Game Description: Lucky Tower is a hilarious new (I don’t even know what to call this game) action/adventure game, in of which you goal is to start from the top of the tower and make you way to the first floor. Numerous traps will hinder your advance as the developer adds a funny twist to the old action/adventure game to make it fun-filled and full of laughs throughout the entire game. Here’s a word from the developer: “Escape one dangerous tower full of mystery and evil as a brave medieval hero who is seeking nothing but glory and immortality through fate! Programming by me | Art and Animation by the nose | Voice-acting by Dragamex | Music by the nose and myself.”

Lucky Tower

Lucky Tower was a game that wasn’t aiming for anything difficulty, challenging, nor confusing, but instead was aiming for an easy-going, fun, little game that would put a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud, and Lucky Tower achieved that! In this case, the game was so, so, so fun and if anything difficult or challenging was to be incorporated I believe that the game just would be the same and definitely not as entertaining. If anything, the game was based entirely off luck (hence “Lucky Tower). The game would start off with three doors and upon entering one of the doors you would either die or you would live and then progress onto the next section of the tower. The thing that I loved and adored about this game was that, even through you could died numerous times in the span of one minute, it was still fun. Most of these “luck-based” games are terrible and, like the title suggest, are completely luck-based.

The best thing about Lucky Tower, in my opinion is the humor! Recently I’ve seen a couple of games floating around that have extremely corny and ridiculously unfunny jokes, but Lucky Tower’s jokes were hilarious, to be exact, almost everything about the game was humorous! I liked how the developer incorporated the idea that dying in the game shouldn’t scold you, but instead makes you laugh. It also helps that the warrior voice sound child-ish and slow. The concept of the game was incredible too, as well as the execution of it. The game at times was puzzling and made you think and develop a plan.

Lucky Tower

I absolutely loved the art in Lucky Tower. It had a unique style to it, it was cartoony, but more on the realistic, perspective side, as the artist used three-D angle to represent their game. The shading was terrific, and still held that cartoony/realistic relationship I was talking about. I also loved the fact that the artist used a lot of details in the background, for example the painting above, the stone walls, or even the torches that illuminated the room.

The music was wondrous and set a neat mood for the game, which was slightly mysterious, but more anticipation and action-filled that made you wonder also (yes, I do know that, that made no sense, whatsoever); but, what the game really focused on were the sound effects. The hero was always talking and saying humorous things about his surrounding environment. In addition the sword sound effects were spot-on as they narrated the several sword-swinging animations that took place whether you were fighting a monster or just whacking around some suicidal guy’s corpse.

Lucky Tower was the type of game that didn’t need a difficulty ramp, because the difficulty was mainly luck-based. Sure you could alter some aspects of the gameplay, such as incorporating check-points, but then the game wouldn’t be as fun and entertaining as it currently is.

Lucky Tower had a kind of “hidden” replay value, because every time you start up the game you get a kind of “new” game, where the storyline events kind of alter, allowing the game to attract you back several times. Over on Newgrounds there are twelve medals that can be earned, but I would have liked there to be extra incentive that could be achievable in the game, such as in-game achievements or high-scores; it seems that if you beat the game one or two times that you have seen everything that the game has to offer. In addition, i would have liked to see the Kongregate API established, so that there could be some sort of leader board. Overall, the replay value was tremendous!

All in all, Lucky Tower was a humorous and exciting game, that as its title suggest is completely luck-based. Anyone that had a sense of humor will definitely love this game! In review, the difficulty was a bit low, but I don’t think that the developer was aiming for anything too complex and only wanted to provide a fun experience for all user. The art was amazing in my opinion. It was cartoony, but held a somewhat realistic value as the artist introduced perspectives of the objects and added detail to the static objects in the background. The sound effects (which the game mainly focused on in its sound department) were terrific as they narrated such things as sword slashes to the humorous remarks. The replay value was largely due to the multiple storyline endings that you could achieve and the Newgrounds medals. All in all, Lucky Tower was excellent, you have to play it! [Play Lucky Tower]