Game Description: Armed with Wings 3, is new, action-packed, strategic, platformer game, currently being hosting over on Kongregate. The game will bring you through six chapters in a conquest to rid the world of evil, whereas now, Earth has no gods. Here’s a word from the developer: “The world is now in silence, gone is the empire and the few villages that exist do so in peace. In the absence of the Gods, a great evil slowly plagues the earth. Embark on a great journey, armed with your eagle, you must stop this growing network of darkness. Armed with Wings 3 consists 6 chapters, 6 epic boss battles and a total of 30 levels complimented by stunning art a compelling story. In addition there is a combat heavy survival mode and unlockable bonus content such as soundtrack and cut-scenes. I’ve really put a lot of effort into this game and I hope everyone has a blast!”

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The difficulty in Armed with Wings 3 was somewhere between easy and hard; nor was it too difficulty and nor was it too easy. I found that Armed with Wings 3 was primarily a fighting styled game, after all, every couple of feet there was a savage enemy, battle-hardened and bloodthirsty! Armed with Wings 3, from my experience is a game that becomes easier with skill, as you progress through the game and learn its fifty button control scheme it becomes easier – you’ll master the art of war and be victorious, battle after battle, after battle. I found that the controls were a bit confusing and difficulty for a new user, it seemed as though you had to keep and eye on, as I had previously mentioned, fifty buttons. I had never gotten used to those games that tend to have a bunch of control, I would rather have a couple of buttons than a bunch of buttons, but atlas the developer did his best to bunch the keys together. It is just one of those things that come with experience, you play the game enough and you’ll eventually get used to it. Te fights between “henchmen,” as I like to call them, usually ended up flawless, most of them are slow attacking and the slash or swing of my sword will be enough to knock him back a couple of feet. The boss battles were another story. There were a total of six boss battles, all of which had to be mastered in different ways. As many games in the past have shown, the rule is, if you have more than one boss battle, try to make all of them different, have the bosses test the user, challenge them to a fight that they have never experienced before. Armed with Wings 3 achieved that with its six boss battles. In addition, if you ever needed to buff you character the smith was always open for business, which could teach you different fighting styles and weapons.

Armed with Wings 3 is an example of a platformer, that intertwined with a fight-styled game. Here the developer incorporated those two themes to deliver an extremely entertaining and action-packed game. The platformer department inventoried of puzzles, difficulty stunts, ect, while the fighting department contained hundreds upon hundreds of enemies (I wish I knew what to call them, “shadow buddies”, “network guys?”) and six boss fights that will definitely challenge you to your fullest potential. Moving on, I liked how the game had an eerie style to it, this was due to its combination of music and art, which were both on some degree eerie. The best comparison I can make to this game is to that one stick-man type game with the multiple weapons, (you know what, that was a horrible comparison, since I forgot the name of the game, darn!). Anyways, after my failed attempt to compare Armed with Wings 3 to another game, where does that leave us? Ah, how about the ability to create your own fighting style, that was pretty cool, eh? I liked how the developer allowed you to choose your own style of battle, whether it’s choosing weapons or learning different ways to kill someone with your bare fist, it always fun to have options. Armed with Wings 3 utilized that idea and allowed users to battle with their own style. The style consisted from fast and furious attacks that were hard to control, to powerful and slow attack that, guess what, were easier to control. In addition, you could also put your well-earned experience points to work in the “Booster” category, which simple-said translate directly to “perks” for your character. You could also spend XP points for stat upgrades.

Armed with Wings 3

Armed with Wings 3 including my favorite art style and one that I don’t even know the proper title of; but I love how the artist used very few colors, at least in the levels (the screen-shot above is of a cut-scene) which, you would think give the game an unrealistic vibe to it, but  it was just the opposite, the shading was spot-on and instead created a rather depressing world, full of grays and such. I really have to give credit to the artist for making such wondrous pieces out of what, five colors? For any artist that has to be an achievement. As I previously mentioned the shading was perfect, everything was three dimensional, characters and designs popping off the page, it was magnificent; the shading made it feel as though you were actually there. I loved how the artist filled empty spaces with complimentary colors to the scene. An unique move that I noticed was that the artist did not use textures, even the simplest designs or textures were banned from the art and instead the artist utilized his/her amazing shading ability to give things depth and in a way, texture. In addition, the animation was terrific. I love it when a game uses animation to its full potential and I believe that is what we can witness from this game. I especially liked how swift and smooth the animations were, they weren’t blocky or choppy, but just perfect and this landed the game with a very realistic illusion.

I loved the music in Armed with Wings 3. It made the whole game twenty times eerier and it depicted the mood for the game, which was on some degree horror. I thought that the music went perfectly with the concept and storyline of the game, but even more with the fabulous art. Both of which were dark. One of the best things about the sound track, besides how eerie it was, was that it was also relaxing. I know; how in the world does eerie music become relaxing? In a sense, it was relaxing because it’s eerie – eerie music is usually relaxing. While some may become scared, I find it friendly, embracing even. I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s slow-paced and while it may have some odd sound, it calming to me. Moving on, from one of my weirdest four lines I’ve ever written, the sound effects were superb! I absolutely loved how the developer added a walking sound effect, that is a huge plus for me, when people are constantly reminded that there are sound effects they are more likely to accept the sound effects into their mind and think of them as more realistic than they may be depicted as. Everything that needed to be heard in this game was there, wall-jumping, walking as I mentioned, jumping, ect, it was all there and it sounded fantastic!

I noticed a definite difficulty ramp. This ranged from more puzzling levels to your enemies having more health points. I found it rather easy to progress through the game no matter what laid ahead of me. I would have liked to see the puzzle progress to be more challenging and hopefully stop the users dead in their tracks for a bit, but that didn’t really happen; but like I said, there was a noticeable difficulty ramp, puzzles progressively became more difficulty (but that doesn’t mean that they were actually extremely difficulty, I would still like the puzzle side of the game capitalized on) the enemies and boss fights were definitely becoming more and more challenging, in such areas as health, weapons, strategy, ect. One thing that I liked that Armed with Wings 3 did was the tutorial. Tutorials are so vital to an user’s time that they spend with the game, if your tutorial sucks, or if you just don’t have one, especially for a possibly puzzling game then just wait for the hate comments to rain down on you as users dis your game for not having a tutorial or for the game simply being too confusing. Armed with Wings 3 provided an interactive tutorial, that’s when you are playing the game with an in-game tutorial, so it is not a wall of text, but instead something that allows users to jump right into the game. This is becoming increasingly popular, users want to play the game right away, a text wall will literally burn their eyes, but get them to play an in-game tutorial and you will teach the user to understand the concepts and controls of the game. Overall, difficulty ramp was all intact and the tutorial should teach you just about everything you need to know about the game!

I didn’t see a whole ton of replay value, well that is unless you like listening to music or replaying cut-scenes which you can unlock and then replay anytime in the “Bonus Content” section. I think that is pretty neat, but still that is no real incentive for an user to continue the game, let alone return to it. I especially expected this game to have the Kongregate API established, which allows for you to create a leader board for your game based on variables, such as enemy kills, levels/stages complete. I at least expected that to be incorporated, but atlas it was not. Hopefully the developer, danielsun, can update his game later with this features, which from my experience, tends to bring back a lot of fans who want to compete for a high-score. In addition, I would have liked for there to be something in-game for users, in-game achievements, some sort of leader board, anything could go under this category, but I’d just like to see a least one be implemented into the system. I believe that this game currently has a lot, and I mean a lot of potential for a leader board or in-game achievements, the developer can more freely in any direction with this idea, since his game is so big.

In conclusion, Armed with Wings 3 was a superb game that definitely deserves recognition for its fabulous art style, most importantly, gameplay, and its music. All of these factors lead up to one magnificent, unforgettable game. In review, the difficulty was perfect, the game was constantly challenging you on a mental and physical basis. The game definitely became easier as you mastered all of your skills and got used to all of the controls, ect. In addition, the difficulty ramp was a bit slow in my opinion, I was playing for a while and I wondered to myself “when or is the game going to become harder?” I’m thinking that the game should be more puzzle based it seemed too much on the more physical side, when I believe the difficulty of the game would flourish better if Armed with Wings 3 included more puzzles. Moving on, the art was fantastic, superb in every way. I definitely liked the art style, it was simply and utilized a small number of colors, which made the game in my opinion unique and entertaining. The shading was also terrific, it added depth to the images and made them pop off the screen! The music was really eerie, yet calming at the same time. In addition, the sound effects were wondrous and were constantly at work, whether you were walking, jumping, wall-jumping or any other act, there’s a sound effect for that (cough cough intentional rhyme cough cough)! The replay value was a bit low, I would have liked to see that improved. Maybe, implement the Kongregate API or add in-game achievements – just add some incentive for the users! All in all, Armed with Wings 3 was, simply said, an amazing game, everything about it (in exception for the replay value) gets an A+ from me! [Play Armed with Wings 3 on Kongregate]