Game Description: Aetheron is an RPG-collectible card game hybrid, building on the strongest traditions of both. Three character classes, four elemental alignments, hundreds of quests and items, and a huge variety of card combinations and strategies. Explore and quest in the world of Aetheron as you build your character and your card deck to be as powerful as possible.

Where can I play Aetheron? The game is currently bring hosted on the NinjaKiwi beta page, click here to start playing once you pick up your code!
Can I have a Beta Invite Code? The answer to that question is, of course! Please take one of the below codes. If you do take one and use it, please leave a comment below specifying which one you took. This will allow users to know which codes are available, which codes aren’t and if there are, indeed, any codes left! This is a first-come, first-serve kind of deal so act now!
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2: 34195199635835
3: 19271780134
4: 12225979935638
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6: 24623095111740
7: 13147537316627
8: 66129658964948
9: 1497987590111
10: 79867039710050

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NinjaKiwi’s Guide

Direct Quote:

Starting a character
The tutorial takes you through the basics of starting a character but the basics are choosing class (Fighter, Rogue, Wizard) and your elemental alignment (fire, air, earth, water). There is incredible variety in how you can play your character but starting characters would do well to concentrate in these areas:
Fighter – health, attack, defense
Rogue – health, attack, speed
Wizard – health, energy, speed

Elements in Aetheron
Fire consumes air; air suffocates earth; earth muddies water; water douses fire.

The elements in Aetheron are cyclical, not opposing, so each has an advantage and a disadvantage against the others. Most of the skill cards that characters use to attack, defend, buff, and heal come from one of these four elements, but they do not restrict play. Any character of any element can use any card available to that character class – if the skill card is the same element as your character’s you are able to cast it for less energy than normal. Of course it pays to have cards of all elements in your deck.

Game Navigation
Critical game elements are located at the top of your screen in the Navigation UI. These icons are usually selectable when not in combat and provide the following functions:
Home – View your character, equip items, slot crystals into your items, assign achievement badges, distribute character points at level up. To slot crystals into your equipment, click on the column of crystals on the right side of the screen, your cursor will change to that crystal, and click on the item. A dialogue box will show stats and confirm your action. You may also drink potions by clicking on the potion icon below the crystals – potions restore 100% health and energy and are created from Aetheron crystals at the Alchemist’s Lab
Community – Lists your friends and their characters, as well as information about bonuses your friends are sharing with you
Town – Get quests at the tavern, and convert elemental crystals into Aetheron crystals or create potions from Aetheron crystals at the Alchemist’s Lab
Shop – Buy weapons, equipment, and card packs. Stores in different cities contain different items, so visit frequently.
Quests – Shows any active quests and information about where to find key components for completion
Travel – Click on any adjacent city to travel there instantly. Each leg costs you energy and gold. The different colored city names indicated different quest status – red=locked, silver=available but no new quests, green=you have an active quest that needs to be turned in within that city, gold=you have a new quest to pick up in that city
Fight – Encounter areas show up on the fight screen for each city location. Quests sometimes tell you exactly where to go, and others you have to explore to find. When you click “Enter” you will immediately go into combat with one of the monster types from that encounter area. If you are on a quest that requires a certain monster from an area, you may need to go into that encounter area multiple times to find that monster type.
Duel – Aetheron will support PvP dueling. This feature is still in development and coming soon.
Help – Provides help on the screen you are currrenlty on.
Logout – Allows you to log one character out to play another, or log out of the game completely. You may simply close the brower to end the game, but logging out is a surer way to make sure the server has been updated properly.

Cards are the key to winning in Aetheron. The more you have, the more varied your play options are, and you have greater ability to customize your hand and deck to defeat the encounters in a given area. A deep deck is also important for dungeons, as dungeons do not reset your hand after each encounter, so you need to have enough combat active cards to defeat all the creatures in a dungeon to complete it. Cards are available in 3 tiers – Tier 1 available at all times, Tier 2 available at level 8, and Tier 3 available at level 12.

Aetheron Crystals
Aetheron Crystals are a key source of magical and material power in Aetheron. You must pay 1 to 3 of these precious crystals each time you buy a pack of cards of the respective Tier. Crystals may be created by combining 1 of each of the elemental crystals at the Alchemists Lab in any Town. Aetheron Crystals can be slotted into weapons and cards for powerful results. Coming soon, Aetheron Crystals will be available for premium purchase.

Your Card Deck and Hand
The cards you have selected to start any combat show up at the bottom of the screen, along with your deck. Click on the Aetheron “Card Collection” to change your starting hand, choose the cards that will draw into your hand during combat, and sell cards and equipment.
Bookmarks – Along the right side of your collection are a series of colored bookmark indexes that show from top to bottom all skill cards, fire skill cards, air skill cards, earth skill cards, water skill cards, neutral skill cards, and equipment.
View Full Collection – Shows all Aetheron cards currently released, so you can browse ahead and see the awesome spells and abilities that you can gain over time. Cards you already have are shown in full color – cards you have not yet bought or found are dimmed.
Combat Active – Click the combat active button to choose cards that will draw into your hand during combat. Click any card in your collection and it will show with a crossed-swords icon indicating it is combat active; click the card again to remove the combat active icon and that card will not be drawn into your hand during combat.
Sell Cards – Click on sell cards to sell any card that you click. You can sell from any of the bookmarks. Equipment is also sold this way – all unequipped equipment shows up on the equipment bookmark, and you may sell any equipment by clicking the sell cards button and clicking on the equipment cards.

You enter combat from the fight screen by clicking “Enter” on any encounter area. The encounter area shows you the range of monsters you will likely fight, so be prepared for combatants in that level range.
Stats – Your stats appear on the lower portion of the screen. Base stats show up in white, while buffed stats show in green and debuffed stats show in red. Your opponent’s stats display on the upper portion of the screen.
Elements – Your element color and symbol show up on the lower half of the play area; your opponents on the upper area. Remember which element your opponent is vulnerable to and use skill cards of that element to do additional damage.
Turns – Each turn you can swing your weapon or play 1 or 2 skill cards. Instant skills are marked with a starburst and are fast casting – allowing you to still play another skill card or swing your weapon. At the end of your turn, the opponent will play their cards and then it will be your turn again.
Weapon – Your weapon will do the damage shown in your “Damage” stat, minus the opponent’s “Defense” stat and any shield/damage resistance skills currently in play. It does not cost any energy to swing your weapon, so this is good to use when you want to conserve energy. Your weapon will do extra damage against the element type that your character’s element has an advantage against.
Skip (Stun) – The Skip button may be pressed when you do not want to perform any action. This may be when the enemy has a defense that you do not wish to “waste” an attack against, or it could be that you are stunned and have a stun breaker card. If you are stunned and do not wish to play your stun breaker, click Skip to move the opponent’s turn forward.
Flee – Get off the battlefield with half your remaining health
Call for Help – Based on the number of your facebook friends that are
playing the game and the number of characters of each element they all have in total. You may activate the bonuses any time they are recharged and available.
Crystal Combos – As element skill cards are played, small crystals appear in the center of the play space. Playing a skill card that completes
three of a kind of any color triggers an elemental spike that gives a buff to the player who triggered it (yes, opponents can do this, too). Completing a chain of 4 with 1 of each element type triggers an Aetheron spike that has multiple effects and is amplified by the length of the chain.
Slotting Cards – You can slot rare and epic cards of any element with a crystal of the same element. Slotting these already powerful cards turn them into battle changers – use this to devastate an opponent or come back from the brink of defeat.