Besides the title above possibly being the longest and most confusing title ever to appear on the site, I’ve just caught word that Berzerk Studio will be releasing Homerun in Berzerk Land sometime next year! To help promote and get some hype going for Homerun in Berzerk Land, which was announced to come out some time next year, Berzerk Studios has released their newest game, Berzerk Ball. Berzerk Ball is actually an expansion pack built around the original Homerun in Berzerk Land and is┬ápresumably┬áthe beta to Homerun in Berzerk Land 2. This time around there is new weapons, items, a new character and a whole lot more smashing fun! Here’s a word from the developer:

Hey guys!

The sequel to Homerun in Berzerk Land will probably show up sometime in 2011, but since we really appreciate your support, we’ve decided to give you something to sink your teeth into in the meantime. Behold Berzerk Ball, the expansion pack of the original Homerun game. A brand new look for the game, new weapons, new items and a sexy new character are all bundled in for you so you get the chance to beat your friends’ high scores all over again! Oh yeah, and make sure to check out the iPhone and iPod version of it at: pp/id406919685?mt=8# !

We also would like to take the occasion to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, super-sharp New Year 2011! Thanks for all your support and we hope to see you guys back as top-shape as ever next year (aka in a couple of days from now)!

You Rock!

The New Character in Berzerk Ball, Which will also Appear in Homerun in Berzerk Land 2

Play Berzerk Ball on Newgrounds
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