Share Game Description: Help Pichin prove his worth! Conquer the skies as Pichin in this cute flight-launcher adventure. Help Pichin evolve into more advanced forms and acquire special skills that will make help him reach new altitudes. | Pichin’s creator is disappointed and saddened is its abilities, Pichin can’t even manage a leap in the air! Prove your creator wrong and reach space by upgrading, evolving and teaching Pichin new abilities. Once fully upgraded, launch yourself into space and you might make discovers about yourself or possible the universe!

Reachin' Pichin

Reachin’ Pichin was a game about proving your creator wrong, so you want to launch yourself into space, proving that you can be powerful, valiant and courageous. Like most launcher games, the concept was simple, reach a certain hight (usually seventy-three to seventy-six miles above Earth surface, where space begins) over a specified number of days and over time, collecting enough money, you could earn upgrades that allow you to achieve enough power to reach the specified distance. Reachin’ Pichin followed the same rules, using a concept that people would be able to catch onto easy, because most people have played the Hedgehog Launch series and other spin-offs. Reachin’ Pichin had a very unique upgrade system, and only you collected enough abilities, and other variables, you could reach space, but even if you did max out all of your stats, it was still going to be somewhat of a challenge since, there was a small number of platforms as you approached space. One upgrade (referring to stats) that I would advice getting right off the bat is the spring upgrade that allowed you to jump higher off the trampolines, another competitor for the most important upgrades were the maximum speed upgrade and the resistant upgrade.

One thing that I extremely adored about this game were the upgrades. Most of these launcher game stick to the basic, stuff like height, speed, launch power, ect, but Reachin’ Pichin brought it to a whole new level, there were even evolutions for your character, four to be exact, and there were special abilities to unlock. It was the best launcher genre upgrade options, times two, and the developer had unique ideas, that I hadn’t personally seen pulled off or executed in any casual game besides Reachin’ Pichin. That is really what separated this game from the other hundred launcher spin-off and what I would have to call one of this game’s best aspects. Moving on, sometimes the simplest idea are what make a game unique. Reachin’ Pichin incorporated a system of barricades that when you bump into them you slow down, or halt completely, being a major set-back if your aiming for space. Overall, Reachin’ Pichin had a bunch of unique ideas that made the game very entertaining and exciting to play.

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One of the best features of Reachin’ Pichin were the graphics, I loved the cartoony effects. Actually the art style reminded me greatly of vector art, with the simple bold colors and designs that were used. If I were to tell my favorite part of the visuals it would be how simple they were, I love it when an artist can make something look extremely simple, but at the same time look amazing and magnificent. I also adored the depth perception, as, for example, the further away trees, appeared darker and shorter. Overall, the graphics were pulchritudinous!

The music (during the actual gameplay part) mixed very, extremely, terrifically well with the game; the music was cute, the game’s visuals were cute, it was a perfect match, not to mention that it was energetic a must for launcher games and set a good mood for the game. Later on in the game once you reach the “Twilight Zone” (if I recall correctly) the music changed to something more relaxing, it was so peaceful, it made the world seem so simple and put your mind in a worry-less place. Stress-less is probably a good word to describe it. Moving on, the sound effects were amazing and narrated such things as buttons, bumping into trampolines, ect which gave a sort of realistic value to the game. Overall, the sounds were amazing and set the mood for the game, while the sound effects worked like a charm, sounded wonderful and made a game a little more realistic.

In addition, the difficulty ramp worked perfectly. I noticed immediately in the game, that bounciness was a must, especially if you want to proceed in the game. The thing was, that between each zone, there was usually a gap, this gap varied on how far you were in the game, but if you couldn’t jump high enough then you wouldn’t be able to clear the gap and would eventually have to restart the level. Obviously, this was quickly fixed once you obtained the proper upgrades to propel you into the air high enough to complete the segment of the game. That ensured that you would be able to complete the next segment with ease. So, in reality, the difficulty ramp was entirely based on you upgrading your character or not.

There was some replay value, there were achievements, but I eared all of them except for the sponsor related ones on my first run through the game, which was about, tops, a hour. I would have liked to have seen achievements that challenged you in other areas of the game, things that you might not have done in the storyline events, half of the achievements were for collecting a low amount of metal or making successful landings on platforms, all of which I earned within that hour that i played and completed the game in. The other half were for evolving or reaching certain stages of the game, all of the achievements were literally obtainable within your first run through the game. I guess you can’t blame it for that, it’s more of a mini-game in my mind, but what about other game modes, it might be interesting for a launcher game to branch out a bit and do something truly unique.

In conclusion, Reachin’ Pichin was a terrific game that all people that like the launcher genre will adore, especially with it’s cute graphics! In review, the difficulty was perfect and challenged you throughout the game with such items as obstacles (barricades); along the way you could also collect upgrades that furthered your power and ability to reach space. In addition, the difficulty ramp relied heavily on the upgrade system, which practically force the user to have a set amount in one stat to proceed. The art was amazing and reminded me of vector art, which is often cartoon-ish and has bold colors and simple designs. The sounds were also amazing and had a cheerful mood to them and energized you. As you ventured further out into space, the music was even more appealing in some ways, as it was relaxing and calming. The replay value wasn’t too high, even though the game had achievements, I collected all of them after completing the game for my first time and there was no real incentive to come back. All in all, Reachin’ Pichin was an amazing game, be sure to play it! [Play Reachin' Pichin]