Share Game Description: Introduction: Cartoon Wars 2 is an arcade war game that has been adopted from two previous successful games: Cartoon Wars and Cartoon Wars: Gunner. This new game is simple and enjoyable. | Scenario: After long-fought battle, Captain J expelled King K and his army, and the people anoint Captain J as their new King. The people believed there will finally be peace. However, King K and his army promise to take revenge on Captain J, so they go on a journey in search of the King of the Monsters TALOS. | Features: 80 different kinds of units, 20 different skills, stronger strategy with the new addition of aircraft units, 6 heroes, create and develop your hero through the hero mode, choice of various missions before battle, and various upgrading systems.

Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes

Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes is a game that was based on strategy, if you didn’t have one that fit your battle style then you weren’t going to make it far in the game. My best tip, that you could probably incorporate into any strategy is to stack your warriors, by that I mean build up a ton of mana, let the enemies storm your walls and then spam every single type of warrior you have, they will then all stack up on each other and be practically invincible to every enemy.(Note that this works best when you have a large group of the same type of warrior.) That was practically my strategy throughout the entire game, as well as I incorporated several others. In addition, if some levels were too difficulty, the game had an shop system, that allowed you to upgrade your warriors, until they were powerful enough to defeat your current enemy.

If I was to compare this to any game, it would undoubtfully be the Epic War series (one of my favorite series). The game had the same concept, destroy the enemy castle with swarms of infantry, before they destroy your castle. Strangely everything about the two games in identical, except for the graphics and Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes hero battle system. Moving on, I only had one problem with this game and that was the turret that you can control early on in the game; you’d end up hitting more of your own men then the enemies, that’s how far it fired. I would have liked to see more distance on the arrows, because it discourages new users to use the turret and then discourages them to never use it, while it may be one of the more powerful weapons in the game if used correctly. Continuing, I thought that the shop was a nice add-on to the game and best of all, the shop wasn’t confusing. I’ve often seen games that have shops and the set-up is so terrible that you don’t want to buy anything because you don’t want to make a mistake or you’re just so confused on how the shop works that you ignore it until you actually need it. I thought that the shop was very-well designed and the developer(s) made it simple for new users. All in all, this was a little spin-off of a couple other games, but the developers added a couple of unique touches to make it their own game that will surely alter the defense genre.

Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes

I thought that the visuals were excellent! I liked all of the details, especially noticeable in the “good guys’” armors, where all of the lines come together to form bullet proof vest or indestructible helicopters. The characters actually remind me of something that would be drawn on a notebook, something simple and cartoony, which fits the idea and name of the game. I thought that the characters sprites were excellent! Moving on, the environment that the character were displayed in were all beautiful; these backgrounds worked perfectly with the characters, it wasn’t “well the background is too realistic for the characters” or vise-versa, but it was just perfect and blended well with the games and it’s wondrous sprites. The animation was also very smooth for the game and gave it a lively, war-like feel to the game. Overall, the graphics were amazing and beautifully designed, as well as animated.

The music was perfect, especially for the war-scene Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes was portraying. One of the best things about the music, besides how it sounds epic, is that it was energizing, it had that war-like influence was encouraged you to battle furiously with your opponent. The sound effects weren’t bad either and further produced a realistic sounding, scene of war, swords clinking together, missiles firing towards enemies, large robots blasting their opponents away and a ton more sound effects were included. Overall, the sounds were amazing an well illustrated what war sounds like.

The difficulty ramp was very noticeable, and had a perfect incline, as monsters became more and more powerful as you progressed through the game. Of the bet things about the difficulty ramp is the shop, see, even when you lose a battle you gain gold or money, so if you’re stuck on a level you can keep playing it (or play an earlier level to avail more gold in some cases) so that you can eventually upgrade your units to beat that level. That noted, it’s apparent that the game will only progress when you are ready, such exhibited by upgrading your units till your are able to proceed. Overall, Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes had an excellent difficulty ramp that all new users will be able to easily adjust to.

The replay value was high, especially if you wanted to obtain all of the heroes and master all 80 units, based in land and in the air. I would have liked to see some sort of in-game achievement system though, there were some many things that you could do in Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes, but there was no replay value, unless, one you wanted to play the game for a second time, or two, you are trying to collect all of the units. I would have liked to see something besides those two factors, for the people who have already completed the game once.

In conclusion, Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes was an amazing game that all defense genre lovers will adore, especially if you liked the flash game series Epic War. As a review, the difficulty was excellent I was constantly being challenged, as the enemy progressed in strength and strategy. In addition, the difficulty ramp was perfect, it let the users become aquanted with the game and then taught them the basics of the game and continusly progressed towards more complex levels. In my opinion, the art was amazing, I liked the cartoony displays and the slick animations. The sounds were also spot-on and worked well with the game. I thought that the replay value could have a little work done on it, but the game was fairly long, you’ll be bound to come back sooner or later! Overall, Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes is a must-buy for this year, everything was executed perfectly and held an addictive aspect; it’ll be hard to put this game down! [Buy Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes $0.99]