Game Description: Every full moon you must leave the moon and proceed through a series of elaborate puzzles in the world below – because, we all know that no one can sleep on a full moon! This point and click adventure game will bring you through numerous puzzling levels as you – an alien of sorts – attempt to make your way back to the moon! Each level will require you to get your little alien, on the left side of the screen, the right side of the screen. Often, it’s not as easy as it sounds and you must construct cranes or teleporters to bring you to the right side of the screen! If you’ve played one of GamyStars, other, excellent point and click, adventure, puzzlers, such as Easy Joe, Sleep Walk, and Pig Detective, then you’ll definitely love Fallen From the Moon as it incorporates many of the same ideas!

Fallen From the Moon

The difficulty was a joke in this game. I believe I beat Fallen From The Moon in only several minute, maybe 5-10 minutes tops, simply because the game was so easy and require minimal effort and brain power to complete. Fallen From The Moon was basically a “click-feast,” it was always so apparent what you had to do in each level. It felt as though, I always had a cheat-sheet in front of me and all I had to do from their is click around until my character realizes that he can pass through the right side of the screen. Sure, sometimes the execution can be puzzling, on occasion, such as a small gear hidden in grass, but that was only challenging because the surrounding environments of the object of interest blending and hid that object into an abyss. I noticed on several occasions that happening, where I’d wonder for a moment, “where is the last piece to the puzzle?” atlas it would be a microscopic pixel covered up in, what I had previously mentioned, grass, or some other substance.

While the difficulty severely lacked, I think it is important to note, that while I may have gotten myself through the entire game in a lightning-fast fashion, does that not mean that the game wasn’t fun? This argument goes both ways, I love how easy and quick I can play and enjoy this game, I can dive right into the gameplay and have fun for a couple of minutes. Everyone feels accomplished when playing easy games and everyone is usually entertained, solely because it’s effortless and elementary. There was practically no learning curve at all! But, on the other hand, Fallen From The Moon would also have been entertaining if it was more puzzling and challenging, in my opinion. Would the whole audience, including the younger audience then like the game or understand it? Right now the entire game is aimed at a large crowd of online gamers, including more difficulty would indefinitely remove a percent of those users, but then introduce newer ones, that enjoy a puzzling game once in a while. Moving on, one thing that I also did not enjoy about the game was the order that you had to click on objects. Innominate, a user on Kongregate can pretty well sum up my argument:

Innominate: I like the game, but I really dislike the way several of your games (including this one) require things to be done in a certain order. Apparently you can’t oil part of a crane unless your first attach the claw and blow things up. The puzzles themselves aren’t particularly difficult, but trying to figure out the often arbitrary order in which things should be done is.

I would have liked to see the users being able to proceed in any order they wish, as long as they receive the same result in the end.

Fallen From the Moon

The art was absolutely amazing in my opinion. To be exact, all of Gamystar developed games have superb art. Each art style gave its game a unique look and charm to them, not to mention that the art is simply magnificent and beautiful. One thing that I’ve noticed  about hit-games, such as Easy Joe, Pig Detective and Sleep Walk, by GamyStar, is that all of them have a different art style that they worked with. For example, Easy Joe is heavily neon-based, Sleep Walk, looks like an old cartoony made out of paper and Pig Detective is the most real-looking out of all of them with more in-depth cartoony graphics! Fallen From the Moon used a lot of bold colors in its art. Take the cave for example, see the bold, single colored walls in the cavern? Most of the dirt and platforms consist of only one color. I actually like one colored object, kind of art. It’s simple and can bring out the color in other objects if you want to capitalize on other designs. For example, the cave above, consist of three to four colors, and that really brings out the color of the gold. The first time I saw the gold, I got a shiny impression, it was so bring compared to everything around it! I also like how the artist incorporated textures, which were obviously apparent in the cave where the walls, if you were to touch them would be rugged and rough. It’s not the best rock texture, but it works! I would have liked for the rocky texture to be more rugged, more rough to give it a more cave-like feel. The art, above ground was ever more astonishing and pulchritudinous as it consisted of a bright, colorful scene with a mountainous background, tall pine trees, grasses and a beautiful sky, lit with stars as the morning’s rise shines them out until they appear non-existent. The sky was also dotted with clouds.

The music reminded me of Monster Ranchers for the Playstation 2 – ah, those were the days, eh? I loved the music, mainly because it reminded me of one of my all-time favorites game, (who does like to let your Playstation eat your disks and then tell you that you’ve found a new monster?!!) but also because the music was beautiful and epic in its own ways. I loved the peaceful tune it had, that’s probably what made me think of Monster Ranchers in the first place. Both game have peaceful, relaxing tune to them, so much, that you could just fall asleep to either one. There were a ton of sound effects in Fallen From The Moon. Almost, if not every stage had a sound effect of some sort. The first couple of levels displayed sound effects through the destruction of items and interaction between two items. The rest of the levels continued in a similar fashion, where sound effects were wisely used in each level to add a bit of realistic value to the game.

The difficulty ramp was pretty non-existent in my mind. It seemed to me that the difficulty remained the same throughout the entire game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not a desirable thing either. I would have liked to see some of the levels become more and more complex over time, but atlas they remain identical in difficulty to one another. To me I think that a reasonable difficulty ramp would greatly benefit this game and others to come. It’s good to have a little challenge once in a while, but having non is a big minus on the grade sheet. The only problem that I see with a reasonable difficulty ramp right now, in this game, is that the game is so easy-going that adding actual difficulty would almost ruin that entire idea. It sounds like adding a difficulty ramp, is almost opposite of what Gamystar is adding, but if they are serious about reaching newer audiences, then it’s the only way.

The replay value was lying low. Seriously, if you’ve run through the game one time, then you’ve done everything there is to do in this game and there is no reason at all to come back and play it again. Sadly, that is the truth, as great of a game as it is, am I going to be back to play it again, just because I feel like it? Unfortunately, the answer is no. D: I would have loved for the Kongregate API to be added, though. I would love to see a timer added so that users can see how fast they are compared to other users. I honestly believe that, that could spark a little competition among the users! In addition, an in-game leader board would be just as handy, if it was tracking the same statistic, then users would be able to compete against one another around various websites that the developer has uploaded their game to. I would definitely love to see one of those features added to the game, because right now, I have no intention whatsoever of coming back to this game, as much as I enjoyed it the first time around.

In conclusion, Fallen From The Moon is an excellent game, although it is really short and easy, but if you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare then you’ll definitely want to check out Fallen From The Moon as it combines many aspects that you loved about many of GamyStar’s previous games and more to create one simple and entertaining game! In review, the game was too easy in my opinion. I earlier described the game as a “click-feast” and I still agree with that, as most of the levels made it so apparent as to what you had to do to complete them. In addition, the difficulty ramp was completely non-existent, every level consisted of, basically, the same difficulty. The art was superb in my opinion, I loved the cartoony look that the artist gave the game, but then he or she also incorporated a lot of detail and colorful colors to give this game and amazing look and charm. The music reminded me of Monster Ranchers for the Playstation 2, as it was peaceful and relaxing! Finally, the replay value was too low in my opinion. I would have loved for some sort of score board to be incorporated into the game. All in all, Fallen From The Moon was a terrific game, be sure to play it if you have a couple minutes to spare!

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