Game Description: CatGame is a silly little top-down, sling-shot shooting, insane game, that will keep you hooked as you obliterate kittens with ammunition, in reference to stones and cats themselves! Your goal is to protect your fortress as an onslaught of cats bombard your defenses in an effort to kill you! To take down these pesky cats, attack power-ups to your own cats, such as explosives or ice (or sometimes both!).


This was a game all about strategy, you can make up your own play-book or you can use a couple of the best methods to success in this game, which is to abuse the pause button and to fire as fast as you can. This game had a really flawed difficulty, either you foll wed those two rules that I listed above, or good-luck finding a different way to beat this game. The problem was that the cats were like zombies, they are slow, but once enough of them are after you, you can easily be overrun by them. The developer is persistently insisting that you just need to fire faster, but I disagree and would rather think that the difficulty just wasn’t right. This is especially noticeable if you are a new user, right about when you don’t have enough cash to make a lot of upgrades and not a lot of experience with the game. The best way to win this game is to take advantage of the pause button, if you noticed, in the tutorial it mentions that in the pause menu you can add power-ups to your supply of kittens, this is especially helpful later on in the game, but is a real annoyance when you spend three-fourths of the game in a pause menu and not doing what the game intended for you to do, having fun killing endless swarms of cats!

The idea was good, it was unique and quite independent from the other top-down shooters, simple because of it’s theme. Its theme was kittens, which made me laugh a bit on the inside as I shot rocks at them and fired kittens at them. I know I’m a sick person, but sadly a majority of people agree with me that it’s somewhat funny. Anyways, moving on, I liked the ideas of the power-ups that you could add to your cat, it made the game even more unique in comparison to other top-downs and something that I thought was rather interesting and increased the value and charm of this game was that you could mix these power-ups together to achieve new effects. For example, in the tutorial it shows that you can mix the fire and ice power-ups together to achieve a new and more powerful attack then any of it’s individual contents.


The art was one of my favorite parts of this game, it was simple, catchy and had it’s own unique charm to it that could work well in some sort of comic style category. I adored how simple that surroundings and environment were portrayed. The artist used the same style that I had seen The Fancy Pants Adventures Brad Borne do, which is the change of colors based on their distance to an object, the darkest color being closest to the corner of the objects and the lightest color being the furthest away. This effects can often create a sort of texture. Overall, the art was really simple and extremely appealing!

The sound wasn’t half-bad either, I quite liked the guitar kind of music that was on display for the background music. This gave it a sort of laid-back, relaxing feeling, and that was soothing. Another remark that I have to make about the background music is that it’s cheery, which is exactly what you want to listen to while massacring cats so that you don’t feel too bad about yourself. The sound effects were a less emphasized part of this game, but did appear when you fired your sling-shot and hit a cat, which that was just about it; the developer didn’t really capitalize on sound effects, but the few that were there worked harmonious with the background music.

The difficulty ramp was a bit questionable for CatGame. Although, the tutorial was a major factor in your learning process of how the game works, it was rather in-depth and simple; it was a terrific tutorial, but I would have loved to see more interactivity, you know just to get the user used to everything – let them test drive a car before they buy it. The overall difficulty ramp in the game itself worked terrifically. In addition, the game gave you time to stock up on upgrades for the later levels, at the game became more and more challenging. Once I got through the first couple of levels, it wasn’t extremely difficulty, but I still remained in the pause menu for a majority of the time, building up my cats’ powers before I thew them. Overall, the difficulty ramp worked excellently and the in-game tutorial was very informative!

The replay value wasn’t this games strongest point, but thankfully the Newgrounds achievement system kicked in and there were a total of twelve achievements, five of which were “secret achievements”. The game itself, disregarding the Newgrounds Medals, didn’t have a whole lot of replay value, I would have liked for there to be more to the game, but it was arcade-ish and didn’t provide any incentive to come back. I would have liked there to be something there, possibly in-game achievements that you could work toward or some sort of high-scores table. Overall, there just wasn’t that much replay value, besides the Newground Medals.

In conclusion, CatGame was a really unique game, that all cat-lovers will absolutely adore! that had a lot of strong factors to back it up! All action game fans will love this game as your rapidly have to hold off the in-coming waves of cats to save your fortress. In review, the difficulty seemed off, the game was more based in the pause menu, powering-up your cats then it was based on the action game that we had all hoped for; the game had a couple of difficulty flaws that lead to an odd gameplay strategy. The art in my opinion was terrific, I loved the simple designs and the textures that the artist used for the fields and backgrounds. In addition, the background music was wonderful, I liked the cheery tune and the guitar was a nice influence on the song, giving it a relaxing mood. Also, the sound effects didn’t play a major role in CatGame. I thought the the difficulty ramp worked perfectly, it was kind of rough if you’re just starting the game, but later on, as you become better at the game and as the levels progress in difficulty you can easily challenge yourself to a whole lot of fun, without the game being so difficult that you give-up. The replay value of the game itself, (excluding the Newgrounds medals) was low. I would have liked to see something in place to give users the incentive to come back. All in all, CatGame was amazing! [Play CatGame]