Share Game Description: [Lilith - A Friend At Hallows Eve] Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emma’s Halloween. Lilith has woken up from a LONG nap just in time for Halloween. She meets Emma and together they have quite the adventure. Make up a story with your kids as you play through this Difference Spotting Adventure. Happy Halloween from the folks at Difference Games! | [Emma - A Friend At Hallows Eve] Join Emma for a night of trick-or-treating as she meets a new friend named Lilith. Emma’s Halloween is a difference spotting adventure and is the companion game to Lilith’s Halloween. 12 colorfully illustrated levels will delight children and parents alike as you and your family make up a story for each page. Happy Halloween from the folks at Difference Games!

Lilith + Emma - A Friend At Hallows Eve

A Friend At Hallows Eve (referring to both games) is yet another truly amazing, unique “find the difference game” by Difference Games. This time the theme is Halloween, which is right around the corner! I really thought this was an easy-going game, it was fun, as well as entertaining. A Friend At Hallows Eve is a game that wasn’t trying to achieve any real difficulty factor, but instead it wanted to tell a story with the use of a “find the difference” concept. I beat all of the levels in a mere minute or two, I think it was because all of the missing objects, or objects that aren’t supposed to be there were too obvious; huge holes in the page, whole heads gone. Okay, maybe they weren’t that obvious, but most of the levels, I could complete in a short amount of time, I would have liked the specified objects to be more hidden and preferably small and almost noticeable.

In my time with casual gaming, let alone general gaming itself, Difference Games has continuously released some of the best “find the difference” games in the genre. A Friend At Hallows Eve was a totally unique storyline that I really enjoyed, both of the games intertwined with one another, changing perspectives between Emma and Lilith. I’m not sure if I entirely understood the storyline, it just seemed so simple, that can’t believe its the storyline. The way I interpreted it as Lilith and Emma went around traveling through the midnight air and moonlight filled sky together, having a wondrous time. Most games have a complex storyline, but this one was so simple, I enjoyed the change.

A Friend At Hallows Eve

The visuals are by far one of the most important part of any “find the difference” genre game. I thought that Difference Games did a terrific job on the visuals on both games (Emma and Lilith) and gave the game its own unique charm that lit up the screen. The graphics were cute, I loved the design of the characters and their clashing personalities and looks. The backdrops and foregrounds were also interesting and held the same charm as the characters. The thing that I always find odd about “find the difference” games is that the images are always static, not like I have a problem with that, but it would be entertaining to see a game step in the world of animation (in terms of the “find the difference” genre).

The two sound track greatly varied. For example, Lilith – A Friend At Hallows Eve had a cold, mysterious tune, while Emma – A Friend At Hallows Eve had a more cheery tune. It resembled the two characteristics of the girls, one was on the mysterious/odd side, while the other was just a normal looking girl. Both songs were charismatic, intriguing and entertaining, as they expressed each girls’ character.

A Friend At Hallows Eve wasn’t a game that wanted users to become stuck at one level or at another, nor was there any way to build a difficulty ramp based on how the user sees an image. All of the levels, or images, were from my standpoint, quite easy. This is a game that its sole purpose was to entertain with a story, if an user is faced with a challenge that is too great, then the purpose is ruined the user may never experience the entire story. In addition, this was an idea or concept that everyone has experienced at least, once (and if you haven’t by any chance, the idea is really easy to catch onto!) and made the game even easier.

Both of the games had an odd replay value system going on, because if you beat one game, then you have to beat the other, you know that if you don’t beat the other it will be nagging at you until you do, curiosity is an amazing thing isn’t it? The other game is kind of like looking through the opposing character’s mindset on the situation, which you just can’t get with only one perspective. So, in reality, there were actually a total of twenty-four independent levels. After you completed a game, you could also try to obtain a better high-score, which you can submit to a leader board and challenge other players.

In conclusion, both Lilith – A Friend At Hallows Eve and Emma – A Friend At Hallows Eve were excellent difference game that brought and interesting storyline to the forefront about two, almost completely opposite girls becoming friends on Hallows Eve. In review, the difficulty was lacking a bit, the levels were a tab bit too easy in my opinion, but the game was unique and fun and I would hate to see that be ruined by a challenging game! The art in my opinion, for both games was amazing, I really loved the simple, easy-going style; the art had its own personality and charm to it and contributed a lot to the game in terms of how users view the game. I especially liked the opposite personalities of the girls it made the game interesting as there was an odd relationship progressing throughout the game. The music was wondrous, each tune was enjoyable and once again worked its way into the unique relationship that the girls were forming, as one tune was a bit darker (Lilith) and the opposition was cheery and happy (Emma). The difficulty ramp was pretty non-existent and would have been hard to create if you were to incorporate that into the game. The replay value was anomalous, because if you completed one game, you definitely had to play the other! Overall, Lilith – A Friend At Hallows Eve and Emma – A Friend At Hallows Eve were extraordinary games, you’ll have to play them. (Note that there is no particular order in which you should play them!) [Play Lilith - A Friend At Hallows Eve | Play Emma - A Friend At Hallows Eve]