Game Description: Haunt the House is another Halloween type game in which your main goal is to spook everyone out of the house by any means! Here’s a word from the developer “What was that? You awaken to find your once quiet house is full of noisy party guests! Can’t a ghost haunt in peace? Possess items around the house and scare everyone out! The more you scare, the more powerful you become. Don’t frighten them too much though, they might freak out and do something stupid.”

Haunt the House

I generally found it difficult to scare the party guests out of the house (in the beginning), but once you got a strategy down the game becomes less difficult. Think of it as a puzzle game, you have to pre-meditate your goal and then execute it. With there being only one exit, plus all of the windows if you scare them enough, you had to have a plan to take groups out of the play. The best way to get someone out of the house is to scare them to death (not literally!) they’ll freak out enough to ditch their friends and exit the house as quickly as possible! The game was actually pretty straight-forward when discussing what you had to do to win, it was a rather simple concept, which made the game easy to learn how to play, but difficulty to master! I found that the “difficult to master” part is due to, that there is so many doors and staircases that it becomes challenging to escort the people out of the building.

I found that the concept of the game was really unique! If anything it reminded me of those mini-games where you had to guide the sheep back into their pens, where is can be difficult to direct them all in and takes a lot of skill and a pinch of luck for good measures. The only annoying feature that I found in the game was that there were so, so many staircases and doors that it became hard to actual direct the people to the door. The issue was that if they are on the the first floor, the floor that you want them to be on, once they are scared they will go to the second floor (if you scare them enough they will run out the door) and then chill out there and then the vicious cycle will continue until you get a chance to knock one out of the house. I think that was generally the largest problem (what kind of house has that many staircases to begin with :D) I faced, and in conclusion, I think that the developer should cut back on the percentage chance that the humans will go up staircases. That was really the only, single, flaw in the game, the rest of it was superb!

Haunt the House

I thought that the art was phenomenal and had it’s own little charm to it as it illustrated it’s world in a cartoony atmosphere, while placing you in the lively, festive, events of a party. The thing that I believe the the artist focused most on was the animation, everything was extremely smooth and predicted actually human of object movement if placed in the corresponding scenarios. I loved all of the “spook” animations and how the guests reacted. I also noticed that the artist loved to use patterns for the wallpaper, (hey, what wallpaper doesn’t have patterns, right?) all of which were well-designed and fit the atmosphere of the room. Overall, the art and animation was magnificent!

I adored the music, it was festive (like all Halloween-related music should be) and held a spooky, fear-factor to it, with a touch of evil and mischief, all of those factors combined made a wondrous music track that was spook-tacular (yes, I know that was corny and lame)! The sound effects were well capitalized upon and provided a neat listening experience filled with gasps, scream, and people simply going insane, which filled the room with absolute horror and terror as you traveled to each room scaring the heck out of whatever you can! Overall, the music was a master-piece and the sound effects were well designed, giving the game a realistic value.

The in-game tutorial, in my mind wasn’t the greatest. I wasn’t sure how people were going to react, or what they’re typical movement scheme might represent. While the tutorial might have been over-simplified, luckily the game was simple, everything about the game was genius and simple at the same time. What I believe that really caught on to people was that the concept was so lucid, “get thirty people out of the house”, it was elementary at the least and require little effort to catch onto the idea and then start the spooky madness, while have a ball with the game. The difficulty ramp wasn’t something that progressed over time in this game, instead it remained quite the same throughout; it’s not like super-humans are going to suddenly appear, that can take twice the scaring power, until they eventually kill themselves.

As far as I could tell, there wasn’t that much replay value. Sure it does feel rewarding completing the game, but there was nothing really there to coming you motivated to continue playing; no incentive is what I should say. I would have liked for there to be some sort of in-game achievements or high-scores (or both!) which from my personal experiences, keeps the player coming back. Maybe there could be a high-score for how many people you kill, which I believe is submitted when a person jumps out a window or maybe another leader board for how many people safely (besides being traumatized) exited the house. I would just like to see a little incentive for the users!

In conclusion, Haunt the House was truly an amazing experience and it was such a simple game that you could jump right into! In review, I thought that the difficulty might be a little challenging for new users, but once you get a strategy down, the game becomes rather easy, but still had a fun, entertaining, factor to it. The in-game tutorial tought you th basic of the game, I would have liked the developer to go a little more into detail for the tutorial, but Haunt the House was extremely easy to learn and understand that a complete tutorial isn’t necessary. The art was fabulous and created a beautiful environment for the game! In addition, the music was wonderful and worked well for the theme of the game, which also connects to current events, with Halloween right around the corner! Also, the replay value could of had a little more work done on it, I would have liked to see some incentive for the users. All in all, Haunt the House is a one-of-a-kind kind of game, be sure to play it now! [Play Haunt the House on Kongregate]