enemy. There are a total of four enemies in this level. I found it useful to have my character stay in the back and continuously click “Next Turn’ until an enemy was in range. From there I could move my character and endanger him or her only when necessary.

After competing the “Battlefield Lessons” quest you’ll be accepted for the Defense Captain position and you’ll have access to the Barracks and recruits. All recruits must be supplied with armor and weapons by you and you’ll also need to train them for battle. Raising you fame will also result in more quests for you to complete or attempt.

The Scribe – Your Quest to Obtain all of the Scrolls (Spell Location One)


After the tutorial is over (according to your character) a scribe will approach you. He wants you to grant him magic power and mana. He is willing to tell you the locations of these scrolls and then have them brought to him after you’ve learn their secrets. The character will agree to do the quest for the scribe.

From this point you may either complete for Defense Quests, become an official adventurer, or you may search for the next scroll for the scribe. For the sake of keeping this walkthrough organized we’ll go collect the next spell. So go to your World Map, which should appear behind you at this point (with the Defense Quest insignia to the right). Enter the world map and go to “Spell Location One,” which is located in the Northwest of the map. “Spell Location One” will contain the “Heal Spell,” which like its name implies can heal the user. This quest contains seven enemies and five treasure chests.

Arkandian Crusade - Spell Location One

The Heal Spell will be located in the center of this dungeon along with two other treasure chests. I would suggest heading for the Heal Spell first thing and then taking care of the other enemies for the treasures that they guard, or at this point you could leave the the dungeon. Remember to take only weapons and armors that your class can use. It is useless to take armors or weapons that you cannot utilize.

Once you’ve collected the Heal Spell and have left the Spell Location One Guard Captain Delacey approaches you once again warning you that Demon Worshipers are forming into a raiding party and are about to attack your house. A new quest will appear under the “Defense Quests” called “Home Under Fire” in which you fight off the Demon Worshipers. Also, the scribe will come back congratulating you on finding the scroll. He will also mark the next scroll’s location on your map. For now, let’s continue on with the scribe’s request and retrieve yet another scroll.

The Training Hall


I suggest that you give The Training Hall a visit right now. The Training Hall has four enemies and two treasure chests in it (?). Completing The Training Hall will allow for a large amount of new quests to be available to you. For now, let’s proceed on with the storyline, but if you find yourself stuck and any point train at one of these side quests to gain extra experience points to further strengthen your character.

Home Under Fire – Protect Your Home from the Demon Worshipers


Let’s try to get some of the storyline quests done as of now. You may chose to do the scribe’s quests if you wish at this point. Also, it may be a good idea to purchase some new armor and weapons if you haven’t already. Now, heading over to the “Defense Quests” we can find our “Home Under Fire” quest. Click this quest and we’ll be at the battlefield again. Play smartly and you shouldn’t have a problem in this simple battle. Try to attack the Demon Worshipers as soon as one of them is in sight or else that may breach your defenses, resulting in a lose. There will be four (?) Demon Worshipers.

After completing the quest Guard Captain Delacey will meet up with you and show you an recruit paper that one of the Demon Worshipers dropped. Guard Captain Delacey suggest that you go to their “secret base” and stop the Demon Worshipers.

Worshipers’ Base


Head on over to the World Map and travel north to the Demon Worshipers’ Base. This dungeon contains six enemies and six treasure chests. The expedition cost is 100 gold pieces. Demonic Novices have 25 health points and can easily be taken down with simple attacks. Remember to use your Heal Spell if you find yourself low on health.

Arkandian Crusade - Demon Worshiper Base

The item that you must retrieve is located on my character’s location in the image above. Clearing out this dungeon will be relatively simple if you have cutting-edge weapons for your level (purchasable in the shop). A special piece of armor is located in the hall below the room with the red carpet, which is worth a staggering 550 gold pieces.

Once you return back to your base, Guard Captain Delacey will alert you that the book that you’ve retrieved is the book on how to summon demons and other evil and dark creatures. He suggests that you raid four different locations around the world in hopes of stopping the Demon Worshipers from even starting to summon these Demons.

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 1)


After making your way through the Demon Worshiping Base you’ll now have the opportunity to invade four different Demon Summoning Camps. For now, let’s take out the southern-most camp. In the southern-most camp you’ll find eight enemies and four treasure chests – the expedition cost is 100 gold pieces.

Arkandian Crusade - Demon Summoning Camp

The item that you must retrieve is located in the character’s current spot. For the first time, upon leaving the dungeon no one will greet you, nor congratulate you. Now, move on to the next Demon Summoning Camp.

If you must, buy new armors at the shop. For a while now, I’ve been wearing Skystalker Armour, Kite Shield, Splint Gloves, Plated Pants, Plated Shoes, Gold Ring of Brutality and the Swiftbow. All of these items are smart to have and will serve you well. Other good weapons are Claymore and the Snake Staff.

Now, let’s proceed onto the second southern-most base (which is now the most southern base since we took out the previous base.

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 2)


Okay, now we’re going to want to breach the (now) southern-most base. This Demon Summoning Camp contains seven enemies, four treasure chests and a 100 gold piece expedition fee. This dungeon contains Demonic Novices with 25 health points.

Arkandian Crusade - Demon Summoning Camp 2

The item that you must retrieve is on my character’s tile. Once you have the item you can either retreat or finish off the remaining enemies if you haven’t already. Once again, no one will great you on your return back to base.
At this point I am still using my same armor that I have been using since I began the Demon Summoning Camp quests.

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 3)


Now, let’s proceed onto the second most northern Demon Summoning Camp, which contains six enemies and four treasure chests. Once again the level is made up of Demonic Novices with 25 health points.

Arkandian Crusade - Demon Summoning Base 3

Upon collecting the item you may exit the dungeon.

The Demon Summoning Camps – Taking out the Entire Demon Worshiping Cult all by Yourself! (Camp 4)


The final camp lies far to the north. The Demon Summoning Camp 4 contains seven enemies and six treasure chests – there is also a 100 gold pieces expedition fee.

Arkandian Crusade - Demon Summoning Base 4

In the Barracks to the west, the red chest contains the Fireball spell. The character, as always, represents where the item that you need to proceed is located. Once you’ve collected the item you may leave the dungeon and return back to base.
Now that you’ve collected all four items needed to stop the summoning (supposedly) Guard Captain Delacey has come to greet you. He now warns you that the summoning has already begun and that you need to visit a few more locations to stop the demonic threat to the land. Guard Captain Delacey also warns you that between you and the tower lies a large amount of worshipers and that you’ll need to complete some defense quests to clear the way to the tower.

Tower Blockade – Creating a Path to the Tower


To reach the tower you must first complete a couple of defense quests to clear up the area around the tower. Like always, if need be, purchase upgrades in the shop and play smartly in the defense quest. There are a total of 12 enemy units I believe. This mission can easily be soloed, but if you wish you may purchase new units for the job which is going to be more effective than relying solely on your main character. I would suggest placing your units where there are one or more enemy units in a row. You’d be surprised how easily one of your units can almost effortless beat the enemy units.

The Summoning Tower


Now that you’ve cleared the surrounding area of the summoning tower, now it is time to take over the tower. Travel to the World Map and where the Summoning Camps once were, is now home to the Summoning Tower. The summoning Tower inhabits 16 enemies and 11 treasure chests. Make sure that you have top-notch equipment for this level and remember to use the Heal Spell if low on health. Also, if you picked up the Fireball spell in the forth Summoning Camp, make good use of that as well. My Archer currently has Skystalker Armour, Kite Shield, Splint Gloves, Plated Pants, Plated Shoes, Gold Ring of Brutality and the Swiftbow. If you must stock up on potions from the shops. Now enter the tower once you are ready. These worshiper’s will have 35 health points and can deal out a good amount of damage. Here is the first part of the tower – there are three floors:

Arkandian Crusade - Summoning Tower Floor One

Arkandian Crusade - Summoning Tower Floor Two

On the third floor you will randomly (?) encounter the Demon that you are looking for. He offers you the chance to join his ranks and be their vessel to spread their word in return for unimaginable power. Then you must decide whether you are going to follow the good or evil storyline. For this walkthrough we’re going to follow the good storyline, but feel free to choose either options. If you choose the evil storyline then you will not be able to follow this walkthrough, but you will reap the rewards of being evil. If you choose good you may save the world and continue following this walkthrough. I am working on the evil storyline as well, so once I finish the evil storyline I will have that guide ready! Choosing the good option will infuriate the Demon and he will quickly leave because he is too weak to fight you. You may now leave the tower.

Ill-Fated Fort – Defending the Remains of the Demon Summoning Tower


Once you leave the Summoning Tower Guard Captain Delacey will warn you that the Worshipers are trying to retake the Summoning Tower. In the Defense Quests menu you can select the new quest called “Ill-Fated Fort.” Select the mission “Ill-Fated Fort.” There is going to be a bunch of baddies in this level, but the trick is recruit placement. If you can block off paths with enemies on them with your recruits then you’re golden.
After completing this quest Guard Captain Delacey will tell you that he has sent in a Paladin to take over this operation. The Paladin suggest that together, you and him, commit an “Awakening Ceremony” to catch the Demon that wants to kill you. You will need to recover the Holy Bell and Holy Mirror for the ceremony to work. The Paladin has marked both of the relic’s locations of your World Map. First, let’s try to find the Holy Bell.

Finding the Holy Bell


Just Southwest of The Training Hall is the locations of the Holy Bell. This location contains eight enemies and four treasure chests. In the Holy Bell’s dungeon you will find Ageless Protectors which have 40 health points and can deal a good amount of damage to you. For this quest you may want to bring some health potions with you.

Arkandian Crusade - Holy Bells

As always, the location of the head resembles where the item is, in this case, the Holy Bells.

Finding the Holy Mirror


Southeast of The Training Hall is the location of the Holy Mirror. In this dungeon lies eight enemies and six treasure chests. This time around the enemies are Minor Demons which have the same build as the Ageless Protectors, doing about the same amount of damage. Minor Demons also have 40 health points. It is suggested that you bring health potions with you.

Arkandian Crusade - Holy Mirror

Once you arrive back to the Guard Base the Paladin will greet you and exclaims that the ceremony will go through as planned. After a quick discussion with him and a couple hours later, an Angel comes down to talk with you. He says that you have summoned him. Also, he gives you a relic which teaches you the Greater Heal Spell and you gain 20 more health points. The Angel talks about a Defense Quest that he has placed in the Defense Quest menu. Before you go do the Defense Quest go to the Barracks and you’ll have a new man to fight along your side. Equip your new soldier with Plated Shoe, Chainmail, Splint Gloves, Plated Pants, a Claymore and a Kite Shield – (or use other armors and weapons that you found in your travels) all of these items can be bought in the shop. Equip your new soldier with these items. Now head on over to the Defense Quests and try your luck at the Ascended Assistance quest. Since this is the first genuinely hard battle, if you can’t complete this quest try some of the side-quests on the World Map. Doing a couple of sideline quests will definitely strengthen your hero.

Once you’ve completed this quest the Angel will come back and now requests that you retrieve sacred candles from one of their abandoned strongholds. The candles will strengthen you in battle if you collect them. The Angel has now marked the location of these candles on your World Map. Proceed to the Ascended Stronghold in the eastern part of the world.

It is recommended that you complete optional side-quests to strengthen your warrior at this part of the game.

Suggested Specific Weapon Level (SSWL): 650 (archery, weapon attack, or magic attack)

At this point of the game, I went back and completed all of the easy side-quest missions for extra experience points. You may do that same at this point. In addition, I traveled a bit through the Mystery Dungeon which allegedly holds the most powerful weapons in the game, but I did not get to the 25 floor.

Ascended Stronghold – Retrieving the Sacred Candles


The Ascended hall holds 25 enemies and 18 treasure chests. It is suggested that you pack a couple of health potions with you just for safety measures. This dungeon contains monsters called Thrall, which have an astounding 50 health points and moderate defenses and attack power. These buggers also have life drain attack that can take up to 10 health points from you and heal themselves. Along with that, Thralls have a tendency to heal themselves when low on health. Thralls also have an attack than hurts you and heals then (but is not life drain, considering Thralls can end up healing you with this attack.).

Arkandian Crusade - Ascended Stronghold Floor One

Try to clear out this floor and then make your way to the staircase in the northern tip of the building.

Arkandian Crusade - Ascended Stronghold Floor Two

Clear this floor and make your way to the bottom of the screen.

Arkandian Crusade - Ascended Stronghold Floor Three

Arkandian Crusade - Ascended Stronghold Floor Four

The main character’s head resembles the location of the Sacred Candles on this floor.

Making your way back to camp, the Angel congratulates you for retrieving the candles and then grants you +10 to your max health and mana levels. The Angel will then say that you need to train more and that you should explore the world around you because you are not yet powerful enough to face the evil. If you are powerful enough, the Angel will still say this, but then will continue on to saying that you are powerful enough. If you are not yet powerful enough go back and complete some side-quests. The angle (if you are strong enough) will send you on a quest to collect five different items that the Demons need to create a rift to join the realms. The Angle will then grant you a weapon. This will be one of the most powerful weapons for you in this game.

Right now, I’ll give you an update on my current armor and weapon status. I’m currently using for my right hand, a Holy Bow (which I got from the Angel seconds ago). In my left hand I have Wahl’s Wall; for my head I have the Top Hat of Blocking; for my torso I have the Skystalker Armour; for my hands I boast the Ninja’s Gloves, while for my legs I have Box Pants. For my feet I have Slippery Socks and for my finger and neck I have the Gold Ring of Brutality and Mermaid’s Chain. Obviously there are some better items, but for the most part this is a pretty good mix of items. If you have a better combination then good for you, the game will be easier.

Let’s get to work on retrieving those Rift Essenes now!

Retrieving the Rift Essences!


The following levels will contain enemies called Essence Blessed, which have a total of 75 health points and have relatively strong attacks. Essence Golems will also infest the dungeons which also have 75 health points. Your new Holy weapon that you received from the Angel can hit around 40 damage with Heavy Attacks. Here is a map of which I will do the dungeons in order from 1-5:

Arkandian Crusade - Rift Essenses Locations 1-5

Here’s the first dungeon (as marked on the map by a one). This dungeon is pretty straight-forward as you’re on a path the entire time. Remember, the Angel warned you that the enemies in these dungeons are more powerful because of the Essence that they are guarding.

Arkandian Crusade - Rift Essenses Location 1

Then next dungeon is much like the last, containing many of the same enemies and challenge level.

Arkandian Crusade - Rift Essenses Location 2

Arkandian Crusade - Rift Essenses Location 3

Arkandian Crusade - Rift Essenses Location 4

Arkandian Crusade - Rift Essenses Location 5

Retrieving the Ancient Chalice


Upon arriving back to the guard base the Angel will congratulate you once again. And, once again the Angel requests that you retrieve an Ancient Chalice. The Angel will give you a piece of Sacred Armor for your troubles and to protect you. Go to your Storehouse to grab this piece of armor, know as the Sacred Robe (this may or may not change depending on your class). From here, stock up on some health potions and mana potions (if you need them) and prepare to enter the “Chalice Chase,” a dungeon with 27 enemies and 16 treasure chests. If you cannot complete this dungeon as it is most likely the most challenging level so far in Arkandian Crusade, try completing some of the yellow colored side quests. Just as an example, my Archery was at 790, but after raising it to 820 I didn’t have much of a problem. Actually, I recommend that you get your Archery, Magic Power or Attack Power to such a level, otherwise the level will require you to come back and forth after many deaths. To achieve 820 Archery I completed all of the yellow side quests. Do these side quests before the Chalice Chase level if you’re having troubles. If you believe you are ready enter the Chalice Chase dungeon. If you’re still having trouble, completing all of the red card side quests won’t take too much time.

The Chalice Chase is inhabited by Demons with 100 health points. Demons do a considerable amount of damage and will be one of the most difficult enemies thus far. Their dodge rate is pretty high, so I’d suggest going with the “Attack” option instead of the “Heavy Attack” option and we all know that “Light Attack” is pointless by now, right?

Here are all of the different floors, there are a total of four:

Arkandian Crusade - Chalice Chase Floor One

Arkandian Crusade - Chalice Chase Floor Two

Arkandian Crusade - Chalice Chase Floor Three

Arkandian Crusade - Chalice Chase Floor Four (Image provided by Helper)

After collecting the Chalice the Angel will ask you if you remember anything from the beginning of the game. You recall that you fought a battle against a Demon named Fak’Ough, but it appears that now you stopped the rift from forming that he won’t even be able to enter this realm, thus he will never have been here – thus inducing the thought that your character has traveled through time in some form. The Chalice made this happen the Angel remarks. The Angel then mentions that you must now slay Fak’Ough now, before he kills you himself. The Angle will now mark a location on your map where Fak’Ough is believed to be. Bring the Essences and the Chalice and proceed to that location on the map the Angel says. Now, let’s get a move on, off to the great Rift War!

The Great Rift War and the End to the Demons!


Since this is allegedly the second to last battle of the game it’s most likely going to be rather difficult. If you want, go back and complete all of the optional side quests for the extra rewards that they present. If you are ready, stock up on potions and other supplies. I’ve also heard that, allegedly, the strongest weapons in the game are on the 25 floor of the Mystery Dungeon. If you want, travel to the Mystery Dungeon and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Let me just cut right to the chase and get on to the discussion on how to beat the Rift War.

At this point of the game my armor and weapons consisted of a Holy Bow, UO Defender, (which I found at the Rift War) Eyeless Sighter, Holy Chains, Ninja’s Gloves, Box Pants, Supreme SpellJumpers, Gold Ring of Brutality and Mermaid’s Chain.

Like the last couple of levels/dungeons the only monsters are Demons with 100 health points, this also proves true for the Rift War. There are a total of 13 enemies in this level and a monstrous amount of gold will be lying around the dungeon.

Arkandian Crusade - Rift War

Upon collecting the necessary item to complete the level you will then exit it. When you are ready go back to the World Map and fight to the death with Fak’Ough, which should now be marked on your map.

The Final Battle against Fak’Ough


Now that you’ve completed the Rift War you’ll need to access your World Map (make sure to stock up on potions and other supplies) and enter the Final Showdown. The only enemy here is Fak’Ough himself. Prepare yourself! Walking into the grey chest will spark the battle. If you cannot beat Fak’Ough try to complete all of the Red card mission, and collect the powerful weapons on the 25 floor of the Mystery Dungeon (this is highly suggested). Also, try brewing up some Super (?) Health Potions which grant a ton of health after use. A combination list can be found here, which includes instructions on how to make these Super Potions. Heavy Attacks for me as an Archer, only gave me a 5% hit chance, try using just “Attack” or find ways to bump up your hit chance. It is also suggested that you collect all of the spells from the scribe quests if you can!

Side-quest walkthroughs coming soon.