Game Description: Here it is – IndestructoTank 3 (In3structoTank, feel free to pronounce that however you like!)! The first wide-screen Hi-Res IndestructoTank game is here, and there’s a whole lot of fun to be had. A tweaked standard game mode, with a new enemy type and a new weapon – the Nuke, which is perfect for clearing the way to the floor if you’re low on fuel, a new Adventure mode with challenges, and an unlockable third type of game that is top secret! Also with Armor high-score boards to top, it’s time to pull up your IndestructoSocks and buckle your IndestructoBelts once again! Have fun!


I personally thought that this game was way too easy, I think I beat it in under five to ten minutes (adventure mode) which in previous games had been a lot longer. Instead Adventure Mode seemed short and had a boss every couple of levels. That made the game interesting, having that many bosses, but the game lost its focus on achieving combos off a small bettonian enemies, which made the game as special as it was before, at least that’s how I remembered Adventure Mode. Bottom-line, there were too many bosses in my opinion. As for Standard mode, it was on-top of its game and better than ever! The best part about it is that users can choose their difficulty, which made the game practically open to everyone, people that hav3e played the previous installments and can carry their experience over to the new installment and can start off at a more difficulty mode, or just be more experienced then the next guy over that may have never played any sort of IndestructoTank game and would appreciate to start off at a lower difficulty such as easy or normal mode.

IndestructoTank 3 brought a lot of new features to the table. My favorite new feature was PindestructoTank, which was a pinball game that was so bad that it was good. I was expecting it to go onto other levels, but instead it was this small, tiny square that I had to play in and really didn’t resemble pinball at all. I think the concept was good, but the execution was kind of questionable, I thought there could have definitely been a little more work done on it. The main thing I would have liked to see improved would be the size of the pinball level, the obstacles themselves took up fifty percent of the screen! Another new mode was Combo Mode, which is like the title suggest, your goal is to get the highest combo possible. Something was wasn’t necessarily new, but did intertwine with the new modes were the in-game achievements, which spanned across PindestructoTank, Combo Mode, Standard Mode and Adventure Mode!


The art has always been top-notch for the IndestructoTank! series. This time the scene was quite futuristic and was placed in a time so technologically advanced that people were living in space – the final frontier! All of the enemy ships, or Bettonians also fit the futuristic scene perfectly, as they radiated strange glows and had unique attacks! The foreground art was amazing, I loved the subtle designs in the grasses to give them this sort of texture feel to them, and the small touches like the pieces of grasses poking up were a nice addition. The background maintained a lot of bold colors, grays mostly, which illustrated mountains or the depressing gray sky only to be lit up by the explosions of your enemies. I actually liked the grays designs in the background, (even though i just called it depressing) along with the rain it created a very unique environment for IndestructoTank!.

The sound effects seemed to be a major part of this game, most noticeably in Standard Mode, where you are constantly destroying or blowing up enemy air-crafts, or just the sounds of the missiles hitting the rugged grounds, everything that needed a voice got one. That created a rather realistic scene for this game, you could hear everything! The sound was also a big part of this game, which worked quite well as it had a kind of mysterious/action-packed/robot-bunny-assassin tune to it, which expressed the feelings of the game. I would have to say that the music did get a little bit annoying after a while or listening to it all by itself, but when you constantly hear bombs and explosions going off, the music and sound effects work in harmony to produce a musically appealing game.

The only mode that actually had a difficulty ramp in my opinion was Standard Mode, you were constantly trying to earn enough experience points to enter the shop, as you were also trying to avoid running out of gasoline (or whatever these indestructible tanks run on now a-days!). As you progressed through Standard Mode it became more and more challenging to not run out of gas, as the experience points needed to enter the shop slowly rose! It was a pretty steady difficulty ramp in my opinion and allowed users to become accustomed to what your goal is to achieve and what you are trying desperately to prevent. Overall the difficulty ramp was excellent, but only seemed to exist in Standard Mode.

There was a ton of replay value, existing in nine-teen in-game achievements, which could be earned through the four different modes: Standard Mode, Adventure Mode, Combo Mode, and PindestructoTank! In addition to those nine-teen achievements you could also submit your high-scores to ArmorGames for your best scores in Standard Mode Time, (which is measured in how quickly you can promote all of your enemy frequencies to on-hundred percent) Combo Mode Best and your PindestructoTank! best. So, there was definitely so major replay value if you were interested in the game.

In conclusion, In3structoTank! was an excellent action-packed game! You’ll love this game if you enjoyed its previous installments. In review, the difficulty seemed too easy and un-complex in Adventure Mode, I would have loved, loved, loved to see the difficulty kicked up another notch, but atlas, it didn’t change and I ended up beating it in a mere ten to fifth-teen minutes. Standard Mode actually wasn’t that bad because you were able to choose the difficulty that you wanted, from easy all the way to expert mode, you’ll definitely be challenged! The difficulty ramp seemed also only apparent in Standard Mode, as the experience points that you needed to collect kept rising, as your fuel tank remained the same throughout the game. I would have liked to see the difficulty ramp span out onto other subjects, such as Adventure Mode. In addition, the art was fantastic, I loved the simple, bold colors that the artist used in the backgrounds and foregrounds. The music was also enjoyable, and would have became repetitive after a while if it wasn’t for the sound effects, which worked harmonious with the music. The replay value was also a strong point for this game. There were nine-teen in-game achievements and a whole lot of fun to be had! Overall, In3structoTank! was an epic game, you have to play it! [Play In3structoTank!]