Have you ever wanted to start your own business, boss people around, and work people to death in a cramped office overflowing with decor? If you answered yes to that question, then you have to play Corporation Inc – a fun, little game by John, or better known as jmtb02, developer of many popular games and series, such as the ever addictive Achievement Unlocked series, Ball Revamped and recently Epic Combo, just to name a few! Here’s a word from jmtb02:

Do you believe in workforce synergy or other fancy business jargon? This game just might be for you!

It’s time to build the push-button company of your dreams. Corporation Inc is a game about building the best push-button corporation in the world. Create offices and hire workers to fill them. Push a profit and start researching new upgradeable and items. Hit your goals and get rewarded, it’s like real life business management without the consequences!

As your company grows larger you’ll be rewarded with higher build sizes, greater options, and more tech trees of workers and offices. Your offices will grow cat-infested and your workers will earn money like you wouldn’t believe. It’s going to be a challenge, are you up for the task?

Corporation Inc

This game ran strongly on a goal system, where you’d have to complete various tasks to earn extra money, and since that “extra money” is vital early on in the game to build such luxuries as more offices or spacious interiors it is important that you expand your knowledge of the game and be able to successfully navigate the menus quickly and efficiently. In addition to having to keep people working and vigorously tapping buttons you also have to keep them happy (who knew, right?)! Keep employees happy will require you to fork over a bit of money every now and then for vending machines, plants, ect to create a more peaceful and most importantly, happy environment for your workers. If workers aren’t happy, they won’t work as much, or if they don’t have snacks the same proves true. Keeping a good vibe in the office pays over time! I found the game to be confusing in a couple of aspects. For example, transportation wasn’t really explained and I had, sadly, a tough time figuring out the controls to allow my employees onto/into the elevator, even though it seemed that employees would do that themselves. Needless to say, a few aspects of the game could have been confusing for some one playing the game for the first time and a more in-depth tutorial is apparently necessary. For the most part, the game was simple and easy to understand. The game was pretty straight-forward and played itself like one of those tycoon games, where you get to supervise, oversee and control everything. It’s like having a virtual business at  your finger-tips!

Most games that are tycoon-like, I immediately don’t feel comfortable. Usually they have you doing 1,000 things all at the same time, but this game had set goals for you to achieve, small mile-stone ones that I really enjoyed. This game has taken a person that doesn’t feel comfortable with this genre and turned him into a person that can be more comfortable and relaxed around them. I think this is due, because the developer solely wants you to focus on one thing, the office and he also gives you little goals to achieve. That is a huge plus for someone that is not entirely a fan of the genre. For the more “let me do whatever I want to do” kind of people, I don’t know how this will affect you (leave a comment below about what you think of the game if you’re one of those people!) will you necessarily like it, will you not, I haven’t a clue, but either way it does bring a fun, little twist to the genre. Another factor that I loved about the game was how simple it was, it wasn’t some big old complex game, but instead something simple and enjoyable. I indulged in the simple controls and menus that easily allowed me to further update my building with decor and employees. In addition, the budget reports were slightly interesting to read, but more importantly they told you how much your employees were being paid, promotions and how much money you gained and how much money you lost. They really did keep you up to the minute stats on how your company was doing. Another, huge, huge plus for this game was that you could speed up the game. I’ve seen far too many games that need these, but never include them and I was especially delighted to learn that I can just hit the old 6X game speed to get through the days quicker. if this game didn’t include an option to speed up the game, it would definitely not have the same fun factor and it would, indefinitely, have a lower score than it’s own magnificent score at the moment. The only feature that I would have liked to have seen implemented would be a way to totally, entirely skip the night sequence, besides, what are you really going to do, if you don’t already have to update the building, watch the janitor make his rounds throughout the building?

Corporation Inc

I loved the art, it was simple and cartoony, but once you place all of these sprites together you get the most hectic, chaotic scene that places you right in the ever-so busy environment of a crowded office. One thing that really caught my eye were all the little expressions, the little dollar signs floating about people’s heads or an employee dying of starvation because you can’t figure out the elevator (don’t worry, I later figured out why) or even the occasionally guy prancing around the office because he has to use the restroom. Those “emotes,” as I like to call them intensified the insanity of the office and furthered the confusion. In a way it was a health atmosphere for this game as it was about making money and with everyone having dollars appearing over their heads every couple of seconds it make everything seem more urgent and clamorous. I liked how cartoony the graphics were. They created this cute, innocent feeling to the game and didn’t carry out the realistic look, which a lot of tycoon games attempt to portray. In addition, I love the use of gradients to add character to the buildings and rooms. They could almost be mistaken for textures, as many of them could be mistaken for the look of concrete  or just a dark, silver-ish wall, but either interpretation added to the look of the rooms as you could almost get a feel for how the environment is for the characters. I would have liked to see the background updated a bit, it’s too cheery and, honesty, too cartoony to fit in with some of the better cartoony graphics. What really makes me say that though are the clouds, which, in my opinion, do not fit in with the game, nor as they very realistically white. To me they looked more like giants pieces of floating water than anything else.

I thought that the music in-game was wondrous, but i don’t know if it entirely fir with the concept of the game. The music sounded like it could be involved in some action platformer, but not necessarily a tycoon game. Then again, aren’t I the guy who has never really played any tycoon games, let alone listened to any music that goes with the genre? So maybe I’m speaking rubbish, but something more relaxing in my opinion would also work fairly well. At least there is music right? I’ve seen a couple of really popular games come out recently that feature no music at all. Sure, blast whatever you have, but it is always nice to have something that the user can access easily and enjoy. I think the music that the developer choose is really going to appeal to all ages which is major plus and, most importantly, it’s not repetitive enough to force you to hit the mute button. Corporation Inc also featured a ton of sound effects, from your minions, I…I mean employees pressing their little buttons presented before them, or their computers catching on fire (seriously, all their doing is tapping a little button and their computer catching on fire? Worker: “Aw shii- I hit the wrong button again” *boom!*). Another memorable sound effect was the achievement unlocked one, which signified a completed goal. I loved how it chimed over the rest of the sound effects and didn’t get lost in the chaos of the office.

The difficulty ramp was solely based on how much pressure or not, you wanted to put on your workers and yourself. The more workers you have and the more offices, all the different professions and transportations systems that you have to install, all of the employees that you have to keep happy are all going to add up, the bigger your company the harder you are going to have to work to maintain the popularity or your company. With that being said, the difficulty ramp depends entirely on how you want to run your company, smaller companies are way easier to control in this game and the same applies to real life and in turn, the larger companies are going to have to have more overseeing, more employees and if you’re not careful your company can be hard to control very quickly. Like I mentioned earlier, you could choose your difficulty, “easy,” “medium,” or “hard”. The only difference being was that there is a different starting amount of money (from what I can tell). I find it an effective way to go through the game easily if you practically max out each office before building a new one, or a least when you have to cash to spend, definitely max out the offices that are the most depressing. Quality it better then quantity, and that statement is proven true in this game. Employees won’t ever work if they’re not happy.

Corporation Inc definitely had some major incentive to continue playing, or to continue coming back to the game. First of all, and most noticeably, there were a system of in-game achievements, which were also called “goals”. While these “goals” seemed mandatory at first, they became some what more achievement based as more and more of them acted like mile-stones. The first couple of achievements or goals were quite easy to obtain, but they slowly increased in difficulty. The first, kind of major one, was hiring 20 employees, which definitely took some time and effort, especially if you’re aiming to make the office a place of sunshine and rainbows for the employees. In addition to the achievements, there were also online scores so that you could compete with your friends and rivals in a competition to see who could complete the game the fastest. I would also have liked to see more scores registering, such as workers hired or offices bought or even something crazy like number of vending machines or number of unhappy workers. Anything could go there and (I’m no expert of how the Armor Games scoring system works) would have liked to see more things registered, like I said. You could also share your towers with other people with the rest of the Armor Games community and then they can load then up on their games and see how your company is doing. I thought that, that was a pretty neat feature, I love seeing the creative minds of others.

In conclusion, Corporation Inc was  an amazing game by the genius mind of jmtb02! This is the a perfect business simulator that plays itself much like the tycoon games in which you have complete control over everything that happens in your company. In review, the difficulty was perfect, I loved the ability to choose your own difficulty rating (which almost completely eliminates the need to even discuss the possibilities of flaws in the difficulty, since the user can easily determine how difficulty they want the game to act. In addition, the difficulty ramp was determined on how you want to run your company. If you want to have a super big company, it’s going to take more work to maintain, while a smaller company is going to take less work. Eventually you are going to have to expand your company to beat the game, but the early stages of the game are quite important in terms of how the rest of the game is going to play out. The graphics were terrific, I loved the chaotic scene that laid before me! The music worked well with the game and I feel that a lot of users will enjoy it as it doesn’t necessarily categorize itself as any real genre that anyone could find offensive or anything crazy. I thought that a little bit more peaceful piece could have worked as well. The replay value was rather high, with such factors like the in-game achievements, online scores and an option to share your office, you’ll definitely be back to play this game again! Overall, Corporation Inc was a magnificent game that had a strong tycoon influence! [Play Corporation Inc on Armor Games]