Game Description: The most epic strategy game with existing 25 million plays worldwide, now finally arrived at the AppStore. From the developers of epic app DEFENDER CHRONICLES collaborating with a leading flash games developer ARTLOGICGAMES, EPIC WAR 3. This game is a phenomenal strategy game and the most epic strategy games at leading online games portals. Discover why Epic War 3 is the truly most epic strategy battle game. Collect and upgrade your creatures and command them as they slay their enemies on the battlefield. Plays as 6 different heroes and discover the great ultimate powers of the Titans and collect supreme magical skills.

Facts: Epic War series has a total of 50 million plays worldwide, join 500,000 players all over the world and experience the epicness. Epic War series is the most favorited, played and the best strategy game at kongregate, leading online game portal: Top 9 strategy games at Kongregate | Top 3 most played strategy games at Kongregate | Top 3 most fave strategy games at Kongregate [40.000 player faved the game] | More than 25 million plays around the world | Estimated total of 500.000 online. web version players Features: 6 heroes, 20 units to unlock, 10 skills, 5 levels of upgradeable units and skills, 16 stages and 5 secret challenge stages.

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