So what exactly is Purebred? Purebred is a game about racing and breeding horses, building up a stable of champion bloodlines, and earning a fortune through winning races and betting. You start out with one horse and a small stable, you buy new horses from the Vendor or Auction, you start to breed new horses to increase their abilities, and you build up your stables and training buildings. All the while you are racing, training your champions, equipping your horses with new items, and winning!

Where can I play Purebred? The game is currently bring hosted on Facebook, so yes, you will need a Facebook account to play the game. If you already do have one, click here to start playing once you pick up your code!

Can I have a Beta Invite Code? The answer to that question is, of course! Please take one of the below codes. If you do take one and use it, please leave a comment below specifying which one you took. This will allow users to know which codes are available, which codes aren’t and if there are, indeed, any codes left!

1. 94526748561481
2. 86296460889331
3. 15667559179094
4. 75288281963111
5. 67932145193217
6. 549056579050
7. 3053960981218
8. 1764478837494
9. 14767867395035
10. 28171734912448

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