Share Game Description: Escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you! | In this game your goal is to escape the quarantined city by swiftly maneuvering through the highway, littered with abandoned vehicles, debris and zombies. Along the way you will encounter swarms of military units and an onslaught of a countless amount of zombies that will do anything, at any cost to halt you. Make your way through the highway by slamming into zombies and earning RP points to upgrade your black sports car. Your character will automatically tune into the military’s radio, in which you can learn of their attack strategies.

Road of the Dead

Road of the Dead was a game about creating the most chaotic scene possible and also about creating a challenging game that relied heavily on your ability to maneuver around abandoned vehicles and other debris, while attempting to stay alive as the military and zombies relentlessly attack you. Right when the difficulty was kicked up a notch for the first time in this game was the introduction of the road spikes, which were an annoyance throughout the game (in a good way) that persuaded you to buy better tires, or upgrade your perception. Running into these road spikes caused your vehicle to swerve randomly to either side, and undoubtedly was the first major obstacle in this game. One thing that further challenged you were the blood effects produced when you slam into the zombies, civilians or the military infantry units, which dramatically blocked your view of upcoming vehicles or obstacles. Those were just a couple of examples of what made the game difficulty, but luckily you could upgrade your vehicle to greatly reduce the amount of damage you take, or even upgrade your vehicle for other things. For example, you could upgrade your vehicle in such ways as: perception, body armor, firearms, windshield, engine, bumper, tires, and the horn. In addition, your character will always be listening to the radio, pay attention to the radio and you can learn of all of the military’s attack strategies against you. Over time you could make your vehicle almost impossible to stop. All in all, the difficulty was fair and the game introduced many obstacles and enemy troops that continuously made the game more and more interesting and entertaining.

Sure we’ve all played zombie horror games, but this game was unlike any game I’d seen before, the idea was new, relentlessly charging through the military’s defenses and slamming into zombies with the full force of your car, made this an unique game that I hadn’t seen executed until now. One of the best features for this game is the radio, how dreadfully boring the game would be without it. The radio kind of held that apocalyptic feel as the military frantically took control of several groups of infantry and ordered them place to place, falling back, due to the large amount of zombies swarming their locations. The radio was also one of the most important aspect of the game if you hope to stay alive, since you hacked into the military’s radio communication you’re able to hear their strategies on how they are going to strike you, sometimes they will hint at a sneak attack and other times they will notify you of road spikes ahead. One of the best things about this game is the voice acting (once again referring to the radio) which truly did make it feel even more apocalyptic and dramatic. Overall, the concept was something that I hadn’t seen executed before and made the game unique and entertaining.

Road of the Dead

The visuals were amazing, which were some of the best craft graphics I’d seen in a long time! I liked the seemingly 3D effects that the artist produced with the building and the obstacles which created the feeling that you were making progress, getting ever-so close to your destination, inch by inch. An especially realistic part of this game (not to mention extremely graphic) was when you hit a zombie annnnnnd I’m not going to go into detail. I liked how the whole game was so artistically drawn and all of the small details were in place, blood splatter, the light burst of a gun going off, the buildings, and practically all of the obstacles were all well detailed. Overall, the art was amazing and produced a realistic, apocalyptic, scene.

The sound effects were fantastic and made you feel as if you were in the game, complimenting the art, which created the illusion that you were there. The sound effects for the motor actually sounded real, as it constantly roared and rumbled as you sped and slowed throughout the highway. In actuality there were sound effects for just about everything, at least everything that you would hear if you were to reenact this (I do not recommend this!) which provided a strong realistic effect for your surroundings. There was limited music, which was reserved only for the in-game menus, but it sounded wonderful and went with the apocalyptic theme. Overall, this was a very musically appealing game!

The difficulty ramp was more “free roam” than anything, smartly upgrading your car to fit your own style could greatly benefit you in the long run than if you were to chose a skill tree that didn’t meet your needs or style. Of course, you’re bound to make a couple of mistakes in the skill tree here and there, which is why the developer deiced to allow you to earn RP points even if you do die, that way there is never a problem and no need for a “restore points” button. Moving on, as you advanced through the game and the military realizes that you are a larger threat than they thought you were, they pull out all of the stops and summon helicopter and other vehicles to take you out. Overall, the difficulty ramp was literally up to how you upgrade and works well.

Road of the Dead has twenty-four in-game achievements, which spanned across four game modes (Police State, Dead on Time, Highway to Hell, and The Great Escape). These achievements covered topics like completing game modes, reaching a set distance, trying different killing methods were just a couple of achievement types. Besides the in-game achievements, that will undoubtedly be a major incentive to continue playing, there was also the Kongregate API established that will allow you to challenge other users in such things as distances or hit combos. Moving on, there were also four in-game modes which will challenge you further, than The Great Escape itself.

In conclusion, Road of the Dead is an epic game that all people whom enjoy to run of zombies at 88 225 miles an hour will love! The difficulty and difficulty ramp were both based on how you decided to upgrade, choosing a path that suits you will significantly help in the long run when the game becomes more frantic and dangerous. A neat factor about this game is that this game rewards you RP points even if you die, eliminating the need for a “restore points” button. The art was amazing and had an interesting 3D effect that gave you the feeling that you were making progress, as obstacles and buildings zoomed past you. In addition the sound effects were amazing and made the game feel extremely realistic. Moving on, the replay value was tremendous, there were multiple game modes and twenty-four in game achievements, in addition, the Kongregate API was also established. All in all, Road of the Dead was an amazing zombie horror game that will get you hooked [Play Road of the Dead]