Game Description: Me and My Dinosaur is a magnificent, partially ”art” styled game in which you play as a little boy that had no real purpose in the world. He’s friendless and his parent virtually ignore him. This all changes when he meets his soon-to-be best friend (of which you get the pleasure to name!) which he can easily relate to. Here’s a word from the developer talking a bit more about the gameplay: “A deep and impacting story. A platformer game involving strategic maneuvers using an agile boy and a powerful puppydog-like Tyrannosaurus Rex. Traverse many obstacles and 20 levels, escape the evil scientists and their spliced pets, and reach paradise.”

Me and My Dinosaur

I loved this game because of its puzzle factor, some of the levels were quite challenging and required a bit of thinking before composing a complete plan of action. The first level that I truly did get stuck on for a couple of tries was level five, which was not well illuminated and created some confusing in the shadows of the dark underworld. That’s exactly what the developer was trying to achieve and it worked well. While the most difficult part about level five was that the room was rather unlit, a majority of the levels were plain difficulty based on that puzzle factor that I mentioned. The controls were a bit of challenge for me since I’m primarily an arrow key kind of guy, though I’m not afraid to take on a game with on WASD directions, I felt that the developer should have a least added an optional arrow key movement for the users. It reminds me of Spewer all over again (though 2DArray eventually added an arrow key option).

In my opinion, the storyline was excellent and still retained that “artsy” kind of gameplay style in which it can sometimes influence the way you look at the world or at other individuals. The storyline was touching and could represent someones issues that they have at home. One of my favorite parts about this game was that your co-worker or “buddy” is a dinosaur, and more specifically a Tyrannosaurus Rex and better yet, you can name him. I named mine Super-Dino (and, no, you can not use that name, it’s mine! No, seriously, really you can use it if you want!). I thought that the gameplay was terrific, one thing that i really do like that the developer did was that the levels seemed to all be unique, it wasn’t like you were playing the same level over and over again, but each level seemed to have a different goal in mind – constantly challenging you!

Me and My Dinosaur

i thought that the art was marvelous, while creating a wondrous and unique environment for your characters to interact with. I loved how the closer-up objects such as the characters or the platform that they stand on were kind-of vectorized and were made up of smooth, think lines. To be exact the game had five layers, the foreground which I just mentioned, then there was a layer directly behind the foreground that dealt with sharper vector images such as the trees above, yet another layer was extremely pixelated a forth layer took those pixelated images and darkened or lightened them and finally a fifth layer as a background. I thought that the third and forth layers were rather interesting, mainly because they were so pixelated that they would appear to not fit in with the overall art style, but instead it was just the opposite and these layers worked well and made the whole look of the game more unique and interesting.

I found the music to be prodigious as it both well-narrated the feelings of the game and was simply beautiful. I especially liked the mood that it created, it kind of had this sad tune to it but then proceeds to be more adventurous. Could this represent the transformation of the child from depressed to happy as he meets “dino”, possibly. There weren’t that many sound effects, the only ones that I recognized were the spring sound effects and the dino walking sound effects. I noticed that if you place the bone (which decides where your “puppy-like” dino moves) under the ground so that you dino can’t reach it the walking sound effect is horrendous. I believe the the sound is a big factor towards why I think it’s “horrendous,” because once you hear the sound effect play 100 times in a short period of time it can be a major annoyance. I suggest that the developer makes it impossible to place the bone underground in the levels where that can become of a problem.

The game definitely had a noticeably difficulty ramp, as each level became more and more challenging letting the users become continuously take on tougher levels. One thing that I liked about Me and My Dinosaur was that the tutorial was literally in the game. Most people don’t like to read through a several paragraph tutorial on how to play a specified game, but what people do like is when the tutorial is in the first couple of levels. These first few level allowed the users to understand all of the concepts of the game, the controls, how the characters react, what switches they can activate, ect. This made the game easy to learn. In addition, as the game progressed the levels became more intricate, several objects had to be completed in the later levels, while earlier previous levels remained more on a simplified level.

I would have liked for there to be more replay value. It seemed that once you completed the game that there was no reason to continue playing. This is by far one of the biggest problems that this game faced is that there was no real incentive to continue playing. Sure, the game is fun, but there is a large group of people that may suddenly stop playing because they have no reason to continue playing. For example if one of the levels is too puzzling you may quit, but say that there is some sort of incentives, possibly in-game achievements or high-scores, you’re going to be more likely to continue playing or come back to play again. Since the game is currently being hosted on Kongregate, I would have liked the Kongregate API established (which is a leader-board that developers can implement into their games) so that there is even more of a reason to come back. Overall, there just needs to be a little incentive to encourage players to compete the game.

All in all, I thought that Me and My Dinosaur was an excellent game that definitely deserves to be recognized for its creative gameplay and storyline. In review, the difficulty was perfect. The game had a strong puzzle / platformer influence, which continuously challenged the user to think of a smart plan of action to complete the level. The art was magnificent and had a lot of style that swirled, mixed and combined with one another to create an unique style, only to be claimed by this game. The sound was amazing and set an interesting mood for the game, while the sound effects were also enjoyable, there was only one sound-related issue, once you placed the bone underground the dino repeatedly ran in circles causing an un-enjoyable racket. In addition, the difficulty ramp was angled perfectly and continuously challenged the player. The replay value was a bit low, but there is a couple of quick-fixes to that, such as in-game achievements, implementing the Kongregate API or adding leader boards. I would have liked to see at least one of those established in the game. In conclusion, Me and My Dinosaur was a magnificent game, you need to play it! [Play Me and My Dinosaur]